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Wonderful Winter Treats!

by xxserenityx


Take a look outside and like everyone else I'm sure you will see a pure white blanket outside that has now covered the grounds, branches of the trees, the rooftops through Neopia, and the tips of every mountain. The dark nights appear early in the afternoon, with the cool air cutting through the sky sending us all inside to keep warm. The smell of smoke drifts through the neighborhood while we keep our homes warm with a blazing fireplace. This frosty weather calls for us all to bundle up in wooly jackets, mittens, and colorful scarves to keep ourselves warm while we brave the outdoors. Despite the crisp air outside, there are many activities that only winter can allow us to enjoy. So why not call up some friends and spend the day ice-skating through Happy Valley, talking a brisk walk through the Ice Caves, or even building snowman in the snow on the top of Terror Mountain as you watch the blissful snowflakes fall from the sky?

One pastime every Neopian can say they enjoy every frosty season is to enjoy a pleasant mug of tea, coffee, or even a cocoa with a mouthwatering treat! Whether you are enjoying your day inside by yourself with a crackling fireplace and a good novel, walking through the snow covered towns with fresh delicious aromas drifting from the bakeries, roasting marshmallows over a bonfire, or having a gathering with your friends and family, we all enjoy a nice treat and drink to bring us together to celebrate this chilling season!

So here I have found some wonderful winter themed treats and drinks that are made especially for this frosty season!

Snowflake Winter Coffee

During these frosty winter days, one thing all Neopians can agree on is that nothing beats a toasty delectable cup of coffee that warms you from head to toe! This Snowflake Winter Coffee has been tested to perfection and is only brewed during the winter. This aromatic brew is made with the finest beans then brewed to perfection with hints of peppermint, nutmeg, ginger, and a splash of vanilla, then swirled with a fresh cinnamon stick. This coffee is served boiling in a festive blue frosted mug, so if it's too hot for your taste, just add a few fresh snowflakes to cool it down!

Plate of Wintery Caramel Apples

Who says caramel apples are only for Halloween? For all those who enjoy a toothsome syrupy treat, nothing can compare to these heavenly caramel apples! When one of those snowy days comes along where it seems like it won't stop, don't get stuck inside. Grab a pair of warm mittens and a thick wool scarf and call up a pal and head on out to the lovely snowflake covered town of Neopia to visit your favorite bakery and enjoy your afternoon with a warm beverage and a these apples. The sweet smell of these apples alone will have your mouthwatering! These apples have been cooked to perfection then rolled in a luscious thick caramel with a drizzle of vanilla icing. As a finishing touch, these apples have a festive edible snowflake candy cane to hold while you enjoy your apple, then you can enjoy a candy cane on your walk home.

Snowflake Bread

Whether you want a piece of crisp toast for breakfast, some delish french toast for dessert, or a savory sandwich for a meal, you need some nice fresh bread! So why not during these chilly months switch out your usual bread for this specially baked whole wheat snowflake bread that can only be found during the winter! The bakers bring out their special tins that are reserved for this time of the year. This bread is also a wonderful treat to serve at all your gatherings this winter as you are sure to impress your friends with this tasty bread that is fitting for the season!

Snow Mint Tea

For those who aren't fond of coffee, or if you simply fancy a cup of tea, this flavorful snow mint tea is the perfect choice for you! Not only is this enticing tea served in a mint colored tea mug with a delicately crafted blue snowflake figurine, this tea has been carefully made with fresh mint leaves which are always fresh and flavorful from the fresh snow! Even though this tea is wonderful to warm you up, the fresh mint taste also leaves you feeling refreshed and energized for the snowy day ahead of you!

Frozen Snowflake Pretzel

What could be more fulfilling than a thick, warm, fluffy, fresh baked pretzel on a frosty day? Before being baked in the warm ovens, the dough for these scrumptious pretzels are carefully sculpted into lifelike snowflakes to make for a festive treat! These pretzels are known to bring a smile to anyone that orders one. Just before serving as a finishing touch, these pretzels are covered with a sticky caramel icing then dusted with sparkling brown sugar.

Snow Faerie Cupcake

The winter is the perfect season to take a trip up to Terror Mountain and visit the wonderful shops that celebrate winter all year round. Be sure to have a visit with the snow faerie on your trip and if you are kind enough to complete a quest for her, she may just invite you in for a warm beverage and a delectable treat! The snow faerie's favorite treat is of course her own snow faerie cupcake which was created just for her! These pleasing cupcakes consist of a buttermilk blueberry batter, fresh toasted walnuts, and the zest of a lemon! Once baked and their aromas drifting through Terror Mountain these cupcakes are carefully covered with a blueberry icing, as well as two wing shaped sugar cookies!

Minty Snowflake Cake

Who doesn't enjoy dunking a piece of cake into a fresh mug of coffee during those dark bitter evenings? This superb rich dark chocolate cake has been baked in a snowflake shaped tin to keep its special shape, then smothered with a fresh mint cream cheese icing! With this cake, you are always tempted to go back for another slice!

Have a warm and wonderful winter, everyone!

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