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A Soothing At-Home Spa Routine

by kliu28


At the Neolodge, we can pay for our pets to have a relaxing day at the spa. However, it's so much more fun when we do it ourselves! Also, you will be able to keep track of everything you use – it is completely up to you! This guide will give you step-by-step instructions to a happier, healthier, and more radiant Neopet. (Remember to repeat these steps every month! Keep the grooming items in your safety deposit box so they're easily accessible for next month!) Every product listed here should be stocked in the Grooming Parlor at the Bazaar, so keep an eye out for them (except for the candles).

1. Wash Your Fur

The classic set of Shampoo and Conditioner are the easiest way to go about in this process. Soak up that bubbly goodness with a nice shampoo (remember to massage it in!), rinse out, repeat, and then make that coat of fur glow with some nice conditioner. When you are buying these hair-care products, be sure that they are a set (the Gravy set, the Chokato set, etc.). DO NOT BUY TWO-IN-ONE! It will not have the nice and clean feel afterwards, it will not produce glossy fur. If you want to smell nice, I recommend Watermelon Shampoo/Conditioner. If you want a nice, silky coat, try the Corn Silk or Cucumber Melon set. If your pet has an exceptionally large tail (to all you Usuls out there!) work in the Usul Tail Shampoo afterwards.

2. Soap Well

Right after shampooing, use some good soap to reach those areas that you wouldn't use shampoo for (underarms, hands and feet, etc.) Use a basic Bar of Soap or get fancy and use more nutrient-rich products (which I recommend), such as Herb Infused Soap.

3. Take a Nice Long Soak

Shampooing and soaping only takes a short amount of time. To while the time away and soak in some healthy goodness for your pet's skin and fur, take a bath. Use a luxurious bubble bath such as Pea Bubble Bath or Honey Bubble Bath to bring out the richness in your pet's fur. Light some Citronella Candles and just take a nap, even. Your pet's fur will be supply rich after this.

4. Facial Care

Give your pet a lot of face attention, as this is definitely the part that matters most in an impression. To save time, do this step while your pet is in the bath. First, use a Hypoallergenic Facial Cleanser to give a gentle clearing to the pores. Then, apply some of that Mud Facial Cream and let it sit for about 15 minutes. You may want to use some Acne Cream if they have some pimples, but wait until after you give them proper eye care. Do not rinse off the mud mask, read eye care first!

5. Eye Care

Eye care should be done at the same time as Facial Care and Bathing. First, spread some Cucumber Eye Cream over their eyelids to ready them up. Then, buy some Mynci Spa Cucumbers or Cucumber Eye Patches to lay over your Neopet's eyes while they bathe to complete their spa facial mask. Let all of it—mud, cucumbers, and all—sink in for about fifteen minutes. Finally, have your Neopet get up from their luxurious bubble bath and rinse off ALL the soap, mud, and cucumber cream. DO NOT save the cucumber slices, it will not be as efficient the second time around.

6. Brush and Dry Carefully

There are some really fancy brushes out there, but I recommend just a basic color of either Short Hair Brush or Long Hair Brush, depending on the length of your pet's hair. Try not to buy combs. For fur, brushes have a significant advantage. Use a Basic Dryer after the first brushing so that the fur can dry without having to sift through a bunch of tangles. Once finished, your pet should feel smooth and soft, like a pillow. :)

7. Lotion

When I say lotion, I do not mean sunblock. Use it all over, from tail to legs to arms to face to ears. Get any scent you like, though the Snot Lotion looks a little bit suspicious. The best options would probably be the Buzz Honey or Honey Lotions, since honey is naturally antioxidant and promotes radiance and tenderness of the skin. This is the time, if your pet needs it, to use the aforementioned Acne Cream.

8. Teeth Care

Your pet uses their teeth every day to eat, just like you! Pin them down and floss THOROUGHLY. Wouldn't want to miss that bit of Celery stuck in the back. Then, brush in vertical motions with a simple toothbrush. Finally, make sure they gargle when they mouthwash. All the way down... Try getting Orange Mouthwash as it will taste better and be easier to tolerate. But make sure your pet doesn't drink it on accident...

And you are done with your homemade spa routine! Get some cute hair clips now or keep brushing your pet's hair just for the fun of it. Wasn't that amazing? Your pet is significantly happier because he or she feels so clean and absolutely great! You will want to maintain your pet's look throughout the month, so get some simple on-the-go items (because I know that you will definitely be very busy earning Neopoints). Look for Sun Block Lotion (apply regularly!), Travel Soap, and a Floss Pick for emergencies. Brush both hair and teeth every day, though a thorough hair cleanup or teeth boot camp isn't really necessary: they are actually bad for your pet's future teeth and hair.

For those makeup fanatics, do use some basic beauty products to enhance your pet's image. It's not needed to do it all the time, maybe you'll just want it around when she wins a spectacular Pet Spotlight trophy or you finally get that top score in Freaky Factory. Hopefully I will have a guide up soon about makeup later! :)

Remember, Neopians, that spa treatments do need to be repeated every month or at *least* every other month, to maintain supple hair and an attractive image. Just use the same items over and over, until your pet demands a new one. Then, simply change it to one of the alternatives listed here ;). Oh! Most of all, do not forget to let your Neopet take a good look in the mirror after you're done, so they can see their true beauty!

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