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Go! Go! Getting There: My Quest To Get a Gold Trophy

by vicunas


A while ago, I decided to make my account a little more impressive to the Neopian eye. The best way to do this, I thought, was through trophies. Although I'm not particularly good when it comes to flash games, I realized my best bet was games like Cheat, Snow Wars, and Go! Go! Go! - games that allow you to earn a trophy after finishing a certain round. I asked myself, what could possibly go wrong? After easily winning the Cheat championship and getting a runner up metal in Cellblock, Go! Go! Go! was my next logical choice. I was told it was easy, and that I could finish the whole championship in a day. I thought it would be a piece of cake. Well, I could not imagine how wrong I would be.

Entering the great volcano, I felt a little discouraged. I knew very little about Go! Go! Go! and my only knowledge about the game was that Uggaroo wore a sweet pair of glasses and it was similar to Tyranu Evavu except a card game. Sitting down and joining my first round, I was faced with Bacheek, Myncha, and Tekeli-Li. Instantly I knew my biggest rival would be Bacheek. The smug grin he made every time I picked up the pile of cards made me want to beat him even more. "Bacheek loses lots," he claimed. I could see through his Tyrannian talk that he was faking it. Round after round, I was getting beaten left and right; barely stumbling through and finishing before I lost. I thought to myself, "I'm too in over my head". I knew, though, that I couldn't give up - I needed to impress the Neo-public. So I fought onwards and began to learn the tricks of the trade. Get rid of your lower cards first, if you can get rid of sets of fours - do it, use tens to clear the pile so you can put down whatever you want, and most importantly, use your opponents face up cards to your advantage. In no time, I began to climb the ranks.

Before I knew it, I already had a bronze trophy. I was eager to show it off to everybody I knew but I had to refrain, for I knew that there were more impressive ranks to claim in the vicious card game of Go! Go! Go!. It was smooth sailing, dodging my opponents' purposely placed kings and aces, deflecting them with twos and aces of my own. I was doing great until I met a certain Usul, Miss Uggsul. Once she strutted in I knew I had a new enemy on the card table. Every time I heard her say "DONE!" with her arms crossed proudly and her high pitched laugh bouncing around the room I would grimace, slowly I was beginning to lose hope. However, I managed to defeat Plesio and Sargug, leaving me with one more round with Uggsul. Luckily, my face up cards were great - a two, a ten, and an ace. In that moment, I knew I was going to do well. With a few slip ups here and there, I quickly made it to my face down cards. I realized in this match my only threat was Uggsul. With one card left and a nine as the card at the top of the pile, my chances weren't looking too great. I hoped for the best and let my final card fall... revealing a jack. I finally defeated Uggsul.

After she picked up her things and sadly walked out of the room, the coolest Blumaroo I have ever seen sat right in her seat - Tyrannia's biggest gambler, Uggaroo. He came in with his sunglasses on and calm demeanor and stared me down, never breaking eye contact. That's when I knew I was in trouble. I began to shake in my seat, nervous, not sure if I could get the gold. Not only did I have to beat him once, but twice. Then, I thought back to all of the opponents I beat out. I realized I had to do the same thing I did throughout the rest of the competition, be smart, and play hard. Slowly, I was gaining traction on my win, but then suddenly, I fell getting hit with aces all around me and my highest card was only a ten! I was in a struggle, I had to win, I envisioned that gold trophy perfectly sitting on my fireplace's mantel. I didn't even have a mantel, but I knew it needed to go there, so I pretended that I did just so I could make myself more determined.

Playing my cards right I managed to win my first round against the best gambler in town. Finally it was time to face the last contestant in the championship, Kyruggi. I was surprised to be versing such a young neopet, but from the shouts and screams of the audience I knew better than to underestimate her. She looked at me with her cold eyes while our cards were being dealt. I gulped, nervous, and she knew I was afraid. The four of us, Kyruggi, Uggaroo, Grarrg, and myself in a showdown to be the new champion of Go! Go! Go!, the tension in the air was so palpable, you could cut through it with a knife.

Keeping one eye on our cards and the other on each other, we began to play. I started off weak, picking up a three because my first hand didn't have any odd numbers. I knew though, that that mishap would not let me lose my edge - I worked with the three and used it to my advantage. Every time one of us picked up the pile a gasp in defeat or in joy, depending on who they were rooting for, rang out from the audience. Before everybody knew it, I was on my last face down card. Kyruggi put down a seven slowly and with a silent plea of help from Fyora herself. I put down my final face down, an eight. Suddenly, the crowd erupted into cheers screaming with joy, while the other three hung their heads in shame. I smiled widely as I received my prize: my gold trophy of Go! Go! Go!.

Before I go and purchase my new mantel and fireplace combo so my gold trophy can have a new home, here are some basic tips. Trophies are given out after the second, fifth, and final round. Remember to save your twos and aces. Both are very helpful. The two in a sense resets the pile except getting rid of all of the cards. The ace is the highest possible card to use. Both cards can work in any situation except the three. When using a ten, make sure you use it right. When needing to get rid of cards, use the ten to clear the pile and get a second card out. If possible, get rid of sets of four so you can easily move on to your face ups or face downs. Also, it is really important to take breaks. As much as I love to play hours and hours of Go! Go! Go! sometimes it helps me if I get away from the madness of that card game, whether it is playing a different game or chatting with guild members. It will refresh you and help you get back into a winning mindset. Now, excuse me, I have a Pyramids trophy to win and a bigger mantel to find.

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