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Top 10 Winter Avatars

by gorubeza


Hello, Neopia! This is Dusk again, trying out another article. This time, the article is about my top 10 Winter-themed Neoboard avatars!

Now we all know that our avatars show a bit about ourselves, or reflect on an event or season in our lives, so why should this be any different? Maybe it snowed in Neopia Central for the first time, or maybe the Lost Desert actually grew a little cold for a change, or whatever! Let the avatars speak out for us! :)

Before I start, I'd like you to know that there are many avatars out there that you could possibly use for this Winter season, or maybe you don't like the cold and would prefer a Fire Pteri or Island Quiggle with you instead, but in this case, we're going to avoid the sun and heat and gorge ourselves in the snowy climate of Terror Mountain... Or at least try to. :P

Now let's move onto the list, shall we?

10. The Ice Hissi avatar is an easy-to-get, yet pretty nice avatar, especially if you're not able to aim for the Snowager - RAWR! avatar. It resembles the Snowager with the Ice Hissis head, don't you think? And if you have an Ice Hissi or dream of getting one (like me), then this avvie is also handy at showing everyone how much you love them! Show your Hissi pride loud and proud during the Winter! *fistpump*

9. The Stamp Collector - Snowy Valley... Ah, such an expensive avatar... But so worth it once you've got your hands on it! I wish to this day I was able to afford all of the Stamp Collector avvies, but alas, my bank revolves around a Wraith Paint Brush for now... Anywho, if you get this avatar, you have every right to be proud of yourself.

8.The Snowmuncher avatar might not just be a sign of winter-y goodness, but it's also a sign of expert gaming! I have yet to get this avatar solo, but what do you expect from someone who plays mostly mouse/clicking games? :P Either way, this is another avatar that you HAVE to be proud of! And how can you resist that cute Polarchuck eating away at the snow?

7. Grundo - Snowthrow! Even though you have to play Snow Wars II for this avatar now, this is a very hard avatar to get if you don't know what you're doing (like a certain person who's tying this article)! I have rarely seen this avvie in the boards, but I have had that envious glare upon a few people who have gotten it...

6. Snicklebeast and Snuffly... Two super cute Petpet avatars that can also symbolise your favorite wintery Petpet or your Neopets cherished friend! :) These two are different in conditions, but they're both very worthwhile if you want to show off your love for Petpets! :) The best part is that you don't have to worry about what color they are to get their respective avvies!

5. Wocky - Snow Day. Luckily, the Advent Calendar gave away a Snow Paint Brush so you can get this avatar quicker! And the best part is, you don't even have to have a Wocky in order to get it! You can have ANY Snow painted pet and get this avvie just by visiting their pet lookup! Just make sure that they're aged properly first! I have asked a group of Meepits for the age of this pet and they said about 100 days, but they were also busy fighting off some Feepits... Hope they're right! ;)

4.The infamous Kiosk Wocky avatar. This avvie is pretty nifty with the icicle border around the Wocky's face, and it even sparkles! If you're able to buy a Scratchcard from Happy Valley and win a prize, then this avvie is basically yours! It might take a bit of luck and a few tries, but like the rest, this is worth it! If you already have it, then congratulations! :D If not... Consider this a double winner! :)

3. Seasonal Attack Pea and Plastic Fir... Such a great pair of Christmas avvies! I couldn't just choose one, seeing that they're both very great for those in the holiday spirit! They can be kinda tricky to get, unless you're like me and visit the Advent Calendar daily, but once you get one, you might as well use it during the Christmas season, or even afterwards if you'd like to keep the spirit alive!

2. Snowager - RAWR! This is an avatar to gamble for... You'll never know until you get it, and you might have to try a LOT before actually being able to brag about your winning. Even though he does do major damage to your pet with his icy blast, at least you have the Healing Springs to soften those signs of frostbite, right? *Rhyme not intended.

1. Let it Snow, let it snow, let it snow~! The Let It Snow avatar is only won if you have the Icy Snowflake (worth over 100k, so save up your NP!) and check the weather in Terror Mountain. Now I will be honest, I have been lucky enough to be gifted the item for this avatar, and I am forever thankful to the person who gave it to me on a spare. You know who you are, awesome gifter! :3

Well, now you have it! My top 10 Winter avatars, all ready for your icy approval! If you ever need a new way to show your love for Winter, or even just want to read this again, come back now!

I am also willing to hear your suggestions for new articles, maybe I'll break the ice with a Top 10 Fire Neopets, eh? Feel free to send Neomails and article ideas to me! I'm always open!

Maybe we could have a cup of hot chocolate and do an interview sometime, if TNT will allow it. :)

That's all I have for you today, Neopia! Stay COOL! ;) Heh, I could do this all day.

Dusk, over and out! :3

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