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Top 12 Neopian Movies of 2012

by acewinow721


So, you want to celebrate the new year, but don't know how? Why not go see a good movie? You can just kick back, grab a neocola, and watch a movie with your friends! However, do you not know what movie to pick? I am here to help! Here's a list of the top 12 movies from 2012.

12. Haunted Woods Saga: Falling Sun

In this movie, the Werelupes are up against the Vampire Kougras. Meanwhile Isabella has to face a tough decision: Who does she want to join? The Werelupes or the Vampire Kougras? While this may not be the film for everyone, I recommend trying it out for its blend of drama and action.

11. The Yurble: An Unexpected Discovery

This movie is the prequel from the famous classic, the King of the Rings. When a Yurble is recruited into a band of Poogles fighting to reclaim their throne, he is thrust into an adventure. Traveling across Tyrannia, Lutari Island and even Moltara, they have to face peril in hopes of saving the Poogles' kingdom. This movie shows the first part of Gnollbu, the Gnorbu who has had the Ring for centuries. Funny and action, this is a movie the family should never miss!

10. Mystery Island 3: Altador's most Wanted

This one is for the family! The final in the Mystery Island trilogy, the band of petpets, who are trying to return home after crashing on Mystery Island, become wanted by the law after a mishap in Altador. In order to escape, and return home, they join a circus. Meanwhile the other team of action packed petpets are doing their own thing in trying to foil the cops. With hilarious moments in nearly every scene, you don't want to miss this! This animated movie is simply adorable, and I recommend it for adults and kids alike!

9. Nitenfall

The story of Niten Hiroru is an epic one, keeping the peace of Neopia. This is considered the reboot of the Niten series, with new characters and a new Hiroru girl. The acting is suburb, the action is fast-paced, and the Hiroru girl is just fantastic. Also, a new theme song; Sung by the amazing Twisted Roses! This action-packed movie is great for the ninja lovers everywhere. The villain is also the possibly one of the greatest villains ever, with pure evilness you can't help but admire.

8. Perks of Being a Fighter

This movie, about three teenage fighters banding together, is an instant hit. Even though it does have some fights mixed in, this is about what happens during the non-training part of the fighting life. Two siblings, a Kyrii and an Usul, bond with a new coming Wocky as they progress through the rings and train. This is a family favorite you don't want to miss.

7. The Defender Rises

This movie, in the Korbat Defender trilogy, is the epic finale. The Korbat Defender, who prefers to work alone, faces his toughest battle yet. Kastraliss has come back looking for revenge. Meanwhile Uzarro is back up to her old tricks, but Korbat may just have to team up with her in order to defeat Kastraliss. This movie is full of action, but has those moments of drama with words that keeps the movie mixed up and fantastic. Uzarro is the perfect antihero, either attacking Korbat with insults or silently smirking at his clever plans.

6. Life of Roxton

Based during his time on Monster Isle, this movie is about the shocking tale of when Roxton and a team of archeologists got stranded on a mysterious island. Many have talked about its wonderful visuals, as well as its wonderful fast-paced story. Lillian Fairweather and Roxton are in perfect sync when talking to each other, never missing a beat. If you go see this, you may just think this movie is actually a documentary, but it's not!

5. Fruit Linings Playbook

This comedy is centered around the dancing competition of Gadgadsbogen. A Kougra is forcibly paired up with an Aisha for the dance competition. Against all odds, they try to train for the contest, and win. This may be a comedy, but it has wonderful moments of drama you don't want to miss!

4. King Skarl

This movie, made by Steven Shoyru, is about the life of Skarl. Steven's carefully researched movie has paid off, with stunning facts about the Battle for Meridell, and a completely new outtake on this moody king. In this drama, everything about it is fantastic, and the actor playing Jeran is just amazing.

3. Ugg Uggaugga

This tale, about an innocent Krawk who was thrown in jail and escaped. He helps the daughter of an Acara, who is severely sick. A musical, this movie will have you in tears from the singing, the fabulous acting and the acting! Even if you cry easily, you will love this instant classic.

2. The Battledome Games

Based on the book by Suzanne Cybunny, the Battledome Games is about two contestants participating in the Battledome Games - A tournament that allows people watching to send in gifts to help up the fight! Fast paced, this movie has it all; wonderful plot, great actors and fantastic visuals.

And nowwwwww..... The number 1! Drumroll please.


1. The Defenders!

When Dr. Sloth returns with a whole new army, and mind control powers, Judge Hog must call upon the Defenders. They must band together despite their differences and arguments to stop this menace. This movie is a wonderful blend of heroism, action, drama and comedy! A family favorite, I recommend this for anyone with it's fantastic plot. Even the villain has charisma, and you can't help but hate and love him at the same time. People will be on the edge of their seats, from beginning to end!

There you have it! The movies of 2012. So if you are in need of a good movie, or just want to hang out with friends, keep in mind these fabulous ones.

Goodbye, and have a good time at the movies!

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