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Neopia's Top New Years Fashions

by fireairshadow


It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a fashionista in possession of a good wardrobe, must showcase her best design on New Year's Eve.

And with the New Year's Celebrations now wrapping up, we examine this year's trendiest New Year's Fashions across Neopia – fashions from which every budding fashionista can draw inspiration. The designs here feature some of Y14's best wearables – both NC and NP – and there's bound to be one that will become a classic in your wardrobe. All of the looks below are modelled by a gorgeous white Kacheek, but can be adapted to any species. So whether you want to wear it, draw inspiration from it, or subtly reference its most distinctive looks, there's a design here that will definitely be oh-so-Y15!

The Faerieland Fashion

Since its initial release in New Years 2009, the pink-and-purple New Years in Faerieland Background has become a classic in fashion wardrobes everywhere. This year's look features a fyora-inspired theme, yet remains true to its roots by pairing this sparkly background with the classic Healing Springs Foreground. The pink-and-purple theme is showcased through one of Y14's trendiest NC Collections items – the delicate yet elegant Fyoras Collectors Dress. The feminine Fyora Inspired Wig and Hat, released through Y14's Delightable Fortune Cookie pairs perfectly with the classic Fyora Collectors Staff. The much-anticipated neopoint wearable release of Y14, Translucent Faerie Wings (an all species wearable) is paired with Fyora Arm Wraps, and a delicate neopoint garland, the Lighted Faerie Bubble String Lights completes the look.

Alternatives for this look can include the Healing Springs Collectors Wig for the head, the much-loved Butterfly Dress, and a more budget-friendly but equally stunning Faerie Bubble String Lights. You can create your own Faerieland Fashion – just remember to highlight the sights, sounds and colours that make this a truly magical night in Faerieland.

The Shenkuu Chic

The elegant New Years in Shenkuu Background was released alongside the New Years in Faerieland Background, and offers a more tranquil, though no less festive, Shenkuuvian scene. Y14 has been a good one for Shenkuu-lovers, with the release of the Stealthy Paint Brush and more ninja-inspired NC items through Lulu's Masterful Plundering during the Games Master Challenge.

This New Years in Shenkuu look features the Elaborate Ninja Dress from the aforementioned Games Master Challenge NC event, and the deep purple of the dress is matched through the soft and beautiful Silk Wig with Flowers. The classic Cyodrake Garden is paired beautifully with the background, and who can go past an all-time favourite of the NC Mall – the Shenkuu Lantern Garland? As is tradition on such a night, the New Year's reveller holds a delicate Paper Lantern Staff – a favourite for many years and made more widely available through Y14's NC Mall 4th Birthday Mystery Capsules.

In this look our model wears a pair of species-specific Kacheek Tourist Shoes; however, for other species this can be replaced by items such as Silver Strappy Sandals or Flower Jewelled Shoes. Another alternative, for a more ninja-inspired look, is the Ninja Star Wig released alongside the Elaborate Ninja Dress in Y14; or, for a more feminine look, the Cherry Blossom Silk Dress and Cherry Blossom Branch may be used. Whatever your Shenkuu Chic, remember to harmonise your look with the soft timbers, delicate blossoms and tranquil atmosphere that makes this night so iconically Shenkuu.

The Mystery Island Mode

Ah… Who does want a New Years spent in the warmth of the tropics, enjoying a Coconut Cocktail by the beach? Well, take a holiday to Mystery Island, and this is all possible. The New Years in Mystery Island Background, released alongside New Years in Faerieland and New Years in Shenkuu, brings an island-theme to the celebrations.

The Island Celebration Superpack released this year features in Y14's New Years in Mystery Island. The fantastic Braided Island Wig is decorated with beautiful island flowers, which are matched by the light and colourful Orange Island Dress. The Island Celebration Arm Wraps bring a nice touch to the fire-twirling festivities, brought to life by the Island Flame Baton and Flaming Tiki Torches in the foreground. And what a better way to bring cheer to the night than through the Inflated Holiday Tree tied up at the edge of the island lake?

Alternatives for this festive look include the Brown Tropical Wig and the Island Feast Dress. For your own unique Mystery Island Mode, just add warm beaches, palm trees, and that friendly tropical spirit!

The Lost Desert Look

For a journey to the exotic Lost Desert for the New Years, try on the New Years in Lost Desert Background. Released for New Years 2010, this background quickly shot to popularity due to its gorgeous desert-inspired tones. Y14's New Years in Lost Desert stars the Lighted Holiday Foreground released as part of the Lighted Holiday Snowglobe for Y14's holiday season. This beautiful feature foreground is complemented by the unique genie outfit released through the miniMME10 – consisting of a wonderful Mystical Genie Wig, Mystical Genie Top and Mystical Genie Trousers. The outfit is complete with a Golden Jewelled Sceptre, released through the Limited Edition Gold Usul Key Quest Token in November Y14, which highlights the gold and sparkles which dominate New Years celebrations in the Lost Desert.

This look may be varied to include the Sakhmet Pottery Foreground, the Coltzan Collectors Staff, and fashionistas may adapt the look by adding more species-specific earrings, necklaces and bracelets. For your own Lost Desert Look, remember to emphasise the various tones of gold – from the light sands of the Desert to the brown walls of its buildings, from the comforting warmth of its candlelight to the dazzling gold of its opulence.

The Brightvale Vogue

Finally, we bring you a must-anticipated glimpse of New Years in Brightvale – a night spent with Neopia's best and brightest. The stunning green-and-gold toned New Years in Brightvale Background was released for New Years 2011 (Y13), to the delight of gentle-neopians and scholars everywhere.

The dazzling New Years in Brightvale Y14 carries through the gold-and-gold theme, and features the distinctive Hannah Collectors Dress – the bonus prizes from the Daring Duos NC Collectibles in Y14 – which is paired a warm Brightvale Team Scarf from the Y14 Altador Cup for that added warmth on a clear Brightvale night. Also featured is the magnificent Laurel Wreath Wig, decorated with the olive-green laurels which are only awarded to the brightest of the bright as recognition for their achievement. A delicate pair of Glittery Leaf Wings from the much-adored Glitter Blueprint of the Secret Meepit 'Stache NC Game released in Y14, a glowing Moon and Star staff, and a festive pair of Brightvale Team Cuffs finish the look. For added effect, a layer of Shrubbery – a lovely Neopoint item – features in the foreground and beautifully brings together the light green and gold which make this look so stunning.

Alternatives for this look include a pair of Ilere Collectors Wings, a Shining Star Staff, or perhaps a Magical Quill and Book next to the festive scholar. The essence of the Brightvale Vogue lies in the crisp green of its youth and the soft gold of its brilliance – be inspired by these tones and you cannot go wrong.

So there you have it – five different New Years trends from Neopia's various worlds which I hope will be a source of inspiration for your Y15 wardrobe. Just remember, an outfit is never complete without a smile! As the spectacular Y14 draws to a close and we welcome Y15 with open arms, may Y15 bring you happiness, success – and of course, heaps of new clothes to wear! Happy New Year!

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