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Click Goes the (Gnorbu) Shears

by 4g0tt3n4ng3l


It is the sixth day of Sleeping, Gnorbu Shearing Day! Regardless of where they are, Neopia Central, Kreludor or Shenkuu, owners all over the worlds gather this day to trim their Gnorbus. Admittedly, they do need a fair bit of trimming after the cold winter Month of Collecting as their fur gets knotted, stiff and greasy from the chill and dryness. As the saying goes, off with the old and in with the new, our Gnorbus are ready to greet the New Year in their glossy new manes after the shearing! Oh, you need not worry that they will be bald, for new coats of fur grow very fast. As a mommy of a gorgeous Faerie Gnorbu, Ace, I am sharing my two cents worth of wisdom in Gnorbu Shearing.

Items you need:

  1. Gnorbu Shears
  2. Blue Gnorbu Brush

Optional items: (Though I suggest you to get them for your Gnorbu to show just how much you adore them!)

  1. Gnorbu Conditioning Shampoo
  2. Gnorbu Gel
  3. Eau de Gnorbu Perfume

Every Gnorbu owner should possess a trusty pair of Gnorbu Shears and a hardy Blue Gnorbu Brush. These are specially fashioned for your Gnorbu's thick fur. It is not recommended to substitute them with an ordinary pair of scissors and comb because they are not compact enough and may break from the impact of pressure. I doubt you will react favorably when your dainty Faerieland Comb snaps when you are combing through your Gnorbu.

The shearing process is generally painless, discounting the occasional moan and groan your Gnorbu makes when you tug at his tangles. Therefore, it is best that you ensure his (or her) mane is fluffy and tangle free for minimum affliction. Shampooing before shearing is strongly advised in case the grease makes your Gnorbu's fur cling together. This complicates the process. I recommend the Gnorbu Conditioning Shampoo (although other good shampoos are fine) the day before for extra nuance and airiness. Smooth manes allows crisp, even cuts. Nothing is more unsightly than craggy fur sticking at all angles, or worse, bald spots!

Now your Gnorbu has sleek, silken fur! Remember to brush through again to remove small bits of clipped fur that may prick your Gnorbu like a pricky Puntec Fruit. For the extra sheen, rub some Gnorbu Gel over his fur and style it all velvety. Or mist him in Eau de Gnorbu Perfume to exude the sweet, mystifying pheromones that attracts likes. (Some said that this particular scent is extremely enticing to Gnorbus!) Admire your Gnorbu, all trimmed and primmed for the New Year!

Although most Gnorbus are glad to be sheared, a minority of them are especially resistant. Even usually obedient Gnorbus can be exceptionally difficult when it comes to shearing. I say Ace is one of them. It takes me a great deal of coaxing, pleading or both to get her to agree. And it is an annual affair for me. I have list down a few ways on how you can persuade your hesitant Gnorbus to get sheared. (I am not sure will they do for you, but I have tried and tested these ways on Ace, and they worked perfectly!)

1. Bribery. Is there a particular toy that he is hankering after? That same toy that he shoves it in your face everytime you take him to the toyshop despite your countless "no"s? This is the time to strike a deal with him! Simply walk up to him, saying: "I will get you that Boochi Pinata if you agree to be sheared." I can almost guarantee he will go on all fours to get you to shear him! How can he resist, since the carrot you are dangling is too delectable to be refused. However, if your Gnorbu has extremely expensive taste and often requests for exorbitant items like a Candychan, I suggest you delete this step from your memory. Unless you do not feel the crunch shelling out millions of neopoints just to get him shaved. Bear in mind that you have it repeat it yearly until he stops his opposition!

2. Persuasion. Maybe your pet is unfazed by your bribe, or perhaps you are financially incapable to cave in to his demands. Therefore, I suggest persuasion, where you convince your Gnorbu to be sheared. For starters, get him his own copy of Gnorbu Grooming Tips, which he will learn that a smooth fur is the root to having a snazzy appearance. Now, you have to explain the dry theory on how his fur gets damaged by the harsh winters and how you have to shear him in order to allow soft, new fur to grow. Work on your charisma, elaborate, exaggerate and basically work every trick you have in your sleeve, until he agrees. For instance, you can paint him the picture of how mangy and unkempt he will look if he does not get sheared. Or perhaps let him know that if he refused to get shaved, he will be as disheveled as the Cave Chia that nobody likes. Play with his mind a little, give him the impression that a trimmed Gnorbu is a well adored Gnorbu.

3. Reassurance. Your Gnorbu's reluctance may be attributed to his unfamiliarity in the shearing process. He may be afraid that it will hurt him, especially since he is intolerant of the minutest pain. Gently cuddle him in your arms and reassure him that shearing is not at all a physical agony, and promise him that you will be extra gentle because every wince of his pierces your heart. You can also get some older Gnorbu friends (that you know enjoys the shearing) to recount their own experiences, to show that it is not as intimidating as he thought. Comfort him that you are doing so for his own good. You are making him more gorgeous and better liked.

4. Reward. At last your Gnorbu agrees! The shearing is never as traumatizing as his impression right? Now it is time to get him a little reward for being so good. Stop over at the Food Shop for some fluffy, melty Gnorbu Wool Candy Floss and perhaps adorn him with some fabulously tailored wearables! If you have the leisure time, you can arrange a short getaway trip to the sunny Mystery Island or a tour of the exotic kingdom in the mountains, Shenkuu. I hear that a venerable Wise Old Gnorbu resides there, who may inspire your pet to strive for excellence. Afterall, today is his special day and he deserves to be spoilt a little. Also, Captain Three Legs is offering free training for Gnorbus under level 40 so pay him a visit too if your pet needs some toughening up.

Last but not least, have fun! Neverace and I wish all Gnorbus a Happy Shearing Day!

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