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How to Become a Neo Millionaire

by streamergurl


I still remember the day I realized I needed to make some serious changes in my spending habits on Neopets. The Maraquan - Pirate war had just begun. I had signed up to be a supporter, which meant I could play games for my team and also go on quests.

My first few quests were easy. Then I was given a book to find. The Shop Wizard couldn't find any. So I went to the Trading Post and searched for my book. I found a seller. The asking price was 125k. That was nearly my entire my bank account. Shortly after receiving this quest, TNT gave us the option to reject quests. I gladly rejected it and kept on going.

I was shocked as the war went on to discover how prices inflated over trivial things. I had a Coral Orb as an item for one of my quests. I found it for about 1000 NP. I happily bought it and moved on. The next day, I was assigned to get yet another Coral Orb. I went to the Shop Wizard and discovered that the price had shot up 30,000 in a single day. As inflation got out of hand, I found myself playing more games instead of going on quests, since my bank account quickly went broke for the sake of my team. I did make some back on codestones I found (which I was delighted to discover went through inflation as well), but overall I was relegated to the sidelines for the duration of the war because I lacked the proper funds. I vowed to change and be prepared for the next war. Though my spending habits have since changed and the size of my account has grown, TNT has yet to grant us with another war. I am hopeful, though, that this will change soon. Right, TNT? *hopeful smile*

Anyway, here are some tips to help you make your first million.

Get Online Daily

The first thing you should do when you enter Neopia is to collect interest on your bank account. Sure, your interest is a pittance compared to the size of your account. But trust me, accumulating that interest is crucial. It's FREE MONEY. All you have to do is click the button.

After that, do your dailies. Yes, sometimes you will get awesome prizes for free. The Forgotten Shore is especially good for handing out NP just for showing up. We like these dailies. Others require you to think (Negg Puzzle), others require luck (Magical Grundo Plushie), and others require both NP and luck (Faerie Caverns, anyone?). But in order to become a Neo millionaire, you must develop a routine of dailies. Grab your freebies. Despite the junk prizes, sometimes you win things that are worth something.

Start a Routine

This begins with the dailies, but it doesn't stop there. Play games that you like and are good at. Play them every single day. You can earn NP pretty easily through games. Deposit your profit into your bank account, but keep a good amount out so you won't have to withdraw from your account every time you turn around. The bank will eventually refuse to give you more. You don't want to reach that point.

Next, I will point you to the stock market. These are long term investments. Find a stock at 15 when you begin the day. You are allowed to buy up to 1000 shares a day. Though you can spread it out over many stocks, it's much easier and less of a headache to simply buy 1000 shares of the same stock. Yes, I am telling you to spend 15,000 of your hard-earned NP on a daily basis. I also told you to play games. Think of them as your stock fund.

Once you buy stocks, you have to keep checking back. Eventually, your stocks will go up. At what point you sell the stocks is up to you. I used to sell them at 100% profit. I now wait for 200%. I was told that 300% is the best, but that takes way too long for me. Now, I must caution you when you check your portfolio that your stocks will go down. More often than not, I'm showing an overall loss on my portfolio. I still buy stocks, because it's a good investment. They do return what you put into them, but it takes time. Keep checking back, but be patient.

Now, how to make the rest of your fortune depends on your habits and the amount of time you can spend online. Restocking will eventually be profitable, but it takes hours, it's frustrating, and you are never completely certain if that new item is junk or not. That's how I made the majority of my millions, though. I started restocking. I rarely got unbuyables, but I did stock items that were worth 10 or 20,000 in my shop. If your shop traffic slows to a crawl, go to the shop boards and advertise your shop. Unless you stumble across a Pirate Draik Egg or win the Art Gallery numerous times, you aren't going to make your first million overnight. Making NP takes time.

Don't Spend Frivolously

I collect plushies. I rarely see a new one on the site that I don't instantly adore. But in my faithful restocking days, I soon found that I must stay away from the plushie shop. The point of me restocking was to make money. And if I stayed in the plushie shop, I would not make a cent. So as much as it hurt my collection, I stayed away from the plushies. I focused on stuff that I didn't want. And because I didn't want the stuff I bought, I had no choice but to sell it.

Now, don't forget your dailies. Even if you don't get that Draik Egg, the dailies will likely give you something else you desperately need – food. If your pets spend most of their time in the Neolodge, take them out. Do your dailies. Give them the food earned from your dailies to feed them. Most of the time, that food will be enough to feed your pets. And even if you do have to buy food, omelettes are cheap. While you are obsessively saving every NP, cheap is your friend.

Key Quest

This game can be incredibly frustrating with players constantly quitting, you ALWAYS getting hexed just before you reach that key or having to reverse directions, and your opponent getting all the nice power-ups. But even if you lose every minigame, your KQ sessions are not a waste of time. For every game you complete, you earn NP. How many you earn depends on how well you do in the game. The more players, the more games you play and the more NP you earn. I think I averaged about 1,000-3,000 NP in each game I played when I was playing the game regularly. And regardless of how well you do in the game, you get a key. Now, if you win, you get a gold key. If you play a two player game, even if you lose badly within ten minutes, you still get the next best prize – a silver key. You will get three prizes from a silver key and four from a gold key.

Gold keys give out pieces of the Secret Laboratory Map and Paint Brushes on occasion. Silver keys do not give that out, but they regularly give away Neggs and codestones. Both are easy to sell.

KQ is a frustrating game, but it takes time to learn. Just keep practicing. Eventually, you will have a magic game where everything goes right for you. At some point, winning will become a product of your skill more than random luck. Though sometimes, you just can't win a game. That's okay, too.


The revamped battledome has been a welcome addition to most fans. You can now earn prizes and NP from winning fights in the battledome.

Before you tell me that your pet isn't strong enough and you don't have good enough weapons, don't worry. There are very easy opponents as well as harder ones. You can defeat them with weapons that cost 1000 NP or less. There is a limit to how much you can earn per day, and there is a limit to how many prizes you can earn as well. Don't worry, though. The victory screen will let you know when you've had your fill.

Need to heal your pet? The Healing Springs not cooperating? If your pet is hungry, feed them something to restore some of their hit points. If you want them at full strength, stock up on Bubbling Healing Goo. My lab pet has over 400 HP, and I discovered the goo restores up to 200 points at a time. The goo is about 500 NP or less apiece. I consider this pretty cheap. And as we've established, cheap is our friend when we're saving every cent.

Now, if your pet is well below 200 HP, there are other healing potions that are more suited for your needs. However, I do not know them. Ask someone more well-versed in the battledome.

There are certain opponents that either give out paint brushes or other rare prizes for defeating them. Ask that battle-savvy person who told you about healing potions about which challengers give away the good stuff.

Food Club

Several of my friends started playing Food Club this summer. I watched them rake in NP just by following a guide. I was intrigued and tried it. Though I tried making bets on my own, it was really out of my league. I eventually found a guide that I loved, and I follow his bets every day.

Now, before you go running to my friend's page, I must caution you that this is gambling. Food Club is very profitable, but it is also very expensive. There will be some days (or in bad cases, several days) where you win nothing at all.

If your account is under three years old, then your account is too young to make a decent profit at the FC. You are allowed a bet based on how many days you've been playing Neopets. However, if you're above this thresh hold, I invite you to join in the craziness that consists of the FC.

Keep in mind that you will lose NP. You will make a profit, but it will not be constant. On some days that you're sure that you've won, you will not win anything. However, in gambling, there is no such thing as a safe bet. There are safer choices than others, but you always risk not winning anything.

Do not join Food Club if you have less than 600,000 in your bank right now. I am not kidding – I lost about half a million when I first started playing. Now, since then I've made about four or five just playing that, but I have a pretty old account, which helps. I also follow an amazing guide, which also helps. And I keep an eye on my favorite underdog, hoping to predict when he'll win again so I can win when everyone else loses.

Keep Saving

This sounds like a super obvious step, right? Millions are required for your dream prize, so you must save. But think about saving in everything you do. For instance, do you really need to expand your shop? If you're not having your merchandise fly off your shelves and things stay stocked for days at a time, chances are your shop is the right size for you. Now, if you're a collector, stop buying things. Arrange your gallery, accept gifts, but stop looking for deals on your gallery inventory. You can expand your collection later. Your job right now is to save.

Is one of your pets sick? Try the Healing Springs first. See if you can give your pet a different disease that's cheaper to cure. Hey, you don't need the Meuka avvie, do you?

When you start making decent NP, you're going to be tempted to start spending because you can afford it. I reached that point, too.

When you hit your desired amount, celebrate. Buy something you want, just because you can. But keep up the habits you formed while you were obsessively saving every NP. Put your pets back in the Neolodge, and go buy something for your collection. Keep a tab open to stare at your account balance, if you want. Smile and stare at that pretty number. You did that!

And once you make your first million, the others are easier to come by.

These are my simple tips to becoming a Neo Millionaire.

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