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What Are The Avatars You're Tired Of Trying For?

by indulgences


Salutations, weary avatar seekers! As a Neopets user who's recently reached her goal of owning over 300 avatars, I can commiserate with those of you who are still trying to reach your own avatar goals. Even though I currently own 311 avatars, which is a pretty respectable number in avatar collector terms, I'm still itching to acquire a handful of avatars that are difficult to earn, or else so random that I've almost given up on getting them!

So, being bored one evening at 6 pm, I created a thread on the Help Neoboard asking people: "What are the avatars you're tired of trying for?" Almost immediately, I was swamped with replies. 163, to be exact! I was stunned by the variety of avatar types people were posting. There were NP buyable avatars, pet avatars, wheel avatars, random daily avatars, and more. There were game avatars, restocking avatars, item avatars, and quest avatars. To be honest, I'd been expecting maybe 5 or 6 top most coveted avatars, all of them random, like The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity one, or the Wheel of Extravagance one. I ended up discovering that there were over 20!

If you've ever cursed a Neopets character for hurting your pet without giving you its avatar, if you've ever gone back to it again and again even though you despise the sight of it, then this is the article for you. If you hate doing your dailies every day and find them unbelievably awful, yet you still do them in the hopes of getting an avatar, then this is the article for you. Here, poor reader, is a list of the top avatars your peers hate and covet all at the same time!

Tied For 5th Place: Chocolate! and Faerie Bubbles

With 6 votes apiece, the Chocolate! and Faerie Bubbles avatars tied for 5th place in my poll. A common complaint regarding the Chocolate! avatar was that competing with other users trying to get the same avatar was insanely difficult. Though I can't reveal the solution in this article (TNT doesn't allow it), I wish everyone luck with achieving the avatar. Personally, I got the avatar by accident without meaning to, so hopefully YOU have just as much luck getting it too! The Faerie Bubbles avatar was difficult as well, with most users struggling to beat each level until I told them that there was an amazing and super easy guide on Sunnyneo's website. It makes the avatar sooooo much easier to get! Good luck, everyone!

4th Place: Grundo - Discarded Plushie

One of the top 5 most coveted avatars was the Grundo - Discarded Plushie avatar! It is so precious and adorable! And with 10 votes, it seems that you Neopets users agree! I myself am trying to get this avatar... It's so elusive and so covetable! Many of my close Neofriends are also trying to get this avatar, which seems to be random when visiting The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity. You know you're a true avatar collector when you poke the Plushie day after day while discarding the actual prizes you receive from him. I hope that someday, some intrepid Neopets users find out the solution to getting the avatar! It may make the avatar less valuable in terms of rarity, but with the prospect of everyone owning this cute little avatar, who cares?

3rd Place: Brightvale

I've yet to land on the winning symbol on the Wheel of Knowledge, though I visit the Wheel every morning. I can't honestly say that I would use the avatar, since I find it rather plain, but with 11 votes, it seems that my fellow Neopets users covet the avatar very much!

2nd Place: Aisha Scalawag

The Aisha Scalawag avatar garnered 14 votes on my thread. I have to admit, this avatar is a true favorite of mine and it always makes me feel dashing and daring to wield it on the Neoboards. I remember how long it took me to finally get it and I feel true pity for those of you who want it just as badly but haven't received it yet. Don't give up hope! I was stalking the Buried Treasure game for years before I got the avatar, but receive it I finally did!

And 1st Place Belongs To: Snowager - Rawr!

With an astounding 26 votes, most people on my thread voted for the Snowager avatar as the one avatar they covet most of all! And like all avatar collectors, they both despair and hope at the same time that they are visiting the Snowager every day. I got the avatar a few weeks ago, and I can tell you this: getting the Snowager avatar was one of the biggest highlights of all my time on Neopets. I hope with all my heart that everyone who wants the Snowager avatar gets it! And I also hope that there is a concrete solution that everyone can use to get the avatar! So far, you can't play a game to a specific point, save up for items and pets, or do anything else besides visit the Snowager as often as possible. Depressing, and yet what a thrill it is to get the avatar at last!


I hope that this article brightened your spirits somewhat, and showed you that you are not alone in being occasionally depressed or tired of trying to get the avatars of your dreams. Many avatars are extremely difficult to get and the drive to acquire as many as possible is an admirable feat of patience and skill. And what a joy it always is to finally get our most coveted avatars at last!

In case you're curious, here is a breakdown of the votes I received on my thread:

Snowager - Rawr!: 26 votes

Aisha Scalawag: 14 votes

Brightvale: 11 votes

Grundo - Discarded Plushie: 10 votes

Chocolate!: 6 votes

Faerie Bubbles: 6 votes

High Roller: 4 votes

Kadoatery - Mew!: 4 votes

Blumaroo Court Jester: 4 votes

Neomail Addict: 3 votes

Edna - Cackle!: 3 votes

Number Six: 3 votes

Avatars that received 2 votes:

  • Wheel of Excitement
  • SDB Pack Rat
  • Neopian Times Writer
  • Bon App├ętit
  • Bilge Dice - Lucky Streak!
  • SDB Pack Rat
  • Battle Faerie
  • Forgotten Shore
  • Rubbish
  • Snowmuncher
  • Ice Cream Machine
  • Meerca - Chase

...and numerous game avatars that received 1 vote apiece, and were so numerous that I couldn't list them here.

What drives us towards collecting avatars, fellow users? Is it because it's an easy endeavor, or a hard one? I have to admit, I never thought I'd ever have more than 300 avatars... I used to think 250 was already high! I guess the best word to define our diligent mission is "challenging"! Not quite easy, not quite impossible, but somewhere in between!

I hope you enjoyed this article! Stay tuned for more articles from yours truly, mostly regarding the fun times I have here on Neopets! And as always, good luck getting the avatars of your dreams!

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