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20 Must Haves For Winter

by star138


Also by silly_mistake

Winter means a lot of things for different Neopians, but if you enjoy dressing up your pets it probably means a lot of chances to create fun wintery customizations. With the Advent Calendar and Stocking Stufftacular Neocash event, there are lots of new fun wearables coming out this December, but sometimes it's best to stay with something tried and true. We got together twenty of our favorite winter must haves to share with you to guarantee your pets will look their wintery best all season long.

1. Candy Cane Path Background (Neocash, Retired):

Definitely one of our favorite backgrounds of all time, Candy Cane Path looks great any time of year. With its brightly colored candy canes this background matches a variety of clothing items. It also sets a cheerful, seasonal stage without being too focused on Christmas.

2. Candy Cane Tights and Tutu (Neocash, Retired):

What can we say? It's a tutu and it's fabulous. Nothing says holidays like candy cane legs. Might want to match them with that ugly christmas sweater you get every year and you're the perfect hipster!

3. Christmas Paint Brush (Neopoint):

Now this we know isn't a wearable, but if you paint your pets with it, you will get some nice and handy Christmas wearables for your pets. Some of the best Christmas clothes come from this paint brush, so check out the rainbow pool and see if you might be able to use some! Who knows maybe you will end up loving your Christmas pet and keep them that way all year round!

4. Decorative Holiday Hair Bow (Neopoint):

There is something to be said for a really big hair bow. Neopoint wigs are few and far between compared to Neocash options. For a quick wintery touch, this hair bow (given out by the Advent Calendar in Year 10) is a great, affordable option. The bright green is festive without screaming Christmas and a nice snowflake finishes off the look. Bigger than some of the Neocash hair bow options this is a fun bow that wears more like a hat on most pets.

5. Fancy Mug of Neggnog (Neopoint):

A nice handheld item is the perfect finishing touch to any customization. Since everyone likes a tasty beverage in a pretty glass, a Fancy Mug of Neggnog is the ticket.

6. Gloomy Winter Day Background (Neocash, Retired):

Nothing says winter like a gloomy snowy day and this background is totally it! Absolutely perfect focus for dark themes but also wonderful for trying to cheer things up!

7. Holiday Home Background (Neopoint):

Neocash backgrounds are always a lot of fun with their fancy animations and fine details. That said, the Holiday Home Background is one of the easiest ways to add a wintery touch to your Neopet's customization. With stockings and garland hung in front of the fireplace, this background offers an understated Christmas look complete with milk and cookies for Santa. The simplicity of this background also makes it ideal for a customization with garlands, trinkets and other foreground items. Looking to create a non-Christmas winter customization? Neohome Background is another nice neopoint option!

8. Holiday Ribbon Hat (Neocash, Retired):

We know what you are thinking; yes, it's a hat. No, it's not a wig. But it's great! It works well with pets that have manes. It also looks great on other pets like Aishas and Blumaroos. Go ahead and try it out; you won't be disappointed!

9. Holiday Shopping List (Neopoint):

How can you celebrate the Holidays without a shopping list? Well, we know Santa can't. This was given out in the Advent Calendar in Y12. It's the perfect holiday hand held for any Santa wannabe or just those pets that are trying to get all of their crazy shopping in order!

10. MME4-S7: Sparkling Winter Cloak (Neocash, Retired):

Easily one of our favorite Cloaks. The perfect item to use for your outdoor snow themes or just one of those cold winter nights. Toss this on with one of your favorite wigs and you can't go wrong.

11. Pretty Holiday Cardigan (Neocash, Retired):

The perfect cardigan to wear with with your favorite dress or skirt. Or maybe you want to toss it on with some trousers. It's great with almost everything and looks great on most species.

12. Scenic Mountain Top Background (Neopoint):

The white and blues in this background immediately say "winter." The dark colors are a nice option to help your lighter colored pets really pop. It also is a nice match for Eventide pets with the dark blue skies that mimic an Eventide pet's starry appearance.

13. Seasonal Wings (Neopoint):

Who doesn't love the Advent Calendar? This lovely set of wings were given out by the Advent Calendar in Year 9. Aside from suggesting that the Advent Calendar is a great place to get winter wearables at a great price (that is to say for free!), these wings are a lot of fun. We enjoy using them on Christmas pets, but the colorful red and white stripes and lighted trim make them a statement piece for pets of any color! If your pet likes carrying a purse, these wings are also a perfect match for the Seasonal Designer Purse (another Year 9 gift from the Advent Calendar).

14. S.M.E.L.T. Holiday Garland (Neopoint):

Since the discovery of Neovia and Moltara there have been a lot more steampunk items coming up in both Neopoint and Neocash options. Both of us approve of this turn of events. Given out by the Advent Calendar in Year 13, this garland is a go to items for Christmas customizations. The metal base lends itself to steampunk or industrials customizations. It also works with a variety of factory-themed or Moltaran backgrounds. Simple and understated, this garland adds a subtly festive touch to any customization.

15. Snow Laden Foreground (Neopoint):

The perfect winter foreground. Looks great with most winter themed backgrounds and totally *squee* worthy! Great for UCs, Mutants, Babies and Maraquans because it fills up a lot of the space.

16. Snow Laden Tree Stump (Neopoint):

Going for something a little less filling? Snow Laden Tree Stump is for you! Just as great as the Snow Laden Foreground, but it's smaller. Perfect for those snowy backgrounds that have wonderful background scenery.

17. Snowflake Frame (Neopoint):

This frame works well with literally any winter background. The snowflakes add that little something to make any customization elegant. We especially like using frames to add a seasonal touch with painted pets that don't have a lot of other wearable options because they are Baby, Mutant, Maraquan or 8-Bit (or even a coveted UC). The frame is also lightly colored so it will never take the focus away from your pet.

18. Snowflake Shirt and Snowflake Skirt (Neopoint):

This shirt and skirt were both given out by the Advent Calendar in Year 12. Skirts and shirts are always hard to work with--what matches? Which ones should I choose? These two items take the guesswork out of your customization planning! Nicely colored in blue with a fun snowflake motif this shirt and skirt can carry a pet all the way through winter whether they wear this outfit to a holiday party or out on the ice rink.

19. Winter Landscape Background (Neopoint):

Beautiful and affordable? This background is no joke; it is absolutely stunning and perfect for absolutely any pet. Go ahead, toss it on your Mutant Gnorbu and see how fabulous they look!

20. Winter Thermal Shirt and Vest (Neocash, Retired):

With striped pink sleeves and a pretty seafoam green torso, this thermal and vest could be worn all year (provided your Neopet lives on Terror Mountain--otherwise they might get too hot!). The bright colors work with light or dark backgrounds and on any color pet. We like pairing it with a simply colored skirt like the Neocash Fancy Ruffled Skirt or the Neopoint Khaki Skirt but it really goes with anything. A guaranteed winter staple for your Neopet's wardrobe.

Now that you know our twenty must have winter items, you're ready to go out and customize your pets for the season. When you're done, don't forget to enter the customization spotlight--your pet is sure to look spiffy and give the competition a run for their money with these winter favorites!

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