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Underappreciated: Faeries That Deserve More Love

by 4g0tt3n4ng3l


Hello! I'm Ace, a Faerie Gnorbu. It is fantastic being a Faerie, for I have translucent fuchsia wings that my Gnorbu peers are so jealous of. :) With wings, I flitter all around Neopia during my spare time, and from my journeys I often have insights popping in my mind. Today, I will be sharing some Faeries that I feel deserve more love from us.

Fyora, Jhudora, Illusen; these names are not unfamiliar. They have numerous items dedicated to them, their special days and even lovely avatars that featured their portraits. However, what about their lesser known peers, who, despite their efforts in doing good for Neopia, have never reached the same tier of popularity? The Faeries who are less heard of? Henceforth, I feel they are underappreciated because of one or more of the following: deeds being relatively unknown, few items bearing their names and having no special day to commemorate them. Consequently, they are often overlooked by Neopians.

1. Siyana and Psellia

My dear Astronomy Club members, I am sure you have not forgotten "The Dreamer" and "The First to Rise" constellations that you have previously discovered. However, do you still recall the two Faeries which they are named after? Psellia the Dreamer and Siyana the First to Rise?

Featured in the Book of Ages, they belong to the Altadorian Council of Twelve, being two of the founders of the glorious maritime land. Regrettably, their deeds of long ago is long consigned to oblivion, for almost none of us precisely remembered their contributions, except perhaps some vague memories of Psellia saving a Blumaroo or Meridell's knight from plunging, or Siyana defending a village against thieves?

I feel they deserve more love because should they not deserve the recognition accorded to founders? No doubt they are part of the Council that benevolently oversees Altador, bringing the prosperity and illustriousness that we Neopians witness today. However, even the Book of Ages itself fails to specifically document the individual contributions of the twelve Council Members, thus what they did for Altador is lost in the annals of history. I feel it is not fair to merely encapsulate the individuals' contributions as a whole, which in my humble opinion, disregards what they personally do for Altador. Maybe if more light is shed to their goodness, Neopians will come to appreciate and love them more?

Sources tell me that it was Psellia who stopped Jeran from falling (to doom) from Darigan Citadel, and thereby, failing to save Meridell. Perhaps without her, Meridell's history would have been rewritten. I speculate King Skarl would have been a hundred times grumpier having to deal with problems instead of listening to jokes of fierce Peophins and tin of olives.

According to the Book of Ages, do you know that "Siyana, the First to Rise, blessed its mortal heroes with the gift of great longevity." Without her, undeniably, the heroic and honourable King Altador will not be elevated to the status of an immortal. Faerieland would hence not have his assistance in repelling Xandra.

(Psellia has her own entry in the Gallery of Heros but Siyana is missing. I wonder why.)

I strongly believe that their good endeavours should be eternally remembered, despite their positions in chronology. Neopians, perhaps we should start digging deeper into the Altadorian History. Come join me at the Archivist's Office!

2. The Library Faerie

In the mist of the towering shelves of books in Faerieland Library lies a bespectacled Faerie in pastel purple, the Library Faerie, buried in the tomes. She dearly and silently guards the Faerieland archives, worth a Fyora's ransom to ensure never will they land in the wrong hands. On top of it, she runs the Faerieland Bookshop, never failing to supply Neopians with reading materials to enhance their knowledge.

A symbol of wisdom and learning, she ensures Neopians' intelligence so that they are capable to distinguish right from wrong. She deserves more love because without her to maintain the Library and Bookshop, or even without her as a figure of inspiration, Neopians will degenerate to be as dim witted as Grundos. I seriously fear for the future in this case, for this is indeed Dr Sloth's utopia.

3. Marina, The Healing Springs Faerie.

Marina? Is there a Faerie called Marina? I can almost picture you eyes wide open with bewilderment as I mention the name of the Healing Springs Faerie.

In one nook of Faerieland there is a exquisite spring of ethereally flowing magical waters, home to a beautiful Water Faerie who cures sick, beaten or even hungry pets. The Faerie we barely glance at as we dip into the healing waters. Ironically, not much is known of her despite our familiarity with her home. Is it because she never once ventured outside, or perhaps we have been taking her for granted all along?

I feel she deserves more love because she heals you whenever you are in need, for free! How many faeries will devote their lives to a thankless task of curing the ill and injured? Not to mention, forsaking her freedom to roam Neopia because there is practically pets at her doorstep every second. She may not have glorious achievements to her name like Fyora, but her little contributions to the daily welfare of pets can not be discredited.

Dissidents may argue that she fails to deliver sometimes, for instance, only recovering 3 hit points. And she sells healing potions. Before arguing that she deliberately does it to boost sales for her potions, think about this: nobody owes you anything. She could have merely sold potions without offering you all to bathe in her spring waters if she is as neopoint minded as you accused her of. Furthermore, everyone has their down moments. Therefore, same magical beings like faeries whose magic may not have optimum results. Perhaps instead of being a grumpy Tyrannian, smile and be thankful for all that you have been given? :)

Maybe on your next visit to the Healing Springs to cure your Sneezles or to recover your Health Points, spare a second to thank the pretty Water Faerie before you leave. Or if you have time, have a small talk with her. These little gestures to show your appreciation goes a long way.

4. Naia, The Fountain Faerie.

Many have heard about her enchanted Rainbow Fountain, and more hanker after her quests, for she transforms them into almost any colour they desire as a reward. However, I come to wonder whether she gets enough thanks for what she does? For I feel Neopians love her quests and rewards more than the Faerie herself.

She deserves more love because she turns dream into reality, painting pets in their coveted colours at a fraction of the paint brush cost. Agreeably some items she asks for are unbuyable, but compare to the price of a Maraquan paint brush, it is a steal. Also admittedly, her quests are very sporadic. However, have it occurred to you that it actually gives you anticipation? Something to look forward to each day, which is a motivation for you to earn Neopoints in preparation for her visit. Not to forget, the thrill that she brings when she ultimately does decide to pop over for a favour. Undeniably, she brings colour, hope and exhilaration to Neo.

One may argue that she just does not leave her fountain enough. However, consider the actual cost of those "dream" colours! Too common Fountain Faerie Quests means there will be excessive Plushies, Maraquans or any other coveted colours, destabilizing the economy by causing paint brush prices to plunge. On the other hand, those colours will henceforth lose their snob appeal that deems them desirable and in turn, there will soon be plenty of unloved Plushies and Maraquans wanting a new home. Furthermore, it will promote Sloth as it will become a disincentive for people to work for paint brushes. (A bit of hard work won't kill, eh?)

So, don't be a grouchy Grarrl complaining how her fountain never works or how she shunned you. Smile, and await her visit as you can never imagine your euphoria when she serendipitously knocks on your door. Also, do not forget to thank her for her reward if you are one of the lucky ones that ever encountered her!

These are the top five underappreciated Faeries in my opinion. I strongly advocate for their commemoration days (Psellia Day, anyone?) and definitely hope to see more items bearing their names. Despite being relatively lesser unknown, it is definite that Neopia is a better place with their existence, so alongside the likes of Fyora or Illusen, lets show our love to these underappreciated Faeries too!

If you are reading this, this means I have made it to the Neopian Times! Fan mails welcomed! (Just joking :D)

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