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by kayixu


"Tumori, wake up!" a Brown Aisha yelled. Tumori opened her eyes, and looked up to see the teacher staring angrily at her. She had fallen asleep in class. Again. It wasn't her fault though. She was never able to sleep well at night. Charka made sure of that. Just then, then bell rang, signaling the end of the school day.

      It was a beautiful day on Mystery Island. Island Kateil and Island Faellie were flying above in the cloudless sky. Tumori, the Split Lupe was walking to her home on Tiki Tack Street. As she was walking, she noticed a Green Poogle and a Yellow Kougra playing volley ball on the beach.

      "That is such a stupid game," a voice said.

      "It is not!" Tumori replied. She then realized that the Poogle and Kougra were staring at her.

      "Who are you talking to?" the Kougra asked. Instead of answering the Kougra's question, Tumori walked away quickly.


      That afternoon, Tumori was at her friend's house. They were in the Island Zafara's bed room, and Tumori was helping her friend decide which petpet to get.

      "Ok, Ghoti, Soreen, or Catamara?" the Zafara wondered out loud.

      "None. She should get a Halloween Meepit," Charka said.

      "Would you be quiet?" Tumori said angrily.

      "Huh?" the Zafara, whose name was Tabra asked.

      "The Catamara," Tumori said. Tabra looked at her strangely.

      "Who were you talking to a minute ago?" Tabra asked. Tumori would often act as if someone else was in the room with them, and this confused the Island Zafara.

      "You could get a Catamara, and paint it yellow," Tumori said, trying to change the subject. "Or maybe blue."

      "Well, I'm hungry," Tabra said as she got up from her bed and walked towards the door. "Let's go get something to eat." The two went downstairs and into the kitchen.

      "I need to get home, it's getting late and I'm tired," Tumori said.

      "Ok, see you tomorrow," Tabra said as she started eating an Azzle Salad. The Lupe walked out of her friend's house, and started to talk to Charka.

      "Don't talk when we're around others!" Tumori said. "Over half of the population of Mystery Island already thinks I'm crazy!"

      "Perhaps you are crazy," Charka replied happily. Charka very much enjoyed tormenting Tumori. She would often call the Lupe crazy, she would cause the Lupe to have nightmares when she slept, and sometimes Charka would even take control of Tumori's body to play pranks on her little sister.

      "I am not crazy!" Tumori yelled.

      "Listen to yourself," Charka said. "You are talking to someone who isn't there!"

      "You ARE here!" Tumori argued.

      "Am I?"

      "Yes!" Tumori yelled. Charka laughed as the two noticed they were being stared at.

      "She's doing it again!" A Water Uni laughed. "She's talking to herself again!"

      "I am not talking to myself!" Tumori yelled without thinking.

      "Well, you must be talking to someone!" the Uni said. "So, just who ARE you talking to?"

      "Someone," Tumori replied. The Uni only laughed harder. Suddenly, the Lupe's vision was getting more and more blurry. Charka was taking over. Tumori felt as if she had went to sleep for a few seconds, when her vision returned. The Lupe was no longer in control of her own body. Charka was. Charka walked over to the Uni, who was still laughing.

      "That is not funny," Charka said as she reached into Tumori's bag and pulled out a can of Neocola. She shook the can, pointed it at the Uni, and prepared to open it. "But this is." Charka opened the can and soda spewed out of it, soaking the now belligerent Uni. "You are no longer a Water Uni. Your new color is soda." Charka then walked away, leaving behind an empty can on the ground and a Uni so angry her eye was twitching.

      "Why did you do that?" Tumori yelled as she regained control of her body.

      "Oh, come on," Charka said. "You have to admit, that was funny!"Tumori walked into her home as the sun was setting. She walked into the kitchen to find her owner, Azeela sitting at the table. She seemed angry about something.

      "What did you do?" Tumori whispered.

      "Tumori!" Azeela yelled furiously. "Why did you put Spyders in your sister's room? You know she's terrified of them!" Tumori was silent as Azeela continued to yell. Charka often did things like this, and Azeela seemed to get angrier each time.

      "It wasn't me," she finally whispered. Azeela didn't hear her. "It was Charka." Tumori was a Split Lupe with a split personality. Wait a minute, that's it! It's the color!

      "You are grounded for a week!" Azeela at last finished yelling at Tumori.

      "Azeela, can I get painted?" Tumori asked.

      "What?" Azeela asked, still angry yet confused at the same time.

      "Can I get painted?" Tumori repeated her question. "We have an Island Paint Brush!"

      "No," Azeela replied. "I just got finished grounding you!"

      "Please?" Tumori said.

      "No!" Azeela replied. The two heard the front door open and close. Into the kitchen walked a Plushie Cybunny. Tumori's little sister. The Cybunny's name was Kreeba.

      "Hi!" she said happily. "Azeela, I wanted to ask you something."

      "What?" Azeela asked.

      "Can we go to Faerieland for a few days?" Kreeba asked. "I want to see Jeela." Jeela was a Faerie Cybunny, and also Kreeba's friend.

      "No, Kreeba, I'm afraid we cannot go to Faerieland right now." Azeela replied. "I've been very busy lately." Azeela had always been very busy. Sometimes it would seem as if she was trying to do ten different things at once. "I need to go grocery shopping." She said as she picked up her bag and walked towards the front door.

      "But I really want to see Jeela!" Kreeba said as she followed Azeela. Azeela stopped, and appeared to be thinking for a moment before she spoke to Tumori.

      "Tumori, if you take your sister to Faerieland to see her friend, you can be painted Island." Azeela said. "But none of your pranks! Ok?" Tumori nodded, and Azeela walked out the door.

      Tumori took her sister to see her friend for the weekend. It was very difficult to keep Charka from causing trouble, but somehow she did. She probably convinced everyone in Faerieland that she was crazy, but that didn't matter. Tumori would soon be painted and Charka would be gone. Azeela had given Jeela's owner the Island Paint brush, and on the day the sisters were going to leave, the paint brush was given to Tumori. She arrived in Neopia Central on the back one of her few friends. A Cloud Eyrie named Brilla.

      "What is that?" Charka asked in surprise as if she had not been paying much attention before.

      "An Island Paint Brush," Tumori replied. Why would someone invent a paint brush that gives you a split personality anyway? Tumori had been painted Split not long after she was born. She had been split for as long as she could remember. And she could not remember a time when Charka wasn't there. But now, she would be painted, and Charka would be gone. Finally, she would no longer be split. She stepped into the rainbow pool, dipped the paint brush into the magic water, and painted herself Island. She waited. She did not hear Charka's voice.

      Tumori went back to Mystery Island with her sister. After dinner that night, Tumori went upstairs into her bed room, and prepared to get a nice restful night of sleep.

      "Would you hurry up and get to sleep?" an evil sounding voice said. "I have a new nightmare for you to try out."

      "Charka? But how?"

      "You can never get rid of me, Tumori. I will always be here. Watching.... Waiting.... Until my plan is complete."


      "Yes. And you will not know what that plan is until it is too late."

The End

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