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What Are Your Neo Neuroses?

by indulgences


I was browsing Neopets recently and feeling great about the fact that my accounts were in order, my beautiful pets were happy and fed, and I had a constant supply of games and competitions to keep me busy. Then I began to wonder... how much of my enjoyment of the site is due to my complete command of my computer?

One of my Neo neuroses is having my Neopets links organized at the top of my browser in folders: boards; dailies; reference. "Boards" contains the top 5 Neoboards I like to visit, such as the Help Neoboard, the Neopian Pound Neoboard, and the Battledome Neoboard. "Dailies" contains, well, dailies. And "Reference" contains the Healing Springs, the Neolodge, Shop Till, and other Neo essentials. Everything is organized beautifully, and it gives me great peace of mind to be able to rifle through my favorite links with ease.

There are more neuroses. One is that my bank account has to be rounded up to the nearest 10,000 neopoints. So if I have 23,456 in the bank, I'll add 6,544 to it from my NP on hand to make the bank total an even 30k. Weird, yet strangely calming! I don't think I'm the only person who does it, either!

Another neurosis is that I need to keep my inventory clear. I know that most people keep a lot of junk in their inventories in case the Pant Devil or some other Random Event tries to steal or obliterate their more valuable items, but filling my inventory with clutter makes me... anxious. I simply have to clear out my inventory every night. And I figure that donating all my cheap items to the Money Tree might give me some future Neo luck!

So, being fascinated by the subject, I wandered over to the Help Neoboard and asked my fellow Neopians if they have any Neo neuroses of their own. I was pleasantly swamped by tons of people who had many Neo neuroses too! And many were neuroses I didn't even know existed!

One of their neuroses was similar to my own, but in reverse! While I try to keep NP in the bank in allotments of 10k (20k, 30k, 40k, etc.), other people keep their NP ON HAND in allotments of 10k, 20k, and the like. That makes a lot of sense to me... It must be nice to log into your account and know that you should only have exactly 20k on hand!

Another neurosis was the way they priced their shops! One person posted that every price in their shop had to end in a 0 or 5. Others were obsessed with even numbers, and their shop prices ended in only even numbers.

And though I thought I was the only person who kept her inventory clear, I encountered lots of other people with neuroses similar to mine! One person was extremely explicit when it came to the items she allowed in her inventory -- one grooming item, one toy, and one pant devil attractor. Very neurotic, and yet so very logical!

My Safety Deposit Box is also something I like to keep clear. The only items I keep in it are cheap Petpets that I like to zap with the Petpet Laboratory Ray, a few items I like to collect in large numbers, and various Neocash items I don't like that I'm trying to trade with other users. Most people that I've met on the Help Neoboard, however, fill their SDBs with random junk that they don't have the patience to price in their shops or donate to the Money Tree.

Many people were also extremely protective of their pets. Not only were all 20+ of their pets fully healed, they were also stashed in the Neolodge and joyful and bloated. Even the unconverted pets, who can't be hit by Random Events such as turning red from anger, were stashed in the Neolodge! I call this terrific parenting!

One of MY new neuroses is to fight Lady Frostbite in the Battledome. I can usually defeat her with one hit from my powerful weapons, and of the 15 items I get from beating her over and over again, there are usually 3-4 Codestones I can sell for lots of NP. That's a daily income of 20,000+ NP! Thanks, TNT, for this brilliant idea!

Another one of my neuroses is to organize my pets based on the themes of my accounts. My Wakeful account is winter themed, and the pets there are Ice. My Thereafter account is Maraquan themed. My Greenteacustard account is for tiny pets, like my Pea and Grape Chias and my Baby Pteri. And my Meateatingrabbit account is for pets I'm trying to trade. Everyone is organized juuust so!

And then there are also the truly random neuroses, ones that have no grounds for existing. One person said that before he spins the Wheel of Excitement, he closes his eyes and makes sure his feet aren't touching the ground until the Wheel stops spinning. According to him, "It's super weird and I have no idea where that habit came from." ROFL!

I have to confess: I have a truly random neurosis as well. I collect masses of single items and store them in my SDB. Then, when I reach my target number of 5000 of each item, I donate them to the Money Tree. It's so funny to get bombarded with neomails from people asking me why the heck I'm donating 5000 Sausage Omelettes to the Money Tree!

And that's the end of this article! I'd like to thank everyone on the Help Neoboard who contributed to this article by revealing their weird idiosyncracies and habits for all of Neopia to know! It was truly entertaining to discover that people were just as neurotic as me, or even more!

Stay tuned for future articles about the neuroses of your fellow Neopians, since this seemed to be such a popular topic on the Neoboards, and I hope you all enjoy your time on Neopets!

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