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The Crazy Techo Fanatic: King of the Stadium

by faeriequeenoffire


The Crazy Techo Fanatic, also known as the Techo Super-Fan as well as the Angry Techo, has made quite some noise in Neopia ever since his discovery in the Altador Cup. This blue Techo is even more famous than the Yooyuball players themselves, yet not much is known about him. He cheers, he jeers, sometimes he tears, and when you listen to this fanatic screaming you also wonder if he even hears.

In every single game of Yooyuball, he's there.

In every single game of Make Some Noise, he's there.

His rise to stardom was quicker than Faerieland's fall from the sky, yet he doesn't look like he'll be stopping his ascent any time soon. But where is he during the rest of the year? Where is he when the Altador Cup ends and all the players and fans go home? Well, he's busier than you'd think he'd be!

The Crazy Techo Fanatic is really busy during the off season, and all the items that have spawned off of his popularity can attest to that. The NC Mall, recognizing his celebrity potential, has released many items in his image, and the Neopoint items that he gave permission to be released are just as amazing. Whatever you need his image for, it'll be there. Who knows what else he has in the works.

The Crazy Techo Fanatic also has you covered once the Altador Cup rolls around again! Those items are perhaps the most important since they're the ones he uses himself. But perhaps the best of all is the Techo Fanatic Megaphone! This should only used in case of emergencies – like waking up TNT during the matches (they must not be able to hear him from all the way up there where they sit so regally) – but it can also be used by the less experienced fan whose voice can't reach the same magnitude that the Crazy Techo Fanatic's can.

Most surprising of all, though, is the fact that he wrote a book for all aspiring fanatics out there. His generosity in sharing his wisdom knows no bounds! His book, called Techos Guide for Altador Cup Fanatics, goes through all the different things that a fanatic must know about the Altador Cup, about being a fan, and about being the best. Exercises and tips on etiquette are also included so that all hopeful fanatics can practice before the next cup and ensure that they have all the knowledge necessary to make the Altador Cup as smooth and enjoyable as possible for everyone around. The knowledge in this book can even be useful to all non-fanatics, as well; everything you need to know about the Altador Cup is written in this book, all by the one Neopian who knows it all and knows it best.

He is even part of the Official Altador Cup Committee where he helps decide what should stay, what should be changed, and what new things can happen in the Altador Cup. Ever since the committee approved Make Some Noise as an official Altador Cup game and invited him to be a part of the team, the Crazy Techo Fanatic has made sure not to disappoint in his duties. The first and most important thing he did once he was appointed Minister of Spectator Affairs was to create crowd control methods, something which King Altador was most thankful for. He was able to educate the spectators about proper fanatic etiquette (which can be read about in his book) all through exemplary behaviour shown through his songs, cheers, taunts, and actions. As crazy as the Crazy Techo Fanatic is, his methods worked; he was able to have fun and keep everyone under control all while successfully managing to avoid turning spectators into crazy fanatics like him.

Altador suffered a lot after the first year they held the games because of injured spectators (and sometimes players), damaged property, and littered streets and venues. Spectators jostled with each other in the audience, argued with each other about the rules of the game (when most of the spectators had no idea about what was going on anyway), and left a mess everywhere they went. After complaints from the citizens of Altador, as well as a heated and lengthy speech from the Angry Yurble Janitor, it was decided that something had to be done.

The committee was trying to decide on what to do about player and spectator safety, citizen priorities, and Altador cleanliness, when they noticed the Crazy Techo Fanatic doing what he does best. They were holding a meeting during Team Altador's first practice match after the games, trying to come up with safer rules for the games and new things to do during the tournament as well as discussing the damages undertaken by Altador after such a huge event. The Crazy Techo Fanatic still hadn't gone home yet because of faulty transportation planning and was stuck – much to his happiness – in Altador. The committee had noticed him throughout the games, and when they saw him at the practice match they thought to use him as an example of what a spectator shouldn't be – at least that's what they thought before the match was over.

Once the match ended, they saw him visibly relax and try to chat amicably with the fellow spectators. He then managed to talk down fans from opposing teams from fighting, then resume chatting with some elders about the strengths and weaknesses of both teams as well as of Yooyuball itself. Once he cleared out, he picked up his garbage and whatever garbage he found on his path on the way out. The committee was surprised by what they saw but immediately knew what to do. And that's how the Crazy Techo Fanatic joined the committee and was able to start his career as a professional fanatic!

His fame, instead of hindering him, has allowed him to continue his lifelong ambition: to become a professional fanatic and to continue to attend every single Altador Cup so that he can cheer on his favourite team: yours! He has even been able to buy a Neohome in Altador so that he can be a part of the Altador Cup before it even officially begins! He watches as Altador gets ready for the upcoming games, greets the Yooyuball players once they arrive, and hypes up the fans as they wait for the games to officially begin. Rumour has it that sales of ear plugs in Altador has gone up since he moved there, that they go up again a few months before the tournament, and remain popular right up to the end of the games.

His knowledge of everything related to the Altador Cup is amazing, too. Who else can tell you who all the players on each team are in every year since the games started? He knows every single rule and style of Yooyuball – past and present – and is a master of all the games, even playing amateur Yooyuball with other fanatics during the off season. When asked if he would ever think of trying out for the various Neopian teams as a professional Yooyuballer, he said that he couldn't possibly choose which team to join since they're all his favourite and that he was made to be a professional fanatic, anyway – and how else could he cheer on all the teams when he has to play day after day during the tournament? At least that's what he think he said – our eardrums are still ringing from that interview.

When he's not busy creating and putting out new items on the market, the Crazy Techo Fanatic now spends his free time training for the next Altador Cup, practising his shouting from the mountains for all to hear – much to the annoyance of the citizens of Altador (and some say of Shenkuu, too), directing pedestrian traffic to keep his body limber for Make Some Noise, and drinking slushies with the Angry Yurble Janitor to keep his insults fresh.

Despite the unease many Neopians feel around the Crazy Techo Fanatic while he's doing his thing in the stadiums during the Altador Cup, there is more to this Techo than meets the eye. His dedication to the games is commendable, and his status as an Altador Cup celebrity is well deserved. Much can be learned from this prominent Neopian figure, but most important of all is keep calm and AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

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