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Draik and Potatoes

by oo_luckey_duckey_oo


To start this off, I feel as though I should explain myself for such a sinister title. No, I am not one of those crazy Wocky ladies who spend their free time pleasing their taste buds with a nice Draik Steak or Draik Soup. I have two Draiks of my own and cringe at the thought of devouring something I cherish so much! In other words, please don't fret; these magical creatures are safe with me. Now, with that disclaimer provided, let us move on to the real topic at hand.

I have, in recent travels, made my way to the luscious green plains of Meridell. While in this small community, I had the honour of shopping around in the many fine shops (though most of these shops have the words 'Ye' and 'Olde' spelled in some form on the signs which makes a writer cringe). I happened to wander into a small, yet quaint shop which sells food from the land. As I entered the shop, I was greeted by a quaint Meerca Lady, quite charming indeed, (you can tell she's a local) as well as a large group of other Neopians like myself. I say that these Neopians were like me, but they weren't really like me; these people had a crazed look in their eyes, as if they haven't slept in a long time, or perhaps had spent a large amount of time doing a repetitive task with no positive results.

As I crammed my way into this small shop, I was made aware of the fact that these people, though not travelers like me, were actually Restockers and had been in the shop for days (yikes!) waiting for a shipment of Draik Eggs to come in. There is an old saying which states that "When in Altador, do as the Altadorians do," (That's a saying right?) and thus, I decided I would give this restocking business a try!

Now, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the Restocking business, I shall stress the point that one should take baby steps. I have Restocked for quite some time, and though I was a little rusty, I thought my history might work as a sort of buffer to keep me apart from the *cough* inexperienced. When dealing with Draik Eggs, I will stress again that no such buffers exist. You will always stand out. Always.

I digress. As I was in the shop, with the crazed Neopians, I realized that I hadn't seen a Draik Egg since I hatched my darling little Kharme several years previous. I don't think Draik Eggs had changed over the years, and seeing them quite frequently on the Trading Post and what not I was somewhat familiar with what I should be looking for. So I waited.

Time stood still.

As time in this small and stuffy shop went by, I began to lose focus. I would look at the freshly baked loaves of bread, and the mouldy potatoes with the same crazed look that my fellow restockers had in their eyes! The shape, that tilted, oval, speckled shape resembled that beautiful Draik Egg that I had been waiting for hours to see! The more time that passed, the more that potato looked like one.

I began to loathe that potato.

It was sitting in the top corner of the shop, 12 in stock the whole time I was there! (It must have been days!) No amount of glaring, wishing, hoping would turn that potato into a Draik Egg, none.

That sad, mouldy potato began to represent every single one of those Restocker's dreams, more-so their sanity.

So in order to prevent such a large hatred of potatoes and bread that just happens to be in the familiar oval shape of a Draik Egg, I thought that I might be able to give a few pointers to keep you focused on actual Draik Eggs, and not these annoying impostors!

1. Draiks are overly friendly.

Passing Draiks always feel the need to stop and say 'Hi!' Contrary to popular belief, Draik Eggs are equally as friendly. They emit a lovely Draiky-ness that just makes you want to smile. You will not get this feeling from a potato. You may get a feeling of loathing or hunger (though it is not recommended that you act upon this hunger when dealing with mouldy potatoes). Also, I don't care how long you've been in that shop for; a loaf of bread will never say 'Hi' to you! If it does, please step outside, take a 10 minute breather, PLEASE! (You'll thank me later; a loaf of bread cannot keep up a lengthy, engaging conversation.)

2. No one buys the mouldy potato!

If you have seen that mouldy potato, in the top right-hand corner of the shop for 1 hour, it will remain in that top right-handed corner until THE END OF TIME. Also note that it will never magically be turned into anything else. (Trust me on this one; I even tried to bribe Kauvara into a potato-potion agreement!)

3. Draik Eggs are for the Fearless!

So if you find yourself zoning out in the Meri Foods shop (As I tend to do more often than not) Take a break. No one needs to waste 1,000,000NP on a mouldy potato!

I often wonder if it is just my mind which somehow compares the shape of mouldy potatoes to the shape of a beautiful Draik Egg...

Anyways, there you have it! You can now march forward with the courage and skills needed to restock a Draik Egg! Or better yet, you can march forward with the knowledge and skills needed to actually endure the process of WAITING to restock a Draik Egg! Waiting is more than half of the battle and if you can endure that, you can endure anything those mouldy potatoes can throw at you!

And when in doubt, you can always fly over to Mystery Island! I hear Draiks head over in that direction from time to time. ;)

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