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Pumpkins, Pumpkins Everywhere

by dogs_can_bark


With Halloween, comes the candy, the costumes, the scary, the ugly and THE PUMPKINS. Nobody will deny that the pumpkin themed classics, such as Pumpkin Pot Pie and Screaming Jack-O-Lantern are a definite must this Halloween. But these days the classics are a familiar comfort, that don't quite evoke the same way they used to. So to help those looking to add something new to their Halloween pumpkin collection, I've decided to make a list of some frightful, fun, handy and mischievous pumpkin items for all Neopians to consider.

1. Pumpkin Launcher

If you find yourself in the battledome this Halloween, then the Pumpkin Launcher is a must have. Launching pie crust at your enemies on Halloween is not only incredibly fun, but definitely keeps to the Halloween spirit. If you don't like the battledome, don't worry, you can also use this to play pranks on unsuspecting visitors looking to fill their candy bags. I suggest having a list of awful puns to yell out each time you hit a target. There's nothing more hilarious then pumpkin pie on someone else's face, alongside a shockingly bad pun. Just make sure your target is about thirty feet away and that you have a good supply of pie crust to launch, you don't want to let your target have a chance to escape or worse, fight back.

2. Pumpkin Lip Gloss

Is scary just not you? No problem. With the Pumpkin Lip Gloss you have yourself a cool, presentable pumpkin themed accessory as well as nice tasting lips. With Pumpkin Lip Gloss you can taste pumpkin pie the whole day. Just remember though, that there's a lot of hungry critters lurking in the Haunted Woods on Halloween, they might mistake you for a meal if you wear too much.

3. Pumpkin Bouncy Ball

Everybody loves a good game of catch and the Pumpkin Bouncy Ball is a great Halloween toy. This ball gives Neopians the illusion of kicking around a Jack-O-Lantern, but is far easier and more conventional to kick then it's obvious look alike. Throwing it at unsuspecting citizens may cause them to think they're being attacked by flying pumpkins. Its toothy grin and good quality bounce allows Neopians hours of fun.

4. Pumpkin Top Cymbals

If music is what you love, then I suggest you try out the Pumpkin Top Cymbals. They're easy to use and give out a deeper noise than most other cymbals. They're great for spooky gatherings, scaring people and dancing in graveyards. I'm sure ghosts will gladly dance to their tune upon hearing their melody. Don't forget that an instrument is only as good as you are at playing it, if you're plan isn't to make people cringe at how horrible the noise is, make sure you can play well first.

5. Pumpkin Sink

If you like to go all out on Halloween or were looking to renovate your Neohome anyway, then the Pumpkin Sink is a great piece of furniture for your place. With even the taps keeping to the the pumpkin theme, this is an affordable, classy and spooky piece. You might have to assure any visitors that it really is a sink, it's that good of an imitation. It's suggested that you don't put this sink in your kitchen as you may end up trying to wash your hands in the real pumpkin you had for your Pumpkin Waffles.

6. Pumpkin Marshmallow

Make sure you have some Pumpkin Marshmallows this Halloween. They taste delicious alongside hot chocolate and even if it's not cold enough for hot chocolate, they're cute and tasty on their own anyway. Being small and squishy, Pumpkin Marshmallows are fantastic treats to give those screaming "trick-or-treat!" at your door, but you might have a hard time giving them up they're that adorable.

7. Pumpkin Shield

Looking for candy on Halloween is a tough job, for most Neopians it requires that you be aware, fast and have a stunning costume. It's not uncommon to run into a little competition or a couple of dangers along the way. Having a Pumpkin Shield with you will help you defend your candy AND keep you fashionable. Just be warned, the Pumpkin Shield can only be used once, so use it wisely.

8. Fyoras Pumpkin Recipes

If you plan on cooking up a feast this Halloween, why not take some tips from the one and only Faerie Queen Fyora? Her pumpkin recipes are sure to be a hit at any banquet you're preparing. It may amaze you that pumpkin can be cooked in so many different ways. Fyoras Pumpkin Recipes is a must have for pumpkin eating enthusiasts.

9. Pumpkin Pie Eraser

This cute little eraser is great for any Neopians stationery kit and handy for all budding artists. Whether you draw or write as a hobby, or you just have homework to do, this eraser makes life easier by emitting the sweet smell of pumpkin pie as you work. The Pumpkin Pie Eraser is small but very useful and a definite must have this Halloween.

10. Dented Can of Expired Pumpkin Neocola

Whilst some may think this is simply a worthless piece of junk, upon closer inspection you'll be able to notice the finely creased container, the brightly colored ooze that flares elaborately out of the can and that sweet rotten smell. It's not for everyone, but a Dented Can of Expired Pumpkin Neocola can be an unexpectedly tasty treat and a unique decoration. If you're Halloween decoration theme is The Meridell Rubbish Dump, or you just love gross food, then this is a pumpkin item you may very well enjoy.

From your Angry Pumpkin to your Cannibalistic Pumpkin, there are plenty of great looking takes on the classic Jack-O-Lantern, but amongst all those there's also a bountiful assortment of pumpkin themed items to spruce up your Halloween. Whether you're looking to scare, play tricks, dress fancy, have fun or impress with your theme, there's a pumpkin item for everyone. So why not try out something different with pumpkins this Halloween?

You don't have to be a Halloween JubJub or like to drink Candy Pumpkin Latte's to join in with the pumpkin festivities on Halloween. Pumpkins are a great Halloween item and should be enjoyed by all.


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