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Dressing the Part—Halloween

by katiecoo802


Every year on the last day of the Month of Collecting, a fog settles over Neopia. On this one night of the year, the spyders, witches, and ghosts which are normally regarded with fear get to roam the streets in search of tasty treats. Pumpkins are carved, apples are bobbed and costumes donned just to celebrate this splendidly spooky night. The kind of Halloween night you'll have will largely be determined by your costume. Will your pet be an adorable jack-o-lantern, or a menacing monster? Even if your pet isn't painted Halloween, you can still celebrate this creepy holiday with all the wonderfully wicked wearables Neopia has to offer. Get inspired by some of these Halloween looks I've put together just for you!

Look 1: Classic Trick-or-Treater

Items Pictured: NC—Pumpkin String Lights, Jack-o-Lantern House Background, Hovering Broom, Spooky Halloween Shower, Kauvara Shirt & Cape, Simple Black Skirt, Gothic Red Rose Necklace. NP—Linae Shoes (19,000 NP*), Jack-O-Lantern Pail (90,000 NP).

We begin our tour of Halloween haunts with the traditional trick-or-treater look. A Jack-O-Lantern Pail is essential for this costume, as is Jack-o-Lantern House Background (Trick-or-Treat Doorstep Background is great—but pricey—alternative). Though this Zombie Cybunny sports a cute witch costume, any classic Halloween getup will do. Pirate clothing is especially popular, as are vampire costumes and princess dresses. Paint brush clothing is generally the best way to go for pirates, but there are also a plenitude of options from the NC Mall's now-retired Pirate Wonderclaw Machine. Vampire Wax Lips (1,900 NP), Vampire Costume Wig, and Hubrid Nox Collectors Cape are great staples for any vampire costume, and there are several face paints that will give your pet the pale complexion characteristic of these Haunted Woods denizens. The challenge for most would-be princesses is trying to choose between a wig and tiara, but both the Cute Pink Wig (100,000 NP) and the Shining Princess Wig are both already adorned with jewels. Top any classic costume off with Spooky Halloween Shower and you're ready to trick-or-treat like a pro!

Look 2: Spooky Specter

Items Pictured: NC—Haunted Graveyard Background, Spooky Spyder Top Hat, Skeletal Face Paint, Dashing Gothic Jacket, Sparkling Cobweb Necklace, Spooky Green Contacts, Gothic Cherub Wings, Eerie Skull Gate Foreground, Toxic Skull Lantern. NP—Cobweb Shoes (15,000 NP), Cover of Darkness Foreground (350,000 NP), Suspicious Shovel (100 NP).

For many Neopians, Halloween is the one night a year to indulge the darker side of life, and this can be achieved in a variety of ways with a multitude of creepy wearable items! There is a huge amount of versatility here, and your scary ensemble can be anything from an undead faerie (try Skeletal Wings for this look) to a menacing clown. It's also a good idea to use items that could work for any creepy costume, like Crawling Spyders Foreground or Spooky Lantern (5,500 NP) so that you can reuse them year after year. Because many spooky items are so popular around Halloween, they can be very expensive. If you're low on Neopoints or don't have much NC to trade, pick one nicer item to splurge on and find bargains for the rest of your outfit. If your pet wants to be a ghost, for example, maybe try to find the Limited Edition Ethereal Spirit Cane and then accessorize with a Ghostly Gift (100 NP) or Pile of Spooky Laundry (5 NP). Finish your sinister pet's look with a shadowy background or foreground and you'll be ready to scare Neopians all night!

Look 3: Harvest Festival

Items Pictured: NC—Cosy Autumn Front Porch Background, Autumn Leaf Face Paint, Fingerless Caroler Gloves, Ruffles and Rivets Jacket, Woodland Archer Wig, Woodland Archer Shoes, Layered Autumn Leaf Dress, Autumn Leaf and Nut Garland, Autumn Jack O Lantern Staff. NP—Woollen Scarf (3,800 NP), Autumn Harvest Foreground (9,850 NP).

Though some Neopians spend Halloween night running around in search of candy or pulling pranks, others prefer to sit back with a piping hot mug of apple cider and use this holiday as an opportunity to celebrate autumn. And with so many gorgeous fall wearables, it's no wonder! There are plenty of backgrounds, showers, and more to welcome in this time of harvest. Start your customization with falling leaves, a necessity for any autumn ensemble; there are three leaf showers from the NC Mall (Changing Leaves Shower, Falling Autumn Leaves Shower, and Autumn Leaf Shower), as well as garlands, foregrounds, and string lights. Many Neopians feel limited to pumpkins when creating an autumnal look, but there are several other gourd wearables available, such as Gourd String Lights and Multi-Coloured Gourd Foreground. Balance out the warm orange, gold, and red colors of your look with some muted green, like the kind that can be found in Autumn Country Road Background (60,000 NP). A cozy scarf and mittens will complete your harvest outfit and keep your pet snug as they celebrate well into the blustery night.

Look 4: I Want Candy

Items Pictured: NC—Cauldron of Candy, Halloween Candy Shower, Popcorn and Candy Garland, Appetising Caramel Apple, Boo-ffant Wig, Halloween Shindig Background, Spooky Cyclops Apron, Spyder Web Tights with Shoes. NP—Basic White Shirt (400 NP).

Certain citizens of Neopia have just one thing on their minds when Halloween night rolls around: candy! With collection receptacles and neighborhood maps in hand, these Neopians set out to earn some serious sweets every Month of Collecting. There are plenty of candy-themed wearables, but only a select few are also Halloween appropriate, such as Cauldron of Candy and Halloween Candy Shower. Bring some unusual Halloween colors into your look with Spooky Sugar Skull Garland, and Designer Trick-or-Treat Bag and Trick-or-Treat Satchel are essential to carry your hoard. Keep your candy close with Halloween Candy Bowl Hat or Silly Candy Corn Hat (6,500 NP). Speaking of candy corn, this fall favorite can be found in several wearables (I'm a huge fan of Candy Corn Bow Tie for male pets) and is perfect for a tasty Halloween getup. Any autumn or Halloween themed background will work for this look, but I chose Halloween Shindig Background because candy is best shared at parties with friends. If your pet wants to move from the back porch to the kitchen, throw on a Spooky Cyclops Apron or the delightfully dreary I Heart Soup Apron (800 NP) so they can cook up their own Halloween treats.

Autumn celebrates a changing of the seasons in Neopia and the days growing darker, a darkness we emulate each and every year as we don masks and costumes in our quest for treats. Halloween is fast approaching, so polish those pumpkins and prepare your pets for a night of wicked fun. You may even consider stepping into the Haunted Woods this year... If you dare! Mwahahah!

*Please note that all Neopoint prices are approximate and reflect Shop Wizard prices at the time of writing.

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