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Tips to Design Your Very Own Kreludor Cave

by jesseduhlonghorn


Do you enjoy playing the Hannah games, and are you interested in making a cave of your very own that other users can play, and that you could possibly win a spotlight for? If so, this guide is here to teach you how to make your very own Kreludor Cave!

In order to start making your own cave, open up the game and click on 'Level Editor.' You will then be asked if you'd like to start a new level or open up one you have worked on in the past. Assuming this is your first time designing a cave, click on 'New Level.'

You will now be viewing an instructions page. If you'd like you can read the instructions provided in the game, but I will summarize everything for you as well.

In order to place objects in the map, click on the object you are about to place, then click on the spot on the map where you wish to place it. To move around on the map, use your arrow keys. To zoom in or out, press + or -.

Before you start designing your cave, allow me to explain what all of these objects are and what purpose they serve.

The first option, in the upper left, is a square of blank space. Use this when you are trying to delete something that you already placed on the map.

Next up is the terrain. This is just your typical block of land that Hannah has to walk on. All of the purple you see on your screen is the terrain.

Next up is the first type of spike. This spike will hang from the ceiling, and if Hannah touches this spike at any point then the user will lose a life. Place these around your cave to make the player take extra caution!

The fourth item on the list is the fuel tank. This is used to fill Hannah's fuel supply, allowing her to use her jet-pack to fly around the cave. You will probably need to place these along the path somewhat frequently so the player doesn't run out of fuel.

Next up is a similar item, the oxygen tank. In the Kreludor Caves, Hannah relies on an oxygen supply to help her breathe, and if she runs out, a life is lost. Scatter these throughout the cave as well so the player has a chance to keep Hannah's oxygen supply up. However, if you want your cave to be a race against time, make it hard to find these tanks so the player has to keep moving!

After that come the robot guards. These guards will pace back and forth across a certain area of the cave, and if Hannah touches them the player will lose a life. Try using a lot of these to make it tough for the player to get around!

The close out the top row, we have three keys of different color. If you want to include any locked doors in your cave, make sure you have at least as many keys as doors so the player is able to unlock all of them. You will read more about the doors in a minute.

The first item in the bottom row is Hannah herself. Wherever you place this tile is where the player will begin your cave. This is absolutely necessary to include or else your level won't work.

Next to Hannah is a tile that looks similar to the terrain but has a question mark on it. You can use several of these tiles to create a 'secret area,' which is an area of terrain that Hannah is able to walk through, leading her to hidden areas of your cave where you can stash goodies like treasure chests and bonus lives. Try to trick the player by using this!

The third item on the bottom row is similar to an item on the top row, but these spikes are placed on the floor of your cave. If the player steps on these, they will lose a life.

After that are the bonus lives that I mentioned earlier. These will award the player with one extra life, and you can include more than one of these per level.

Next up is the exit door, where Hannah will make her way to after collecting all of the treasure chests. You have to put this somewhere on the map or you won't be able to submit your cave.

After that come the famous treasure chests. Hannah needs to collect all of the chests that you have placed around your cave in order to complete the level. You should include at least one of these for the player to find, but I suggest including a lot more as well. Put them in difficult places to reach to provide the player with a real challenge!

To round out the objects we have the three different colored doors that I mentioned earlier. These aren't required in your level, but if you do decide to include them, try to place the key needed to unlock the door somewhere far away from the door itself, to really make the player scramble around to open up the path! And just to be perfectly clear, the key and door colors correspond, meaning that you can only open a yellow door with a yellow key, etc.

Now that you are familiar with all of the objects, it's time to design your cave! If winning the spotlight is your goal, you need to have a level with an above average difficulty, but not so hard that it is nearly impossible to beat. Remember all of the tips I gave you so far and try to create a cave that you feel has a chance to win the spotlight. Try playing some of the levels that have won the spotlight in the past and use them as guidelines as to how difficult your level should be.

Once you have designed a cave you are satisfied with, click the button on the top toolbar that shows Hannah running. This will allow you to try out your level to make sure that it's beatable and up to your standards. Once you are satisfied and have beaten the level, you will be taken back to the design page. Once here, click on the floppy disk icon to save your level. Click the 'Save' button to save it to your account. Once this is done, other users will be able to play your level by searching your username on the 'Play' screen. To exit the level designer, click the 'X' icon on the top of your screen, just make sure you've saved your level.

Well, congratulations, you've finished building your very own cave! Now it's time to enter your level to be considered for the spotlight. Go to the 'Competitions' page, located in Pet Central to get to the spotlight page. Make sure you've read all of the rules before submitting your cave! Now click on 'Submit Your Level.' Enter a title for your level, a short description, then select the level that you just designed on the checklist below (ignore the big box where you can paste a code). Once all of this is done, you can go ahead and submit your level, and hope that TNT picks you as the lucky winner! Good luck!

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