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Hannah and the Kreludor Caves - Trophy Guide

by jesseduhlonghorn


Are you looking for an easy trophy to add to your cabinet? Well, if so, and if you have a few hours to spare, you should read this guide, which will help you learn more about Hannah and the Kreludor Caves!

Hannah and the Kreludor Caves is the third game in the Hannah series, following Hannah and the Pirate Caves and Hannah and the Ice Caves. If you are unfamiliar with the Hannah games, then read the next few paragraphs to get more familiar with them.

In Hannah and the Kreludor Caves, Hannah got sick of exploring the caves of Neopia and now has suited up and flown to Kreludor in search of more treasure. Your job is to guide Hannah through each cave (there are 15 caves in all), collecting all of the treasure chests in each cave before advancing to the next one.

The controls are pretty simple: use your left and right arrow keys to move left and right, your down arrow key to crawl on the ground, and use either your up arrow key or the spacebar to jump and to use your fuel supply.

There are some MAJOR differences from the previous games so read carefully so you know what you're doing. Since Kreludor doesn't have the same air pressure as Neopia, Hannah has to rely on oxygen tanks in order to breathe. However, her supply doesn't last very long, and if you run out of oxygen then you will lose a life. Luckily, there are oxygen tanks in each level that you can collect to keep Hannah safe. Just look for the small blue tanks.

Additionally, since the gravitational force on Kreludor is lesser than it is on Neopia, Hannah has a jet-pack that she can use to fly around! However, her jet-pack relies on fuel, and if you run out of fuel then you will be unable to fly, so you should also look for the red tanks in each level to keep your fuel supply up.

Something else that's new is that if Hannah falls too far, then she could crash to the ground so hard that you'll lose a life (which doesn't make any sense since she could survive any fall in the previous two games despite the gravity conditions). You'll know if she is falling too fast by the yellow exclamation point (!) that will appear, and Hannah will also start to flail. To make sure this doesn't happen, be sure to provide her with a little fuel on the way down so her fall isn't as hard.

Also, in this game there are several doors other than the exit door that you may need to get through along the way. However, these doors all require a certain color key (purple, yellow, or blue). The keys you will need are placed somewhere in the cave, and you must find them before you can advance through these doors.

This is a lot to think about considering that none of these features existed in the first two games, but you are in luck because there is no more water that you have to deal with! *whew*

You get three lives to begin the game, unlike in the Pirate and Ice Caves where you got four. This means you need to be more careful with your lives! However, there are more opportunities to collect bonus lives in this game than there were in the previous two. In this game, there are 16 available bonus lives, giving you 19 total lives throughout the game if you are able to collect them all.

One similarity to the original games is that there are enemies present that you will have to avoid. The enemies are these giant robots that walk back and forth across an area of the cave. If you are touched by a robot, you will lose a life, so be careful! And unlike in the Ice Caves, you are not able to destroy these enemies, so they will be there no matter what.

Spikes still exist in the Kreludor Caves, but you will no longer see any arrows, dynamite, or boulders. This means that the spikes are there to stay and there is absolutely no way to destroy them either, so be super careful!

The way in which you achieve a high score in this game is much different than in the previous two games, but we'll discuss that more in a few minutes. First, I'd like to go over some of the techniques that you'll need to know in order to master the game. Keep in mind that this is not a walkthrough, although I have written one of those and posted to a petpage, ~lightningmonkee.

Okay, let's get started for real.

If you have played the Pirate and Ice Caves before, you know what it's like to navigate through the water levels. Try to think of the Kreludor Caves as 15 caves that are completely underwater. You will gradually run out of air, just like when you were underwater in the previous two games, and you are able to go anywhere you please, even if you are high up in the air. The oxygen tanks in this game serve as the air pockets in the previous two games. The only difference is that you will need fuel to fly throughout the air, whereas in the previous two games no fuel was necessary.

Just like in the previous two games, there are secret areas that you can go through to access hidden parts of the cave. If you are unfamiliar, a secret area is an area that appears to be just a chunk of regular terrain, but in fact you are able to walk through it like there is nothing there. However, unlike in the first two games, secret areas don't have small fragments of space missing which allow you to see through to the background. Instead, look on the edges of the land. On regular terrain, it appears as if the surface has been slightly burned, as it shows a dark purple color. However, secret areas don't have this feature, as the light purple color will be present throughout the entire space. If you notice this at any point, you've found a secret area, so be sure to go through it because there will likely be a bonus life or some treasure chests on the other side.

When you are flying through the air using your jet-pack, it is important to keep in mind that you shouldn't always (almost never in fact) hold down the up arrow key continuously. This will use up your fuel too quickly, and more importantly, you will be rocketing toward the ceiling at way too fast a velocity. If there are spikes waiting for you at the top, it will be too late to avoid them by letting go of the up arrow key, you will continue to move upward at a great speed and you will make contact with the spikes. To avoid this happening, press the up arrow key in intervals (press, release, press, release, etc.), allowing you to move upward at a much safer pace. The only time it is a good idea to keep your finger on the up arrow key is when you are falling DOWNWARD at an incredible velocity. While you will still use a lot of fuel by doing this, you will allow Hannah to come to a near standstill in midair, which will greatly slow her descent allowing for her to land on the ground safely.

You will likely find yourself in a certain situation in which you must jump over an enemy, but the tunnel they are in has a relatively low ceiling, making the jump very difficult. What you need to do is jump up in the air, above the enemy or enemies, then hold down the up arrow key to press Hannah against the ceiling, allowing her to hover there while the enemies walk beneath her. After they have moved out of the way, then you can release the up arrow key and fall to the ground, allowing you to continue on past the enemies.

If you are familiar with the Pirate and Ice Caves, you'll remember that there were one or two levels in each of those games in which it was a race against the clock. In the Pirate Caves, it was the final level, Level 20. In the Ice Caves, it was Zig Zag. In the Kreludor Caves, Level 14, Hold Your Breath, will act as the ultimate race for this game. If you remember, Level 20 of the Pirate Caves had a huge apparatus set off which required you to keep moving your path would be blocked, and in Zig Zag, you had to explore a giant cave and collect all the treasure chests before it filled up completely with water. Well, in Hold Your Breath, there are not any oxygen tanks available for you to collect, so you need to keep moving as fast as you can or else you will run out of air. The thing to remember about this level is that although you will need to collect fuel along the way, don't waste time collecting every single fuel tank or you will run out of air. Just collect it when you need it and when it is available.

Well, that just about covers everything you'll need to know to perfect your technique for the Kreludor Caves. Now before you go out there and try to complete the game, read on for another minute or two so you'll know how to achieve a trophy.

Unlike in the previous two games, completing all 15 levels will NOT provide you with nearly a high enough score needed to earn a trophy. That is because this game has another new feature, the ability to restart levels without losing a life.

If you were to go straight through and complete all of the levels, you would have a score of only about 30,000-35,000. In order to achieve even a bronze trophy, you'll need closer to 50,000 points. A gold trophy requires around 200,000 points. Keep in mind though that the trophy scores for this game are all over the place, so keep an eye on the high scores table because the numbers I just told you could very well be way wrong.

You can complete a level as many times as you want until you get the score needed for a trophy, so it's a good idea to pick a level that not only awards a lot of points, but also is relatively easy. Level 11, Lunar Caverns, is a solid choice. Just remember that you will not be awarded any points until AFTER you complete the level.

To restart a level, simply finish the level for the first time, then instead of clicking 'play' once you are getting ready to start the next level, click 'back' and then select the level you played before. Keep on repeating this process until you have reached a high enough score for a trophy. Beware though, this can take several hours, so be sure you'll have enough time on your hands to do this!

Well, that just about does it! I hope that this guide will have helped you master the specific technique that you'll need to earn a trophy. And remember, if you're looking for a step-by-step walkthrough for this game, visit my petpage at ~lightningmonkee. Good luck, now go earn that trophy!

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