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Dare to Scare: A Neopian Fashion Guide

by parody_ham


Also by dr_tomoe

Have you ever wanted to sneak out at night, lurk in the shadows of gnarled trees, and howl at Kreludor, but had nothing to wear that would fit the part? We feel your pain. Hello, Neopians! My name is Grr, the Darigan fashionista with a flair for the dark and sinister. Today we bring you a selection of the spookiest, most delightfully frightful outfits you have ever seen for both gruesome guys and ghoulish gals. To help me delve into outfits that will work for only the most haunted of woods is my science-loving friend, Doctor Shadow. With two powers of darkness bringing their heads together, this is sure to be one PHANtastic time! Doctor Shadow will be explaining the best in boy's fashion and a plethora of other spooky treats while I'll be diving into the girl's fashion. We both will be covering Neocash items as well as Neopoint items to better cover a larger Neopian demographic.

Girl's Dresses:

For many of us Neopian ladies, looking great in our wedding dresses is, or will be, oh-so-important. Those of us looking for a more spooky appeal, might I recommend the Deathly Union Dress? Who can deny that this once prim and proper dress looks ever more creepy than its previous incarnation? With tears all throughout the sleeves and pale frayed frills of a light lavender that look marvelously morose, this dress is a real treat!

The Midnight Frost Dress is another great piece in your wardrobe, boos and ghouls! With a velvety collar jetting from above your shoulders to behind your neck, lacy, vine-like stitchery and plush fabric, it's a great treat for those of us with a tendency towards the mystic and magical but also for those that value their comfort. Just a word of caution for my four-legged friends. This dress tends to look better on bipedal Neopians, but don't let that discourage you from wearing it anyway!

Have you ever wanted to look like a vampire queen lurking from her towering chambers and watching mortal Neopians scurry by in fear? Well, now you can. My Shoyru friends highly recommend the Sinister Shoyru Neovian ensemble. This wicked wardrobe consists of a long, sweeping cape, silky smooth shirt and skirt, florid wig, and dashing shoes because it is bold and eye-catching. They have told me that the earth shivers with fear when the cloak sweeps the ground. The wig even adds just a hint of mystery to the eyes, especially when your face is partially covered.

Phantastic Foregrounds:

If Sophie can have her own mischievous Meowclops, then why not you? With the help of the adorably sinister Sneaky Meowclops Foreground, all of your Meowclops ownership dreams can come true without spending millions of Neopoints to get one. This way, you can avoid catnapping and being turned into a Mortog by a very angry Sophie.

Running through a graveyard at night might freak some "normal" Neopians out, but for those of us that relish the macabre ambiance, living around tombstones makes us feel right at home. The Tombstone Foreground not only comes with a lovely group of cracked and weathered sepulchers, it also, for a limited time only, comes with an eerie hovering fog and light breeze. A Neopoint alternative to this are the malevolent tombstones. Be careful of these, however; they might just attack you when you're not looking!

If you are romping through the woods and come across a moss covered decaying log, teamed up with bright gleaming red eyes sneaking their way through the darkness, don't be frightened! Instead, think of this as a marvelous customization opportunity! The Haunted Wood Foreground is a great Neopoint item that combines foggy ambiance with a mysterious natural appeal that is just perfect for the ghostly nature lover.

Being a necromancer has its advantages. Bringing up your own army of the dead can be a great way to have a fresh customization. In no time, you'll be the life of the party. The only life. But anyway, the Skeletal Hands Foreground is surely something to consider for those of you Neopians that are in touch with the darker side of un-life.

Wild Wigs:

They say the most sincerest form of flattery is copying, and with hair like Jhudora's, it only makes sense that die-hard fans would be eager to mimic their favorite faerie. Even if you aren't a Jhudora fan, (and it might be wise to keep that information on the hush for safety), her wig makes for a great Neopoint wig alternative and best of all, it can be worn by all species of Neopians! With flowing purple and green locks and silky wig material, this is most certainly a high quality product!

Another wig that simply needs to be presented is the Deathly Union Wig. This wig matches quite well with the similarly named Deathly Union Dress. Of course, these items both came from the same super pack, so it's no surprise that they look super together. In fact, the Deathly Union Dress looks the best when it is paired with this pleasantly elegant wig. With glowing flowers that bring out the red eyes of any ghoul, this wig is a great buy.

Wondrous Wings:

Ever wanted to fly with grace, beauty, and be all around prim and proper? I didn't think so. The best way to fly if you want to look between downright menacing is with the use of the Electric Charge Wings. I know the name implies that there is electricity flowing through the veins of these wings, but really, it's powerful magic. Don't be creeped out or anything, but it's fueled by your inner darkness or rather, your inner "ooky spookiness." Forget about grace when you can jet around through the blackened sky at a speed faster than any Shenkuu air ship could ever hope to reach.

For wings that complement your ghostly glow, how about the Beautiful Glowing Wings? These beauties not only give off a faint otherworldly illumination, but they also frame the bodies of whatever pet wears them. What I mean is, they are not too small or too large, but rather, just the right size to have a huge impact. These wings go especially well with the Jhudora Wig, which was mentioned earlier (Jhudora and her associates approve of this message) as well as the Sparkling Cobweb Earrings and Sparkling Cobweb Necklace, which were not covered before. To tie some of my other recommendations together, all of the items mentioned here go very well with the Deathly Union Dress as well!

Horrifying Handhelds:

For those of you who have always wanted to dress as the "grim reaper," or at very least to scare the Nick Neopia out of your little sister, you are in luck. No longer must you be a Mynci or a Grundo to tote around this stylish and very sharp looking plastic blade. In fact, you can say the Toy Scythe of Dread sliced through its competition by a mile with its versatility. Just remember, this scythe is but a toy and should not be used in defense or when making your favorite mystery meat sandwiches.

For those of you looking for a wearable handheld that is both moderately disturbing and excellent at repelling giant robot invasions, you will love the Spooky Lantern! This fantastic selection features a skull with bright flaming eyes and sharp, pointed teeth. The lantern appears to have a brain (THAT LIVES), but don't let that unnerve you. Truly, this lantern is one of the best handheld Neopoint items available and looks great with most pets, including four-legged ones. If one is unable to hold onto this wearable while walking, a free display table will materialize each time you use it.

Scary Scenery:

Muahahahahaha! Now it's my turn! And I, Doctor Shadow, shall now mesmerize you with such shocking backgrounds that your screams shall echo into the night for exactly 3.9 hours! And you can be positive that these backgrounds are one-hundred percent guaranteed to be frightening, as they are backed up by the power of SCIENCE! Now, first on the list is the most absolutely frightening background there is in all of Neopia! And surprisingly, it has nothing to do with the most feared place in Neopia at all, the Haunted Woods. No, the scariest background out there is the Evil Garden Gnome Background. It is a strange item to be sure: earned by Neocash but purchasable with Neopoints. There is not much more disturbing than being surrounded by evil garden gnomes. And what makes them horrifying? You just know that they're moving and plotting behind your back, and yet when you see them, they aren't moving. They aren't moving at all. But mark my scientific words, these gnomes are up to something.

Now, if gnomes are too terrifying for you, then perhaps you should run into the Haunted Woods. After all, nothing in there is more chilling than the gnomes, except for the Meepits. So if you need another scary scene to be around, head for the Entrance to Haunted Woods Background. After all, you only have to worry about Nox's ghost, Werelupes, and all sorts of unspeakable horrors within the Haunted Woods. At least they're not gnomes.

Haunted Haberdashery:

In terms of the best, most spooky outfit for male Neopians out there, the Sinister Krawk Neovian ensemble wins hands down. Unfortunately, as the name suggests, it is a species exclusive. The descriptions say it best. You can't get much more frightening than dressing up as someone who cursed an entire town. Although, if you happen to not be a Krawk but still want to have Krawley's look, then at the moment, your only option is the retired Neocash item, Mr Krawley Collectors Vest and Tie.

Now, while Krawks might get the Krawley look, in terms of spooky outfits, Eyries have it made. The objects I'm referring to are the amazingly alliterative Eerie Eyrie clothes. Not only does it come in a ghastly white that will be the talk of the town, but it also provides one of the few wig styles for male pets, as the hat of the outfit comes with a free hairstyle as well!

Now, if you're not a Krawley Krawk or an Eerie Eyrie, but still want to be spooky, then there is a Neocash outfit collection that will easily fit the bill. Of course, it might look a bit dead on the wearer, but the old Ethereal Spirit Costume Pack items will certainly scare the pants off of anyone who has a fear of ghosts. And since it is a costume pack, its one size fits any Neopian! Isn't it amazing what SCIENCE can do for clothes?

Frightful Facepaint:

Now, to help bring together all of these spooky outfits, you must be willing to go all the way! That means adding the last few touches needed to turn an ordinary outfit into something truly extraordinary! And if you're on a budget, then the quickest way to bring up something spooky and dark is picking up an Evil Twin Goatee. With a simple goatee, any Neopet can turn into a sinister evil twin of themselves!

But if you want to go even a step further, there are two equally menacing face-paints and make-ups that will be make anyone flee in terror. These objects are the Eliv Thade Make-Up Kit and the Skeletal Face Paint. The Eliv Thade Make-Up Kit will make any pet, Kacheek or otherwise, look exactly like the malevolent specter that haunts the castle within the Haunted Woods. The Skeletal Face Paint on the other hand, will create a full undead look.

Evil Accessories:

Now that your appearance is that of an eldritch horror, all that you're missing now is a few extra items to help bring the whole look together. I shall tell you my two personal favorite items. These can make any pet look quite spooky. You could be dressed like you were going to something disgusting like Valentine's Day, but just adding these two items will instantly create a frightful look. To start, we have the Grim Faerie Statue, which is a solemn stone sculpture of a faerie. It appears to be crying. What caused this poor faerie's fate? Why this faerie was not restored after the fall of Xandra, no one knows. Could some dark magic be holding her within this stone prison? Or perhaps... this faerie isn't really stone at all. It is said that many stories that exist about such statues. And like the gnomes, this faerie may have something dark in mind. Just make sure that if you come across this statue, don't blink. Some say that it appears to move ever so slightly every time you aren't watching. With that in mind, you never know if you are its intended victim....

Now for my personal favorite item. Found every once in a while during experiments, it is a favorite among those in the sciences. While The Floating Skull Bubble appears to look like it originated from a game called "Spinacles," it could have just as easily been made in any secret laboratory of doom like my own. And if anyone sees you with a cloud or bubble of pure doom around you, then they know that they are dealing with a powerful, and likely quite evil, Neopian.... Of course, what would a perfect outfit be without a heartfelt MUAHAHAHAHAHA?

To change things up a little bit, the two of us would like to introduce you to what some Neopians call a science experiment gone awry. I, Dr. Shadow, believe these Neopians to have plenty of frightening potential. Of course, mutants are a strange bunch, having a specialized body type that will require their own section to discuss. After all, the ability to create them either comes from a lucky zap from the lab ray, or Dr. Sloth giving you a special potion. Both of which involve the power of SCIENCE! And it takes a lot of effort and time in the lab to create just a single transmogrification potion! Grr, on the other hand, sees beauty in all pets, and loves to match elegant with eek. And so, because of that, we have a special section for those of you out there who want to make your already spooky pets even spookier!

Heinous Hideaways:

Venture inside a cave of horrors. Dare you take a sip from one of these delightfully mysterious bottles? Who knows if your skin might turn inside out, change color, or grow another set of eyeballs. The Spooky Potions Cave Background really sets the stage for the creepy and crawly. Those pinned as "mutants" feel right at home among rows of glowing green liquid with a consistency of thick sludge. Not that we've tried it, of course, but neither of us is willing to argue with an angry mutant.

Now, if there is one thing that my study of mutant's has provided, its that they have an interesting sense of taste. While most Neopians seem to be repulsed at the thought of mutated food, a mutant pet finds it to be a feast. So if you have the hungry type of mutant, then give them a treat by getting them the Gross Food Buffet Background.

Even Freakier Foregrounds:

If there is one thing that many mutants have in common, it's different limbs. Whether it is extra eyes or arms or even an extra head in the case of the Hissi, there is something unique about them that makes them stand out. So if you want to have your mutant's customization stand out more, you need something that accents those extras. And the best foreground for that is MME9-S2: Tentacle Takeover. These tentacles tend to bring out the best aspects of the mutant body type. And if you want to go one step further, combine it with MME9-S3: Tentacles Attack Background for a full mutant tentacle onslaught.

The Cape:

What mutant outfit would be complete without the Elegant Mutant Cape? For nearly all mutants, this cape really brings out the wearer's outer beauty. Who can deny the elegance of a cape blowing carelessly in the wind. Who needs dresses? Capes are all the rage! Plus, mutants can wear this item with pride. No so-called "normal" Neopians can pull off the cape look well.

Bringing out an Outfit's Flare:

Although the Solar Flare Mask can be wore by literally every Neopian--including babies--it looks best with cape wearing mutant pets. Have you seen how well these items compliment each other? It is almost as if these items were made for one another! Even better, this mask brings attention to its wearer's face. Spectators given a chance to see these mask wearers can focus on something few tend to otherwise: their personality and inner beauty.

At that, our tour through spooky Neopian fashion has been completed. The both of us wish you a happy, er, I mean ghastly, day of customization fun! Until next time, boos and ghouls!

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