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Who Could Love A Quiguki?

by drama_freak4


Quigukis emerged two years and one month after Usukis took Neopia by storm. They popped up out of nowhere, suddenly appearing on toy store shelves all over. The invasion started small at first, only in a few mom and pop shops, but soon all of Neopia's toy stores had a shelf of Quigukis collecting dust and getting grossed out looks from shoppers. Owners and pets alike all knew they were knock-offs, it couldn't possibly more obvious. Yet for some reason they kept appearing. That meant someone had to be buying them, didn't it? But who?! And more importantly, why?!

Despite what you may believe, Quigukis have a small but loyal group of followers. The fan base is full of collectors, from casual to extreme, and they even hold small conventions every year. They're nothing compared to Usukicon (and to most Quigukis can't compare to Usukis either), but they're quite successful.

Still don't believe how anyone could love such ugly green dolls? Keep reading!

1. Although they're knock-offs, they have amazing quality.

Usukis are known for their luscious locks and detailed outfits, but what are Quigukis known for to their fans? The very same thing! The Beautiful Hair Quiguki has gorgeous purple waves that rival the Magic Hair Usuki. The Fyora Quiguki set is just as detailed as the pricier Queen Fyora Usuki Doll. Their arm and head joints are wonderful, making movement problems a rarity. And just like Usukis, Quigukis are made from a high quality soft plastic that holds up well to extended play.

2. Just like Usukis, they have awesome variety.

Of course fewer Quigukis means less variety overall, but that doesn't mean they're boring! You can get a Quiguki in anything from a snowman suit to a princess dress to a set of shining armor. Hair colors vary from blonde to red to black and everything in between! Some are even bald, representing the hairless pets of Neopia far better than Usukis.

3. Since Quigukis are unpopular, there's less competition.

If you're looking for a much more relaxed collecting experience, Quigukis are the dolls for you. Like all collections some are very expensive and sought after, but even those don't have the demand the most common Usukis do. This makes them perfect for anyone looking to start a not-so-typical collection without most of the stress collecting usually comes with.

4. Fewer Quigukis means you need less space.

Let's be honest here. Not everyone has a full room they can fill with fancy glass display cabinets and use for Usukis and only Usukis. Heck, not everyone even has room for a single display cabinet! Quigukis can help with that problem simply because they exist in far less numbers than Usukis do. If you gotta have 'em all, you'll drown in Usukis. A few shelves or the top of a dresser is all you need to show off every Quiguki!

5. For the merchandise collectors out there, Quigukis are easy to complete.

With only four plushies, one flag, one rug, and one eraser, Quiguki merchandise is a nice and easy collection to complete. If you want a full collection of Usuki merch, have fun stalking trades, auctions, and yard sales all over Neopia for months or even years. Quigukis, on the other hand? Its not hard to get a complete merchandise collection in less than three months.

6. If you can't afford Usukis, Quigukis are in reach.

Some Usukis are basically free and some Quigukis cost a fortune, but as a whole Quigukis are more affordable. Even very special and prized Quigukis can be bought for next to nothing compared to the most similar Usukis. This makes them a perfect collection for those with little pocket money, or just a nice gift when you're on a tight budget.

7. Boys are usually embarrassed to play with dolls, but not Quigukis.

All pets vary of course, but nine young males out of ten said they'd be much more willing to be seen playing with a Quiguki than a Usuki. Since most girls see Usukis are pretty girl toys and Quigukis as icky gross toys, it wasn't a hard choice for the boys. Even some of the girls preferred the quirky Quigukis over the boring Usukis (as they put it).

8. Since boys like them, they make a great shared collection for brothers and sisters.

Let's face it, it can be pretty hard to get siblings to agree on anything, let alone shared toys. While some have similar tastes, its more common for them to hate what the other loves. Quigukis can help bridge that gap and make for some fun family bonding. Girls can appreciate their lovely hair and pretty outfits, while boys can appreciate their "icky" frogness and awesome male versions. Or vice versa!

9. Some owners believe Quigukis promote self-esteem more than Usukis in young pets.

While this is a controversial view without much concrete scientific evidence on either side, we can't not mention it. The basic idea is that perfect pretty Usuls with pretty hair and outfits can make young pets feel bad if they're not just like that. Quigukis, on the other hand, have "unattractive" green skin and are usually bald, so some owners believe them to be a better choice for their youngest pets.

10. And last but certainly not least, once you have a full Usuki collection what will you collect?

If you spend years on your Usuki collection, what happens next? Some are content to just gaze at and otherwise enjoy their collection. Some would resell bits and pieces. But others? Others would be sad to have nothing to hunt for. That's where Quigukis come in! They may not be the hardest collection to complete, but they've still got their gems. If nothing else, a complete Quiguki collection would be a nice easy goal for someone who finished a Usuki one!

And there you have it. Ten great reasons why Quigukis are loved, and why you should love them too. Why not see if your local toy store has any in stock and start a collection of your very own?

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