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Customizing with only Neopoints

by silly_mistake


Also written by fallingfaries

As two people who absolutely adore neopoint and neocash customization one thing we hear a lot is that it's so hard to customize with only neopoint items. With so many people limited to only neopoints customization, we thought we would give out some pointers and tips on how to maximize your customizations with only using the neopoint items currently available.

First tip we can offer is to utilize your species wearables. We understand these are limited, but some items can be great to pull any look together easily. Secondly, you should utilize paintbrush clothing as well. Lastly, explore all species wearables. These are items that you can put on any pet except the colors 8-Bit, Mutant, Maraquan and Baby.

Now we understand items are not set to gender specifics, but these are some ideas we came up for each of the gender roles. Feel free to use these and change them up to how you see fit and what you like.

These first three outfits we came up with are using all species wearables.

The first outfit we came up with is an Outdoor Explorer look. We chose to use the Faerie Caverns Background with Cave Foreground and Cover of Darkness Foreground. The outfit consists of Apple Bobbing Bart Hat, Hansos Thief Jacket, Hardy Blue Trousers and AAA Host Shoes. Accessorized with Ghostly Torch and Explorer Backpack.

Second outfit we came up with is a Peaceful Backyard Walk look. We chose to use Meridell Countryside Background matched with the Earth Faerie Frame. Her outfit consists of Illusen Wig and Fancy Brightvale Gown. Accessorized with Earth Faerie Wings and Magical Sparkling Happiness Faerie Flower.

This third outfit is a Dashing Nighttime look. We started with the Nighttime in Brightvale Background with the River Rocks Foreground. The outfit starts with the AAA Host Shirt and Jacket matched with the AAA Host Trousers, topped with Elegant Gear Top Hat.

The last outfit we did is a Peaceful Faerieland look. To start off we chose the Faerie City Balcony Background and Cloud Garland. The outfit consists of Fancy Pink Gown and Jhudora Wig accessorized with Deluxe Bouquet.

Now TNT has created some items that are similar to Superpacks in the NC Mall. Meaning these are items that go well as an outfit themselves.

The first one we have pointed out is a School Girl Outfit, much similar to the NC Mall retired Smart School Girl Superpack.

This School Girl Outfit consist of a blue school girl outfit where as the Smart School Girl Superpack is red.

The items used are called School Girl Hat, School Girl Jumper, School Girl Shirt, School Girl Plaid Skirt and School Girl Shoes. And the background is called Classroom Background.

This second one is a simple Karate/Ninja type outfit.

This outfit consists of White Top Chop Robe, White Top Chop Trousers and White Belt. Now if your pet is a little bit more advanced than a White Belt, then you also have an option of using Red Belt, Green Belt and the Holiday Belt if your pet just can't decide.

As you can see there are many outfits and options you have for your pets. You can utilize species specific clothing as well. Substitute some trousers or a jacket with some trousers available for your pets' species. The options are so wide open to make your pet look great.

Now that we have an idea on a few outfits for all regular pets, I thought we could look at some options for Babies, Maraquans and Mutants.

For this Baby pet look we did Usukicon Y11 Background, Bear and Streamers Garland. This simple look will work for any Baby, it's adorable and gives a baby play room feeling.

For this Maraquan look we chose Underwater Shipwreck Background matched with Rocky Ground and Knee-deep in Neopoints Foreground. This look works for any Maraquan pet as it gives the feel of being underwater.

For this Mutant look we did Idyllic Nature Scene, Hanging Fronds and Geraptiku Bushes. This look really works for a lot of mutant pets because they look like they live in the wilderness.

Now another thing we hear is that neopoints customizations are so expensive. Well, that maybe for quite a few items as well as new items, but there are plenty of great backgrounds and foregrounds that are very affordable. We can't quote prices for these items as they change a lot, but some items such as Shrubbery and Stately Tree Foreground are very versatile items for customizations and make simple backgrounds look more elegant. Now we're not saying these items go with everything, because they don't. If you have a winter theme going on Snow Laden Foreground and Snow Covered Fence are also go well with quite a few backgrounds and they are very affordable. Some great backgrounds that are also very affordable are Double Rainbow Background, Relaxing Shenkuu Rock Garden, Autumn Country Road Background and Malicious Dark Faeries Background. These are really great and you can customize them easily. We are not saying everything goes with them, but we are saying they go great with common themes as well as trinkets, foregrounds and garlands.

Last Tips

Pick a theme and try to work off of it. Themes are extremely common in customization and make trying to find an outfit a lot easier. Themes can come from books, games or even a color scheme, season or holiday.

Ask for advice from friends or random strangers. The customization board is a great place to discuss your current customizations or your favorite new or old items. You can discuss items that you would like to see as wearables or old items you would like to see transformed into new wearables. TNT reads the boards a lot and love to satisfy their players with what they want. There are also tons of people there that are willing to help you out, so stop by! But do remember that everyone is going to have opinions to help you out. If someone suggests something and you don't like it, remember it was only a suggestion. You are the one that has to live with your pets, so make sure you do stuff that you like.

Be unique! One of the many reasons for customization is so your pets can be different from everyone else's.

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