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All You Wanted To Know About Edna

by blue_eagle16


Also by gwendarwen

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is this witch after all? Halloween is approaching fast in Neopia, and while a majority of Neopians are getting dressed up as Fyora, Altador, a meepit or Edna... yes, even Neopians dress up as Edna for this special day. Not a lot is known about her and what she does; these writers have come up with ten things that every Neopian should know about Edna. We went to Edna and asked her some questions, while some of the questions she would not answer or we just forgot to ask, we think. We did some research and came up with this list of things about Edna and hope the help enlightens you about her and what she really does behind that cauldron.

(1) What is she making?

Almost every single Neopian has brought her some sort of weird combination of items that she has asked for, and yet she hasn't sold any sort of potion or diseased item to the general public. Either she is a mass hoarder or she has something up her sleeves. Is she helping Sloth with his Abandoned Grundo project? Or is she just a hoarder of items and likes to mass collect... everything?

(2) The avatar:

You know you are cool to have your avatar on Neopets, but how to obtain it is still a mystery to everyone. TNT has told us that it is not random but no solution has been figured out. Some people have done more than 100 quests for her and still no avatar! Seems strange if you ask us, by that we think that it's random but it is not at the same time. Makes sense to us.

(3) Her castle:

It's cool and it is spooky. It has just the right amount of spookiness and creative for her to call home. Even though we do not get to see her whole castle, it's safe to assume that she is a professional designer and her castle is straight out of a magazine, or that she has so much stuff stored away that she cannot access the other rooms anymore!

(4) On top of having a avatar she has a game as well:

You know you're a big deal on Neopets if you have an avatar and a game! Edna's Shadow is a game where you play Edna and you have to go around and guess what, collect items to put into her cauldron. In this game you are in a dungeon which if this writer had to guess is her dungeon/basement. If you look at it closely, you can see that she has it tastefully decorated. This game offers a small glimpse into her life and her home.

(5) Edna lives in the Haunted Woods:

Yes, this is typical that a witch would live in a spooky place, Edna loves to call the Haunted Woods home; she has been there for many moons and each day she loves living there even more. As quoted by Edna, 'The spookier the better; I say so myself. I wouldn't want to live in Faerieland. Pink is not my favorite color.' The Haunted Woods are definitely spooky and Faerieland is not spooky.

(6) Which witch is she?:

Edna is quoted as 'being older than mouldy cheese' but no one knows for sure if she is a good witch or a bad witch. She has trouble with her spells and cannot master them. She sometimes loses the magic before she has a chance to master it. With that being said, it begs the question of good or evil. In all of the plots she has not been helpful to either sides. She has not been in any major (or minor for that matter) events in Neopia, so is she either a really bad good witch or is she just waiting till she figures out the right spell in order to take over all of Neopia?

(7) She loves Halloween:

Living in the Haunted Woods, it's no surprise that Halloween is her favorite holiday. It's a full out festival in the Haunted Woods 'The only rule we have is that you cannot go to the Deserted Fairground, end of story'. Edna's favorite costume is to dress up like herself. 'The only thing I do differently is I add eyeliner to make my eyes pop on Halloween."

(8) She secretly likes the Battledome:

Although she is not the best battledome challenger, she gets a kick out of trying to beat other Neopians in there. Her favorite move to use in the distraction spell where she casts a spell to distract her opponent while she goes behind them and trips them.

(9) Hubrid Nox was her best friend:

'I'm still not over it. I wish I would have done something to avenge his death. But I'm thankfully that someone was able to stop Xandra. He was a good guy. He had a lot of unused space in his Castle that he let me use.' This writer is starting to think that maybe Edna has a hoarding problem. Why does she need all this stuff?

(10) Her age is a mystery:

All we know about her age is that she is old. Just how old? That is one question that no one is allowed to ask, because it is simply none of our business. And besides she looks good for her age, regardless how old she is.

All in all Edna is a pretty cool witch; she minds her own business and as long as you stay out of her way, or her spells, she stays out of your way too. She really likes it when someone brings her stuff that she uses for her 'potions'. But as we said before she does not have any potions for sale or even any potion bottles for that matter. We decided in the long run that we are just not going to ask her and let her be on her way. Hopefully this article has helped enlighten readers about Edna, the witch behind the cauldron. Enjoy your Halloween and make sure you help Edna with her 'potions' and bring her whatever she asks for.

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