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Must Have Wearables - Purple and Pink Edition!

by sushicat1__20


You've just gotten a new pet, the best one ever! Your dream, your spoiled darling, your gorgeous pet! You've feed her, you've groomed her, and you gave her a pretty little Petpet! But you haven't customized her... what? A pet can't be complete without her looks! With this guide, you can find some must have wearables that'll complete her outfit! In no particular order, here they are!

Lavender Faerietale Dress: This lovely dress is sure to make any Neopet dream of faerie tales.

Why, definitely! This dress will make all of your faerie tale dreams come true! The soft lavender color will look great on most Faerie/Royal Girl pets, and the flowers are just an extra bonus to make it look even spiffier! The dress itself is also only 150 NC (not too shabby, if I say so myself)! This dress goes great with most color schemes, and maybe your pet can find that lovely prince that she's been waiting for!

Flower Bed Background: One could get lost in all those flowers.

Lost in all of those flowers? Yikes! I sure do hope it won't be like that! Once again, it's another girly, colorful, and floral wearable! It's pretty popular and is only 200 NC at the NC Mall, and makes your pets really easy to customize! I recommend that you get this background and try it out, because you sure won't regret it! The color scheme and animation are gentle to the eyes and easy to match with other clothes, so this may be perfect if you're in a customization slump!

Floating Fyora Faerie Doll: Not everyone can have the Faerie Queen watching over their Neopet.

Of course, Fyora absolutely had to be on this list! Who's the most royal, prettiest, and fairest Faerie in all of Neopia? Fyora, of course! Once again, it has a purplish/pinkish color scheme, which will go great with the other two wearables above!

Slumber Celebration Superpack: This superpack contains everything that will make the ultimate slumber celebration!

An unexpected turn in events, eh? Not many would suspect that there would be plain old pyjamas mixed in with girly clothing items! The Superpack isn't wearable, but the items inside of it are! It includes some nice, fluffy slippers, some feathery pillows, and the purple pyjama set! If your pet just isn't the royal, girly type, then she'd probably like this! This is less girly and a little messier, and also lots of fun! What kind of girl doesn't like pillow fights and sleepovers?

Purple Feather Boa: This soft feather boa is a great accessory to go with any outfit.

Have you realized all of the above was NC, and you didn't have any, or couldn't get any at all? Fear not, this feather boa is here to save the day! This is just a simple, stylish accessory (and way better than those worn-out scarves), and doesn't cost too much NP! I'm sure your pet would like to wear this around her neck, and twirl it round and round and cause purple feathers to fly around every where! If you're looking for a cheaper, but still fun and stylish accessory; then this is for you!

Dark Princess Wings: Ahh.... to fly through the night skies!

Is your pet's favorite color purple, but they absolutely hate being royal, prissy, and spoiled until they get tired? Well, this is perfect for you! Instead of that innocent Faerie look, the Dark Princess is sure to come in soon! No outfit could be complete without wings, after all. Just make sure your princess doesn't fly away, and that she doesn't do anything that'll harm others! After all, a Dark Princess isn't the same as a Dark Faerie (like Jhudora or the Darkest Faerie)... right?

Dreamy Pink Hearts Background: This pretty pink background is quite dreamy.

You're probably wondering where all of the pinks went, since there were so many purple items up there. Down here, of course! This is another affordable NP background, and it's quite dreamy indeed! After all, who wouldn't like to lay on the clouds and stare at pink floating hearts? No one, of course! It's so mesmerizing and stunning at the same time, so you wouldn't want to stop! This is the perfect background if you're bored and looking for something to pass the time!

Flower Petal Foreground: The flowers seem to get bigger every spring, dont they? This was a prize for the Y13 Festival of Neggs.

The last and final wearable is... *drumroll* the Flower Petal Foreground! After taking a few years to make these flowers grow to the maximum size, they're ready to be worn by your pet! This is also an NP item, and it's not too expensive either! It will pull your pet into its beauty, and maybe teach her a thing or two about gardening. Sleep in it, eat near it, care for it; there's so much to experiment with this foreground! Why not try it out?

So, that's it for the wearables! Wait. Did you just say you didn't get your dream pet yet? You should've told me before I made this guide! Grrr. Oh well, I might as well throw in a few extra things anyway! Here are some pets that would go great with these outfits:

Faerie Krawk - The Faerie Krawk is pink, pretty, and just plain spoiled (and... *cough* kind of expensive too, they like luxury.)! Why not get one and try customizing her with floral, pink, spring looks? That may calm down their need for clothes for a bit!

Faerie Ixi - The Faerie Ixi is very beautiful, and is super stylish and easy to customize too! They have a unique color scheme, and would go great with some dark lavender colors! If you're on a tight budget and would still like a pretty Faerie pet, you should consider getting a Faerie Ixi!

Royal Girl Bruce - The Royal Girl Bruce is often neglected and not seen by most owners (which makes me sad since they're so pretty!) but I hope people realize how beautiful they are in this guide! They have a perfect lavender color scheme to them, and aren't too fancy like most royal girls. They're usually humble and Bruces are great sports! If you like pets that aren't spoiled, needy, and too fancy, the Royal Girl Bruce is for you!

Now, I hope that gave you a few more choices! Now then, I must en-

Oh no, deary me. I forgot about the Meepits; they're pink! I forgot to put them in my guide! Oh no, what'll happen? What will- *gets dragged away by the Meepits*

Before they drag me away any further, I hope you enjoyed this guide! This will help you for sure! Keep saving up, believe in yourself, and your dreams will come true! Never give up!

Also... be sure to always include Meepits in your articles somewhere. Always. Now, before they dr-


Well, I guess I have to end this now. Bye guys, and hope this helped you! :D

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