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Immortalized by an Avatar

by dottie27a


Who is your favorite character in Neopia? Which villain do you fear the most? I am sure some very common answers would be Sophie the Swamp Witch, Rohane, the Turmaculus, Dr. Sloth, or maybe even the Faerie Queen herself. All of these characters have something very pivotal in common: they all have their very own avatar! Now I know that Rohane saved all of Neopia from King Terask, Dr. Sloth nearly took over all of Neopia, and Fyora is, well, the Queen of all of Faerieland. Recently, though, I have been trying to understand why some characters get avatars while others are left without the fame and popularity that comes with having their face plastered all over the Neoboards. In my humble opinion, there are quite a few characters that are just as deserving to have an avatar as, for example, the Snowager or the Tooth Faerie. These are the people I think most deserve the next new avatar (in no particular order):

Tiki Tack Man

Standing behind a humble stand, the Tiki Tack Man has been giving us Neopians the chance to win Codestones, Bottled Faeries or any of a wide variety of booby prizes. But the Tiki Tack Man is much more important to Neopian history. For all of those who were not around, I am of course referring to the Volcano plot that shook up Neopia back in Year 5. The Tiki Tack Man is one of five elder council members whose duty is to protect the Volcano by not allowing the Moltenus within the Volcano to be released. With the Tiki Tack Man's magic, Neopia was able to seal the Volcano and play Tombola for another day. While being given a rare, Squeezy Toy version of you in the Queen's Hidden Tower provides a certain amount of celebrity, an avatar would further solidify the Tiki Tack Man's place in Neopian History.


With the threats of Dr. Sloth a distant memory, one of the most feared people in all of Neopia is a tiny Bruce armed with a big gun. The mention of Boochi on the Neoboards normally causes the hair on the back of necks to stand on end, and the infamous "Boochi fires his ray gun, but thankfully he misses!" random event can paralyze even the mightiest of the Battledome with fear. For those unfortunate (or maybe fortunate, depending on your point of view) Neopians who are hit by Boochi's ray gun, their prized active pets are transformed into babies! Boochi can cost unlucky users millions of Neopoints depending on their current color, or lucky Neopians get their dream pet just by visiting a lucky page! Now, who would say that those poor Neopians deserve no less than an avatar to dull the pain of suddenly having to care for a baby?

Shop Wizard

One of the very first questions a new Neopian has is, "Where do I buy items?" They quickly learn that Neopian shops never have the exact items you want or need, so you have to scour through user shops to find that odd cure for your Neopet's sickness. And the best guy to help with the job? The Shop Wizard. You just ask this little guy for help finding any item you could possibly think of, and he will nearly instantly find you a whole list of possible shops, neatly arranged with the lowest priced first! The Shop Wizard has effectively reduced your 10-15 minutes of searching in to 5 seconds of waiting. And he is always there, day in and day out, searching for anything and everything you could want. Zed Codestone Plushie? Check. Scroll of Dark Nova? Check. Turkey and Potato Dinner? You get the idea. Can you imagine the chaos if he were to go on vacation, even for a single day? I tremble at the thought, as I am sure you did reading that. Such an important job in Neopia deserves some sort of giant trophy or huge monolith at the very least, and yet he does not even have an avatar to call his own.


Hold on, you do not know who Marina is? Why, she is one of the most helpful of all the Faeries in Neopia! Every half an hour you can visit Marina, and she will heal your Neopet. Yes, Marina is the Water Faerie at the Healing Springs in Faerieland! She is free to visit, and can cure even the most rare and dangerous of diseases or give a quick pick-me-up after a long Battledome match. In addition, she always has healing potions for sale in her shop, just in case her magic does not completely heal your pets. Most of you reading this have probably visited her at some point today, asking for a dip in her magical springs. Day in and day out she watches her mythical fountain, all while reducing the frequency of sickness in Neopia. This persistence surely deserves the gift of her own avatar, does it not?

Underwater Chef

Located right next to the Tiki Tack Man is another Neopian whose daily job is to serve Mumbo Pango. Of course, I am talking about that friendly Flotsam, the Underwater Chef! To appease Mumbo Pango, who apparently needs to eat every 5 minutes or he gets really cranky, the Underwater Chef sends Neopians on quests for food items to help with his culinary creations. If you bring back the items he asks for, you are handsomely rewarded with neopoints, items, or even a stat boost! For years the Underwater Chef has been keeping Mumbo Pango happy with the help from kind Neopians, and how is he rewarded? Surely an avatar would help symbolize his importance! I am sure that even Mumbo Pango himself would like to see the Underwater Chef with his own avatar. Mumbo Pango is BIG, you do not want to see him mad!

Above are just a few of the beloved citizens of Neopia who, day in and day out, help make this wonderful land what it is. Whether saving Neopia from a Volcano, scaring Neopians on a daily basis, or just helping shoppers find what they need, these important people should reach the ultimate ranks of importance. Having an avatar for use by the citizens of Neopia to show their gratitude (or indignation!) is exactly what each of these famous characters needs.

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