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Chocolate - to Eat Or Not to Eat?

by pinkcrown123


Greyleaf123: Oh, hey there! You were expecting Mom to be here, right? Well, I'm really sorry, guys, in case you don't know, in the last article Mom got dragged away by meepits, but we found her! Um, she's in the hospital right now, the mutant meepits, well, injured her pretty badly... um, so yeah. Mom asked us to write this article for the chocolate ball since she couldn't do it... ga-goo! Oh... sorry, Baby instincts... okay, let's introduce ourselves, in case you don't know us. I'm Greyleaf.

Meaqe: Yay! *claps* Good job big brother! I'm Meaqe!

Greyleaf123: Uh, yeah, that's my little sister, Meaqe. And you? *glares at HarborDay*

HarborDay: ...

Greyleaf123: *nudges* What are you doing?! You're ruining this article already, stop being an immature freak!

HarborDay: *snickers* Yeah, whatever, whatever. I'm HarborDay.

Greyleaf123: Gah, guys, please ignore my brother. Well, Pinkcrown, my sister, couldn't make it, but that's okay! Anyways, let's get started. *clears throat*

Well, since the annual Chocolate Ball is coming up, we decided to give a list chocolates that are delicious... and terrible. We'll be tasting each piece of candy personally, so if you like sweet things, you can get the things Meaqe likes, since she has a big sweet tooth! At the end of the tasting, we'll each give a list of the things we liked to the things we disliked, in order, so it's more convenient for you guys. We'll also try to keep all the candies we're trying cheap, so you don't have to blow 300k on a gourmet snack for your pet. Sooo... let's begin! Our fir-

HarborDay: *yawn* How did you even drag me into this? -_-

Greyleaf123: Because you owe me.

Meaqe: Don't fight!

HarborDay: *ignores Meaqe* What? What do I owe you?

Greyleaf123: Nevermind that. Alright, now where were we? Oh yes. Our first item is...

Bar of Chocolate

Greyleaf123: Alright, just a regular old bar of chocolate. *starts drooling and gnawing on the sofa* GAH STUPID BABY INSTINCT!! Um, guys, just ignore my dumb instincts, okay? *clears throat* Alright, a regular old bar of chocolate, but it's actually really delicious! A yummy piece of milk chocolate, just the thing to cheer you up. I've tried one before a long time ago, but I'll eat another piece for this article. *eats a piece of the chocolate* Ah, it's even better than I imagined, it's been quite a while since I ate them. xD Though it's a old item, released a really long time ago, it's still delicious, I love how the milk chocolate melts in your mouth. And you Meaqe?

Meaqe: *eats chocolate* It was yummy and sweet and good and yummy!!

Greyleaf123: Okay, good! HarborDay?

HarborDay: *noms chocolate* You know, I think I agreed to do this because you would buy me some candy to eat... oh yeah, but it was terrible.

Greyleaf123: HarborDay.

HarborDay: If I say it was good, does that mean I still get free chocolate from you?... yes, right? Um. So it was good. The candy bar, that is.

Greyleaf123: Er, next item.

Dark Chocolate Covered Toffee

Greyleaf123: This is a Gourmet Food, but it is very cheap, at less then 1k, so we decided to take a look at it. Is it really that delicious and healthy, or is it just like some other Gourmet Foods from Tyrannia, since it's so cheap? Well, let's see! *eats one*

Greyleaf123: Mmm, I bet this tastes as good as a Neotruffle, which costs millions of neopoints! The toffee tastes really good, just like how toffee should taste- chewy and awesome! I wonder why it's so cheap, though..?

Meaqe: It wasn't sweet at first! Candy is supposed to be sweet!

Greyleaf123: Well, yeah, but it's more healthy, because it contains more Cocoa Juppie powder, which is actually healthy for you! But it's okay if you don't like it.

HarborDay: Huh... oh yeah. I liked... it?..

Chocolate Neodrops

I honestly don't know of any pet who hasn't eaten these before, they're really crunchy... ga-ga! Um, sorry, baby instincts again. This kind has three layers of chocolate, starting off crunchy, and then the center is very chewy. I love these, they have both milk and dark chocolate in a package. It's a great snack!

Meaqe: Yummy!

HarborDay: Gah... I'm not eating that... no... nope. I'm not going to eat that! Can we move on to the next item? Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up, what are you waiting for?

Meaqe: Why? It's yummy, big brother!

HarborDay: Um... just because! *runs out of the neohome*

Greyleaf123: Well, he had a little incident with these a while ago. Um, we have technical difficulties right now, I need to get HarborDay back. Uh. Don't stop reading, we'll be right back!


Greyleaf123: *pants* We're back, yay!

Chocolate Coated Pretzel

Greyleaf123: Well, it's exactly what it says on the tin. A chocolate covered pretzel, nothing that special about it. I don't like pretzels or salty things that much, but, hey, I'll give it a shot. *munches on one*

Greyleaf123: Yeah, I don't like it that much, it just... sort of tastes, bleh. That doesn't mean you won't like it though, well, I just don't like this.

Meaqe: Well, I liked it! Buy it, reader!

HarborDay: Uh. It was good. It was good. *nodnod* *nervously glances around the room*

Greyleaf123: Come on, chill out, that was a long time ago... with the neodrops.

HarborDay: How many more items?? I need to go... do stuff!

Greyleaf123: One more, chillax!

Chocolate Apple

Greyleaf123: Well, I found this quite amusing, a chocolate apple. Heh, maybe you could fool your owners with this! Anyway, when I first saw this, I thought it was quite creative, and it reminded me of a toffee apple-except for it was completely made of chocolate. Oh, I'm getting off topic, haha. Let me just try it.

Greyleaf123: Ha, it tasted really good, and I think I tasted a hint of apple, too. It was just really delicious, there's nothing much else to say!

Meaqe: I didn't like it!

Greyleaf123: Why?

Meaqe: I dunno, it tasted... bad!

HarborDay: Okay, okay. I thought it was good. Can I go now?

Greyleaf123: *facepalm* Yes.

Greyleaf123: *clears throat* So anyway guys, thanks for reading, I hope our suggestions were helpful to you! And since you're reading this, thank you so much TNT for publishing our article, even though HarborDay was being the biggest idiot ever, haha. I also want to thank Jellyneo's item database, as it helped me find items to review!

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