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The First Day of School - Getting Your Pets Ready

by decapod


It's that time of year. The vacations are over, the heat is gone, and cold weather is quickly approaching. Neopians everywhere are preparing to head back to school, and your pets are no exception. Sometimes it can feel a little overwhelming. What do they need? How do I make sure they're prepared? Your pets are worried about making friends and getting good grades. All that worry inside your Neohome will get you nowhere! Sit back and relax, because this article will cover all of the basics of getting your pets ready to head back to school!

A week leading up to school

School shopping is one of the most stressful parts of going back to school, and should be taken care of as early as possible. There are going to be lines and other Neopians that have procrastinated as long as you, so come prepared with a list of everything you need and where to find it. Most of your supplies can be picked up at the School Supplies store in the Neopian Plaza. From pens and pencils to stylish backpacks, the store has everything your Neopet could need to start the year off right. What your Neopet decides to purchase for school supplies are up to them, but the Blue Grundo Notebook and Construction Paper Variety Pack seem to be flying off the shelves at record speed!

On top of school supplies, some classes will require your pets to have books with them. From simple reads like the JubJub Pop-Up Book to more complicated books like A History of Chias, the Book Shop will be able to assist you in getting any kind of book you might need. The Nimmo running the shop is very helpful and always ready to pull a book for you! Just make sure your Neopets aren't sneaking any Grarrl Comics into their bags...

Your Neopet is going to be begging you for new clothes. They need to keep up with the trends, and no young Neopet wants to be the only one wearing hand me down clothes. For those wearing uniforms, or those just looking for a bargain, the General Store is filled with all the basics for a cheap price. For the young Neopian looking to be stylish, hip, and trendy, Uni's Clothing shop is the place to go. Their racks are always filled with the newest buys, and their clearance rack isn't bad either! The shop does get very crowded, so it's best to shop early in the morning or later in the evening.

With all of your supplies ready to go, you're free to enjoy your last week of summer!

The night before school

Before you know it, it's the night before the first day! Your pets will be running around, freaking out, and refusing to sleep, but as an owner it's your responsibility to get them ready to start Neoschool. To calm a nervous pet, an at home spa treatment may be just what they need to relax. Settle down with a peanut butter face mask, faerie Kougra claw polish, and some benyeroberry parasol faerie punch and get your pets pampered! With your pets calmed down, they'll be sure to fall asleep quickly and get a good night's rest. But before you can sleep, your pets will want to make sure all of their supplies are organized. Make sure their backpacks are packed, their lunches are made and ready to go, and most importantly, their first day outfit is laid out where they can easily find it. Tuck everyone in and watch them drift off into Neoschool dream land! Pack everyone's lunches, and try to opt for healthier choices, and remember that not all pets are the same. Some might find the apple and cheese sandwich delicious, but some picky pets may turn their noses up at it. Make everyone happy, and they'll be sure to have a happy first day.

You may also need some time to get yourself ready for the coming day. If this is the first time a pet is attending school, it can be just as nerve wracking for you as it is for them! You're concerned about them making friends, getting good grades, and being able to survive a rabid meepit attack while you're not around. You worry whether or not they can handle the workload, and you wonder what you're going to do when they're not around all day! Take a deep breath and simply visualize your pet having a wonderful time at school. If you have an air of calmness and confidence around you, it's sure to rub off on your Neopet!

The morning of school

There goes your alarm! The day is finally here, and your first day of school is only hours away! Refrain from hitting the snooze button. As tempting as it may be, you don't want to be running out the door as the bus is pulling up. You may have to go as far as putting your alarm across the room, but it will be worth it when you're the only wide awake and well rested Neopet in class! Waking up on time is only the first step to first day perfection. Every Neopian knows that eating breakfast in the morning will keep you energized. You wouldn't want to spend your day sleeping in class, would you? Neopians that sleep in class end up like Dr. Sloth, and unless you want to be a ruthless villain, you need a healthy and well balanced breakfast to start your day! The Health food shop offers everything you'll need to start your day right, from sit down foods like cinnamon oatmeal and fruit cups to simple fruits or protein bars for Neopets on the go! But if you're a Neopet that can't resist a sugary breakfast, you might be able to get away with a small serving of crunchy Kacheek cereal.

With your stomach full and your mind awake, it's time to head out the door! Check and make sure you have all of your supplies and necessary paperwork, fix your hair and clothes, put on a smile, and take your first step towards a successful Neoschool year.

With these tips and tricks, your Neopet is sure to come home smiling and enjoy going to school!

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