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Hats Make All the Difference

by havittaa


While searching for the perfect hat for my White Peophin, Ahen, I was beginning to lose hope. The wig I had sought to buy her was becoming an adventure in understanding the complexities of supply and demand. So, I turned to the next best thing. Not wanting to leave her white mane bare, I began hunting for a hat. After some review of price and detail, I found the perfect hat. It looked wonderful with her pastel blue corsage and contrasted well with her pale white color.

After putting the hat on her regal head, I began to ponder a singular question: what makes a hat? I was not only asking this of the materials. I was asking this question to understand the integrity of hats. A hat can make all the difference to the character of a Neopet. As I learned with Ahen, finding the perfect hat to match your pet can be difficult.

Now, after asking some time to observe all the headgear available to Neopians, I began to realize that this article of clothing was not only fashionable, but personal. As the Usuki Boy dons his hat over his red, blue, and yellow tunic, it not only fulfills his purpose as a valiant defender, but matches his ever present goatee.

Below are some of my favorite hats. They tell stories. They attract attention. They lend themselves to humor and heroism. These articles of clothing represent the true character of the Neopets that wear them.

Apple Bobbing Bart Hat

Rarity: r101

NP Item

Released during Halloween 2010, the classic game of Apple Bobbing was set in the Haunted Faire. Run by a Gnorbu named Vandebart "Bart" Biggsby, the stand is ultimately a destination for Neopians wishing to try their luck and dunk for apples. However, Bart Biggsby is protective of one item in particular: his hat. Bart's hat is extremely personal and a great representation of the influence of a hat on an influential Neopian. Replicas of the same hat worn by the famous Bart can be bought for a measly 50 Neopoints. Now, any user can share in the wisdom - and presumably the apple affection - that Bart personally tends to. This hat is unique because of the passion Bart reserves for it.

Big Black Lace Pirate Hat

Rarity: r500

NC Item

Who ever said the high seas and fashion don't mix? As Captain Scarblade has shown us landlubbers, there is always time to be reasonably fashionable. The reason I adore this hat is because of its detail. The two black plumes that jut from either side of the hat sway in the salty sea air. The lace is delicately crafted over a gold brimmed top, and the bow sparkles. Although this hat is seemingly more feminine, this hat would look great upon the head of any swashbuckler from the Neopian seas. Or, if your pet isn't a Pirate, this hat can be worn by any that adore the travel and the adventure of the life of a pirate.

Poets Hat

Rarity: r101

NP Item

To walk in the steps of Alstaf Poogle, one must not only act the part but look the part. This wonderful argyle yellow and purple hat allows the aspiring poet to do just that. If sitting at home, one may don this fine hat and sit to pen the next great haiku. As the feather from the Poets Hat breeds courage, a Neopian may stand proudly and proclaim the meters from their poem. Their poems may express symbols of hope and courage to the weary ear. But most importantly, the Poets Hat gives inspiration.

Minitheus Hat

Rarity: r98

NP Item

The petpet, Minitheus, hails from Altador. It's described as "noble and loyal", so it can easily be assumed that Neopets wearing this hat will want to have the same qualities. With grey horns protruding out of a blue cap, the hat is surrounded by deep black locks. This hat was originally released in 2010 and given to users that beat Aristotle A. Avinroo (more commonly known as AAA) during the 2010 Daily Dare site event. This hat certainly demonstrates the nobility and swiftness necessary to beat the great AAA. To act like the Minitheus may not be easy. But to adopt its traits may be done just by wearing this hat.

Chocolate Sprinkle Doughnut Hat

Rarity: r76

NP Item

This hat speaks to the food lover in all of us. This hat is a dark brown colored bandana adorned with a chocolate sprinkle doughnut. This hat, like the Minitheus Hat, can almost be perceived as comical. But this hat can mean so much more. If worn by a chocolate pet, this hat can continue to reinforce the love of sweets. If worn by any other pet, this hat can show how much chocolate - and doughnuts - has pervaded into the lives of Neopets every where.

Now that I have shown you some of my favorite hats around Neopia, it is time to decide what hat works best for your pet. Some pets may choose not to wear hats so that they can maintain their hair. Other pets may choose not to wear hats for no single purpose. Hats, much like suits and armor, are not for every pet.

Here is where you may want to browse. You can stop by such Neopian shops like the Clothing Shop. This shop sells many wearable hats that can be found by the Uni shopkeeper and sold for reasonable prices. Prigpants and Swolthy is a tailor shop located in Neovia that specializes in Neovian clothing. This is one of my favorite shops. The haunting design of all of the clothes, and especially the headgear, resonate with me. The simple top hats that the tailors create can be worn by the best and brightest of Neovia and all of the Neopian worlds.

Wherever you decide to buy your hat - from a Neopian shop, from the Trading Post, auctions or the Shop Wizard - remember your pet. A hat can make or break an outfit. A hat can define how the Neopet sees the world and how the world sees your Neopet.

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