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Nox Day Pranks

by orlando_bloom_bigfan


Hubrid Nox smiled. It was his day today. The anniversary of those events that had led him to be turned into stone, and then later become a ghost. Although he had conveniently forgotten that bit. It was his day, and that was the important part. And what better way to celebrate Hubrid Nox Day (as he had decided it was to become known, whether Neopia liked it or not) than with a nice prank (or two, or three) on his arch enemy Magax? Nox had the perfect plan...


      The sound of gleeful laughter rang out through Magax's graveyard. He was dedicated to protecting it, but that didn't mean he couldn't have a good laugh sometimes. And today was the perfect day. It was his old enemy's special day, and Magax had every intention of reminding him in some less than special ways. He had everything planned, and now it was time to set things in motion...


      At halfway between the Mountain, where Nox made his home, and the Graveyard, which Magax protected, the two met. Magax spotted Nox first but decided not to say anything. Nox looked like he was on a mission of his own, so with any luck he could slip past him without being noticed. Nox had also noticed Magax, but decided floating straight past him (that was the lovely advantage of being ghost, you don't have to walk everywhere) would add some insult to the pranks he had planned for later.

      They slowed as they passed each other, each nodding casually without paying too much attention or daring to look in the other's eyes in fear of giving anything away. They both then looked behind to see how the other had reacted to the meeting, but, catching the other looking they both then quickly moved on, each intent with their own mission. All other passersby looked on in shock but neither Magax nor Nox noticed.

      Nox headed directly to Magax's graveyard, stopping only briefly to buy as many spooky petpets as he could to fit into the cage he had brought with him. They did not look too impressed at being crammed into one cage, but Nox did not notice. Nor did he notice the shop keeper giving him a strange look as he handed over some neopoints. This plan was perfect!


      Magax laughed gleefully again as he set down a cage full of petpets at the top of Nox's mountain. Later he would release them, but first he had some other things to do. Starting with some decorating. Searching under the roots of a tree, Magax soon found what he was looking for. He had been slowly storing stuff there over the last few weeks in preparation for this day.

      Removing some seemingly random items, he got to work. It wasn't long before he had created a path up Nox's mountain bordered with Sillie Daisies, Cheery Tomatoes and an assortment of smiling, happy gnomes. At the beginning of the path Magax placed a small archway, which he decorated with fake roses and a banner;


      Love Magax).

      At the other end of the path he placed a small pile of gifts which he was sure Nox would appreciate. One of the gifts was a book entitled "Taking over Neopia for Dummies, a guide written by Dr. Sloth." Magax could imagine Nox's face as he opened it.


      Nox did a joyful dance through the air as he arrived at Magax's graveyard and was glad that nobody was watching. It probably wouldn't help his reputation as Neopia's most feared and respected villain. He placed his cage of petpets down, intending to release them at the last moment (as in, when Magax returned from whatever he was so intent on doing). He then pulled some brightly coloured balloons out of his pocket, blew them up (being a ghost, this was hard work) and proceeded to decorate the entire graveyard with them. He also put up as many streamers and other decorations as he had been able to fit in the rest of his pockets.

      By the time he was done the graveyard looked quite colourful, just the way Magax didn't like it. In the centre, Nox left a small pile of presents along with a card which informed Magax that he should be celebrating "Nox Day" too. To add insult to this Nox also put party hats on all the petpets, which he was now prepared to release the moment Magax arrived home.


      Magax was growing bored. He didn't want to leave the mountain until Nox returned because seeing his reaction was going to be the most enjoyable part of the prank. Unfortunately there was nothing left to do but wait. The petpets had all been painted bright, cheerful colours, rainbow and glowing dung had been left everywhere possible and the entire mountain was now covered in an air freshener which would leave it smelling like flowers for weeks.

      Surely soon Nox would return, and Magax could have a good laugh. After this day they would continue to be enemies, hovering around the Haunted Woods zapping each other with ray guns. But just for tonight, Magax wanted to appreciate everything they had been through together in a more appropriate (and frustrating to Nox) way.

      Sighing, Magax settled down behind a tree to wait for Nox's return.


      Nox sighed. Waiting for Magax to return to the graveyard was getting boring, especially with only grumpy petpets wearing party hats to keep him company. They glared at him, and he glared back.

      'Great,' he thought to himself. 'I get to have a staring contest with a Meepit until Magax returns. What a way to celebrate my special day...'

      He and the Meepit continued to stare at each other for some time, neither apparently wanting to be the first to blink. Nox broke off first, at the sound of movement coming from the entrance of the graveyard. He sprang over to the cage, intending to release the petpets the second Magax came into sight. Something was slowly moving closer, step by careful step. Or so it seemed to the impatient Nox, who was staring excitedly in the direction of the movement.

      Eventually the noise stopped, but nothing came into sight. Glaring, Nox sat back down (or in reality, hovered a foot above the ground). He knew Magax well enough to know that becoming invisible wasn't in his list of party tricks, so it couldn't have been him making the noise. He would have appeared by now.

      Nox decided to occupy the time by thinking of all the possible expressions Magax could have on his face when he saw the graveyard. Each was more enjoyable than the last, and Nox soon found himself floating in mid air cackling gleefully.

      Yes, soon Magax would return, and Nox's day would be complete. He continued to wait as patiently as he could.


      Back at the mountain, Magax had fallen asleep leaning against his tree. He figured he would hear Nox's return when he saw his precious mountain looking so cheerful and so wasn't too worried about being caught there. His dreams were filled with all of Nox's possible reactions. He knew that soon, Nox would be home and his prank would be complete.

The End

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