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Rare Petpets and How to Care for Them

by burning_shadows_79


Since the publication in Issue 465 of my article about the care requirements of Neopia's most common and inexpensive Petpets, a number of Neopets belonging to wealthier owners have requested that I write a sequel, devoted to the needs of the rarest and most exclusive Petpets. They suggested to me (and I agreed with them) that the richest Neopian citizens, whose bank accounts are overflowing with millions of Neopoints, really have no excuse for allowing their Neopets to become bored and lonely.

Petpets are, as I explained in the previous article, an ideal solution to the problem of keeping your Neopet entertained while you are away - they need to be fed and cared for, and they are great company - but suppose you're not on a budget? Suppose you're a multi-millionaire, and have the means to spare no expense in providing your Neopet with the very best? If you are fortunate enough to fit the above description, then this guide is for you.

When it comes to rare and expensive Petpets, you really are spoilt for choice. Rarity 99 alone encompasses a wide variety of creatures for your Neopet to choose from, one of which should be a perfect match. Without the problem of limited funds, the main factor that will decide which is the right Petpet is personality: the character of your Neopet, and the temperament of the Petpet. If you can spare at least 3,000,000 NP on a Petpet, it is important to select the one that will best suit its new owner.


Rarity: 130

Price: 17,000,000 NP

The Bartamus is the favourite Petpet of Jhudora, the best known and most feared darkness faerie in Neopia. Before Faerieland fell, this headstrong Petpet lived in the depths of the Underclouds, but now it is rarely found in the wild, occurring in tiny numbers in the deepest tunnels of the Faerie Caves, and in somewhat larger numbers around Jhudora's Bluff. The Bartamus only awakes after dark and retires well before dawn, due to the fact that their eyes - specially adapted for acute vision in low light levels - can't handle bright conditions. They are meat-eaters who feed almost entirely on carrion, but if they are very hungry, they will set off on hunts to find fresh meat. (Be sure to keep your Bartamus well fed, or it may attack other Petpets in your household.) Although this dark creature is very demanding in terms of basic living requirements, its temperament is even more difficult to manage. Bartamus are fierce, very impatient, extremely stubborn, and mischievous, and they do not connect with good-natured Neopets at all. For a Neopet to master this vicious little Petpet requires even more wickedness and ferocity on the Neopet's part, which is enough to earn the Bartamus' loyalty.


Rarity: 99

Price: 4,300,000 NP

These "gelatinous non-cubes" may look innocent and docile, but they must be treated with extreme caution, especially when it comes to feeding. They can eat absolutely anything - vegetable, meat, plastic and even solid rock - by absorbing it into their jelly-like bodies and slowly dissolving it. If they consume too much, they can grow to an enormous size and develop insatiable appetites: the larger they grow, the hungrier they become. Blobikins are extremely dim-witted, but nevertheless it is essential to train them not to eat until it is meal time; otherwise you may return to your Neohome after a long outing to find all your furniture mysteriously gone and the Blobikins swollen to the size of a large canopy bed. Because they have no brains, Blobikins don't need entertainment and they often get confused, but fortunately they will not eat the Neopets who own them. If your Neopet takes a fall, a Blobikins can catch them in its soft body and then spit them out, keeping them from injury. When this happens, your Neopet may report experiencing a mysterious taste sensation similar to pork.


Rarity: 180

Price: 3,800,000 NP

Native to the freshwater pools of Mystery Island, the Bubbles was once very common, but recently the wild populations have fallen sharply as their food sources have declined. Now these freshwater fish are extremely scarce, but they are still just as loveable. The Bubbles has a jolly, playful disposition, and it is always ready for fun and games. Its most famous trick is to suck air into a large sac inside its belly, inflating itself to ten times its usual size and allowing it to bounce around like a beach ball. (This is actually an extension of the method it uses for feeding, because it catches insects by pulling the water around them into its belly sac; feeding a Bubbles is as simple as dropping a few Petpetpets into the water twice a day.) The Bubbles has other tricks as well; when it empties its belly sac, it can shoot water up to twelve yards away, and it can accurately hit a target from eight yards away. It can even breathe out of water for a few minutes at a time, although salt water and chlorinated swimming pools are to be avoided. Highly recommended for fun-loving Neopets, especially those who enjoy swimming.


Rarity: 99

Price: 18,000,000 NP

Candychans are found in the pine forests around Happy Valley, and are very popular for their adorable appearance and personality. Their intelligence is moderate and their sense of direction is poor, which can result in a Candychan getting lost if it wanders into unfamiliar territory - but they are as loving as any Petpet can be, wanting nothing more than the company of their owners. They have very healthy appetites; a Candychan's favourite food is a bowl of fresh Snowberries, but they enjoy all types of sweets and fruit (hence their name). One thing they cannot stand is high temperature, because it saps their energy severely. In fact, any temperature higher than about ten degrees Centigrade is enough to put them out of action. When it's nice and cold, they prefer to spend all their time playing games, especially with toys such as rubber balls and rolls of yarn, or snuggling up in their owner's lap. If your Neopet lives in Terror Mountain and there is no central heating in your Neohome, a Candychan can provide your pet with more entertainment and enjoyment than almost any other Petpet.


Rarity: 180

Price: 8,000,000 NP

The mascot of the famous flying ship the Cyodrake's Gaze, and depicted in stone on either side of many a castle entrance, this little dragon is a real contender for the title of Neopia's strongest Petpet. It hails from Meridell and eats mostly meat, although it is also fond of energy-rich fruits and vegetables. Cyodrakes have boundless energy, and they are so powerful that jumping onto a chair or table may be enough to overturn it. If your Neopet has a Cyodrake, the furniture in your Neohome must be very sturdy, and preferably very heavy, to prevent it being accidentally knocked over. (Displaying fragile ornaments such as vases is not a good idea.) This powerful Petpet requires extremely durable toys, and plenty of physical exercise: a good way to build up its strength is to attach a small handle to a heavy weight such as a boulder, and train the Cyodrake to lift it and fly with it. They also enjoy high-energy sports, and can offer a real challenge to Neopets playing against them - but they find it very difficult to settle down except during mealtimes. Cyodrakes are unparalleled in their loyalty to their masters, and will fight tooth and nail to protect their owner and family.


Rarity: 180

Price: 7,600,000 NP

These adorable and sought-after fish were first discovered in the crystal clear waters around Mystery Island's shores, but when it was discovered that their eggs are coated in a thick layer of gold to protect them against damage from water pollution, everybody in Neopia wanted one and they were hunted to extinction. Many Goldies still exist in captivity, and although they don't mind laying eggs in a fish tank, few of these eggs are left intact long enough to hatch - the gold coating is just too tempting, especially as the baby Goldy eats the egg case as soon as it hatches. The Goldy may yet be saved from total extinction - when the cost of a live Goldy exceeds the value of the gold in its egg case, people will start to keep the eggs and sell the hatchlings. Either way, your Neopet will have a healthy income if he or she owns a Goldy. In terms of personality, this Petpet is very quiet and beautiful, but it isn't very affectionate and it gets bored if it's kept in a fish tank. Its memory is better than people think. You can even train a Goldy to recognise certain colours in exchange for food rewards (the eggs of marine Petpetpets are a Goldy's main food). If you can afford one, a Goldy is a rather aloof companion, but an excellent provider.


Rarity: 99

Price: 5,500,000 NP

The Hasee is among the most well-known Petpets in Neopia, because they star in one of the most popular games: Hasee Bounce. Originally they lived in the forests around Neopia Central where Neggs grow, and to prevent them wiping out the fruit, they were brought instead to Faerieland. They proved too much for Faerieland as well, falling from its then-airborne borders and landing in Mystery Island where they eagerly stripped the Doughnutfruit trees. Two of them, Jimmi and Woogy, discovered that a see-saw could help them reach the highest Doughnutfruits, and Hasee Bounce was born. They now perform for King Skarl in Meridell, when they're not raiding the island forests for more fruit. Hasees have voracious appetites and require a huge amount of food, but one Hasee ate too much and grew enormous: the Neggbreaker, who searches Neopia for the most powerful Neggs to devour, but was driven off by Neopians who were trying to protect the Clockwork Negg. Most Hasees are somewhat more sedentary than these famous Hasees, preferring to spend all day relaxing and gorging themselves on sweet fruit, but they are always cheery and offer lots of love to their owners. They can do some pretty neat tricks, but only if it's necessary in order to be fed.


Rarity: 99

Price: 7,000,000 NP

These little kittens are known as the most annoying Petpets in the whole of Neopia. They wail and scream when the lights are turned off at night, they regularly demand very rare foods and will act very miserable unless their requests are satisfied, and they make such a racket when they are upset that people will do just about anything to get the silly Petpets to shut up. Even TNT calls the Kadoatie a pain in the neck. To prevent them driving the neighbours mad when their owners are away (it takes less than an hour for the Petpet to start crying if left alone) the Kadoatery was set up, giving Neopians handsome trophies in exchange for feeding these demanding Petpets and helping to keep them calm. Their almost constant whining and wailing, along with the misery they display if they are not given everything they want, are just a ploy to exasperate and manipulate their owners into spoiling them rotten. Even if they do love their owners, Kadoaties never show it. Why would anybody want one of these?


Rarity: 99

Price: 18,000,000 NP

Like the Cyodrake, the Krawk in its Petpet form is stronger than almost any other Petpet. They don't actually hail from Krawk Island but from Tyrannia, where they live in the southern jungles in small numbers, each one holding a large territory. These creatures are the juvenile form of the Krawk Neopet, and a certain kind of fungus which is found in only one cave on Krawk Island will trigger a growth spurt if fed to a Krawk Petpet, causing it to rapidly mature into a Neopet (if you have space for one). If you decide to keep your Krawk as a Petpet, it will be very devoted to its owner and fight fiercely against anything that threatens them. Krawk Petpets are smart enough, and strong enough, to take proper Battledome training - and if they do, any enemy would be wise to back down before the little Petpet strikes back with alarming force. Krawks find it far easier to relax than Cyodrakes, and although they aren't quite as strong, they are more manageable because they are so much more intelligent. Of the two, the Cyodrake is more loyal but the Krawk Petpet is probably the better choice.


Rarity: 180

Price: 11,000,000 NP

Best known for the avatar they award, and for the role played by Sophie's Meowclops in Sophie's Stew, this little grey cat has the distinction of possessing X-ray vision. As well as being able to see through walls, trees and rocks, the Meowclops can focus on an object as little as an inch from its nose, or as far as two miles away if the object is large enough. It eats almost anything, and its favourite treats are Gummy Rats: it may even do tricks for those - although it can be difficult to train a Meowclops because despite the remarkable focusing ability of its eye, it lacks focus in its brain and often gets confused, giving the impression of dimwittedness. In fact, Meowclops can be reasonably clever, but they have very short attention spans (unless the object in question is food). They are affectionate indeed, taking no time at all to become attached to their owners - and they are also playful, especially with things like wind-up toys and bouncy rubber balls. Be warned that a Meowclops which is abandoned by its owner will feel heartbroken, so consider this fact before rushing out to get one just for the avatar.


Rarity: 99

Price: 5,000,000 NP

These fiery little critters emerged from Moltara before it was discovered, and have been sold in the Neopia Central Petpet Shop ever since. They look scorching hot but, unbelievably, they are cold to the touch because their skin is so efficient as an insulator. The reason for this insulation is that Moltenores feed on plants and flowers that may otherwise burn up before the Petpet can eat them. A favourite food of the Moltenore is nectar, and its favourite flower is the dazzling purple orchid that grows around the entrance to Moltara. (These are so difficult to grow in a garden that nobody has ever managed it, but the flowers can be purchased if you wish to feed them to your Moltenore.) Other foods include flower petals, grass and leaves, and occasionally fruit. The most important requirement for a Moltenore is that the temperature be consistently high, otherwise the little Petpet may become very unwell. Because of the huge amount of energy contained in their bodies, Moltenores love exercise and will do anything for a good game of chase. Only for very active Neopets who live in hot regions.


Rarity: 180

Price: 5,000,000 NP

First of all, that green stuff on its body isn't mucus - it's just regular old skin, which is soft and waxy. The texture of the skin is similar to that of a banana skin, but the Pickulsaur smells very strongly of pickles. It also eats pickled foods and basically nothing else. (Good for getting those pesky pickles out of an otherwise delicious hamburger.) The origins of this strange-looking Petpet are shrouded in mystery. There is said to be a region in a distant corner of Neopia where everything is made of food, but that couldn't possibly exist, could it? If it did, though, it would explain the existence of this bizarre creature. Another explanation for the strong smell and diet of pickles is that it may ward off enemies that might try to eat it - although it is still not a good idea to give one of these to your Grarrl or Skeith. There isn't anything particularly striking about the Pickulsaur other than its appearance, its smell and its diet - it isn't very affectionate, it spends most of its time doing nothing much, and it makes no noise at all. Not really a good companion unless you absolutely love the smell of pickles.


Rarity: 99

Price: 4,000,000 NP

This legendary creature is one of the most majestic of Petpets. It is found only in the clear pools beneath the tallest waterfalls in Shenkuu, and is so swift that it can disappear within a second of being spotted. The fur on a Quilin's mane is so cool and supple it almost feels like water, making it a wonderful experience to pat one. The diet of this Petpet is composed of water plants and many different kinds of fish. Quilins are capable of a very special trick: their bodies are so light, and their feet so broad and flat, that at top speed they can actually run across the surface of a lake or pond without sinking. They take time to get used to a new home, but once they have settled in and learned to trust your Neopet, they will be loyal and loving. Quilins have a sense of honour and duty to their owners, and they are said to be martial experts, with agility and speed that is almost unparalleled among Petpets. When danger threatens, a Quilin will leap into action, charging the enemy and dancing around them, bounding between trees, boulders or (in a Neohome) walls - the performance is mesmerising, and it almost appears as if the Petpet were flying. There is really nothing negative to be said about this magnificent Petpet.


Rarity: 180

Price: 3,000,000 NP

Meridell is the home of Turdle Racing, which is somewhat less predictable (but far slower) than the Poogle races that take place in Faerieland. Five Turdles take part in the races, and while they only have to travel 50 yards, the event can take a surprisingly long time. In the wild, Turdles are born with a hard bony shell encasing their entire body, but as they grow larger the shell stays the same size, resulting in an adult Turdle with a small shell covering only its rump. They are very slow walkers because they prefer to get around by swimming - they like the steady temperature of lakes and rivers, which are their natural habitat. They eat aquatic plants, fish eggs, and algae (none of which require speed in order to collect, hence there is no need for Turdles to be lightning quick). The Turdle is not the most affectionate of Petpets, although it will befriend others of its kind if you have two or more Neopets who own Turdles. If that is the case, you may need to provide a sandpit for the Petpets so they will have somewhere to lay their eggs, which they like to bury on sandy beaches. Only one Turdle is not very entertaining, but they can be a lot of fun if you have more of them.


Rarity: 99

Price: 4,200,000 NP

Another very well-known species of Petpet, again for a popular game (Turmac Roll) - but also for the largest of its kind: the Turmaculus, who grew to gigantic size by eating almost constantly until he became so massive that he could no longer move. All Turmacs have an immense appetite, although most of them eat only fruit - as any keen Turmac Roller knows, they have a particular taste for the berries native to Meridell. A Turmac never loses its appetite, but you should still be cautious because overfeeding one could result in another giant that will devour anything in front of it, including your other Petpets, due to its constant and ever-growing hunger. It is extremely difficult to teach a Turmac to be restrained with food, but it must be done if you are to prevent the Petpet from raiding your fridge during the night and completely emptying it by morning. Other than eating, Turmacs like nothing more than lying down in cool grass or enjoying a peaceful nap, especially on their owner's lap - although this isn't recommended because they're so heavy they may cause pins and needles! Despite their lazy ways, Turmacs are very loving companions.


Rarity: 101

Price: 7,000,000 NP

When this thickly furred critter closes its eyes and retracts its tiny legs, you could be mistaken for thinking it was a large cotton ball. In fact it is a native of Terror Mountain that hides under the snow during the day and only comes out at night, when there is less competition for food from other mountain Petpets. Its favourite snacks are Snow Puffs, but in the wild it eats many of the native fruits that are formed primarily from ice. Xamphers are not sold in the Wintery Petpet Shop in Happy Valley - instead, they are unearthed by Neopians during games of Snow Roller, when the snowball accidentally picks up the Petpet as it rolls down the hill and passes over the spot where a Xampher is hiding. Thus far, Xamphers have only ever been found by mistake, but those who search for them invariably find nothing because the Petpets are so well hidden. During the hours of darkness, Xamphers themselves love to tuck in their legs and tumble down hills, and they have even been known to start avalanches this way! Because these creatures live only in very cold climates and sleep during daylight hours, only a nocturnal resident of Terror Mountain will get any companionship from one.


Rarity: 99

Price: 3,000,000 NP

Because this list had to be pared down in order to fit inside a single article, I was only able to include one Robot Petpet: the Zoomik, a tiny shuttle that flies around the Virtupets Space Station and feeds on the electricity from power outlets. They are so speedy that despite every effort by the Maintenance Grundos to stop them draining power from the Space Station, they have proven impossible to catch unless their batteries go flat, at which point it's better to sell them rather than disassemble them. Their artificial brainpower is held in the central casing along with the batteries, and the "wings" on the back are powerful thrusters that can propel a Zoomik forward at up to 250mph depending on the density of the air. Zoomiks can see, thanks to two small lenses above their control panel, but they can only look downward, so they use ultrasound to build a picture of their surroundings. They can also hear lower notes, although they have trouble understanding language, so simple gestures such as clapping or waving are a better way to communicate with a Zoomik. Despite being incapable of affection, these little robots are quite a lot of fun, due to their boundless energy and a great liking for ball games. Be warned, though, that they will drain all the power from your Neohome when they are hungry.


Rarity: 99

Price: 5,000,000 NP

Many of the Petpets native to Faerieland are cute, fluffy and loveable, but the Zumagorn is the "darkness faerie" of the faerie Petpets. It is impish and impatient, and when it isn't begging for food (fruit, fresh meat, and eggs - but never vegetables) it is probably playing a mean prank on somebody. The Zumagorn is a good example of intelligence in Petpets being a double-edged sword: they're very smart, but they use that talent to do all the wrong things. Refuse a Zumagorn the treat it begs for, and it will wait until your back is turned, search the kitchen until it finds what it wants, then punish you by throwing away some of your own food. If one gets really angry, its punishment will be more severe, such as breaking one of your precious belongings - but they never actually injure others (which is cold comfort if your favourite vase is in pieces on the floor). Even when a Zumagorn is contented, it still plays tricks, but rather than its owner, it targets others, especially other Petpets. This irritating little creature is so hard to manage that your entire Neo family has to be really patient if you want to own one. For most Neopets, the company of a Zumagorn is close to unbearable.

(Reference for prices: Jellyneo's Item Database. Some prices may be only approximate.)

Disclaimer: Prices may change over time, in some cases by a large margin, depending on how many are on the market. If you are reading this article a long time after its publication, the price guide may be very inaccurate.

Another option for wealthier Neopians is to paint their Petpet an extravagant colour such as Pirate or Royal. I can't list all the options here because there are far too many colours available for Petpets to cover them all in one article. However, while a healthy bank balance gives you far more options when it comes to finding a companion for your Neopet, a cheaper Petpet can still be just as loyal and loving.

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