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A Guide to Finding Your Perfect Petpetpet

by chaotizitaet


Also by melaiv

So you think Petpetpets are only good for harvesting, building, fighting, and nesting? Perhaps you even assume there are only the three species of Petpetpets – Larnikin, Mootix and Pinchit. To be sure, Habitarium is a great game, but today we are here to tell you of a world far larger than those few squares of tiny landscape. A world full of adorable creatures which will make the perfect addition to any Petpet your Neopet already has. Though to be sure, not all Petpets and Petpetpets go well together, so take your time and carefully digest the information we compiled for you below before venturing out and catching your dream bug.

Matching a Petpetpet (for further reference simply called P3) with a Petpet is in some ways similar to matching a Petpet to your Neopet. For example, it will never work out to get your underwater Neopet, such as a Koi, or perhaps a precious Maraquan-colored Neopet, a Robot Petpet. Nine cases out of ten have reported that when introducing the Robot Petpet to the underwater environment, it results in very nasty, rusty spots and the eventual short circuit in the electrical parts of said Petpet.

So to make the decision a little easier for you, we will now introduce some exemplary P3s and highlight different aspects – match by appearance, match by habitat and match by potential – to give you an idea which criteria might be important for making your choice and in return find the perfect P3.

1) Dragonfly Nymph

This P3 is pink, so going by appearance, a Dragonfly Nymph would certainly go well with pink Petpets. But how about royal Petpets? We know that Petpets are not assigned genders, but perhaps your Zafara's royal Feloreena is a true princess and would love nothing better than having such a dainty P3 as companion.

Furthermore, the Dragonfly Nymph is a winged P3, which tells us about its habitat being an obviously airy one. Therefore, winged Petpets such as Faerie Petpets, who could go on a nice fly with their P3, would be a great choice.

But the Dragonfly Nymph has even more potential. Have you ever thought of pink being an excellent camouflage color? No? Well, perhaps not at first glance, but what if your Fungree intends to try out for the position as King Roo's court jester? Then a Dragonfly Nymph would be the perfectly camouflaged partner for any pranks to be played on Valentine's Day.

2) Glyme

Here we have a wonderfully green P3 with a lovely pink flower on top. This appearance practically advertises the Glyme's love for nature in bright neon signs, so the first idea that might come to mind as a good match by appearance is a Woodland Petpet. Unfortunately, Petpets can't be painted Woodland as of yet, but there is already one color for Petpets available which would match the Glyme very well, and this is Disco. More than half of the Petpets, which can be painted Disco, have green as a basic color, and they're covered with flower-shaped spots in all colors including pink. This would be a perfect match regarding appearance.

A Glyme, however, requires some special care regarding its habitat. This P3 just loves to eat plants, so you should be concerned with how you can protect your beautiful Neogarden from getting destroyed by this little bug. Therefore, with due attention to your regular plants, a Glyme is best matched with a Petpet for which you set up its own habitat for similar reasons - for example, a Slorg.

As mentioned above, a Glyme can be a serious threat to plants. Who would have thought that such a cute little bug can be so mischievous? Doesn't this sound like a perfect secret weapon for any Pirate Petpet setting out to plunder peaceful Neogardens when acting in the true pirate spirit? There is nothing like giving P3s a chance to live up to their full plant-eating potential.

3) Jermite

The first things you'll probably notice about a Jermite are the wonderful antlers. This feature alone in appearance practically screams for a match with an antlered Petpet, as surely only an antlered Petpet will be able to appreciate their beauty to the full extent. Therefore, a Petpet such as a Dofrey would be a great match.

But there is more to these antlers than just the looks. The antlers allow the Jermite to push aside long hair of shaggy-furred Petpets and thus climb safely on any hairy Petpet's back. This P3 truly loves a hairy habitat, so it goes very well with Petpets such as a Noil or a Tyrannian-colored Petpet.

Also there is the perfect match with Christmas Petpets. You don't believe us? Well, take a closer look. For example, a Christmas Meowclops. Who do you think helps this Petpet keep those shiny Christmas ornaments in perfect arrangement? Yes, you are right, it's a Jermite, because with its antlers it is able to move a Christmas ornament to the right spot for the perfect appearance of the Petpet.

4) Rainblug

Anyone who looks at a Rainblug will be able to tell the obvious match by appearance, which is, of course, rainbow-colored Petpets. After all, the very name of the Rainblug includes this hint.

To make it more interesting, how about matching this P3 by habitat? As the description tells us, this P3 loves nothing more than to munch on just about anything. So you might think a yummy Petpet such as a strawberry-colored or chocolate-colored one would be great. However, we object to such a match since you surely don't want your precious strawberry Kookith to resemble a half-eaten strawberry more than a Kookith, just because your Rainblug munched too much. Rather, we'd suggest matching the Rainblug in this case with a zombie Petpet, since with a zombie Petpet, it will not matter that much if a certain patch of skin is missing because the Rainblug munched at it. It will even enhance the great looks of a zombie Petpet.

Now, after all this gruesome discussion about zombie Petpets, how about we return to the cheerfulness this P3 emanates? Just looking at it is enough to even cheer up a grey Petpet. So yes, to have this P3 live up to its full potential, matching it with a grey Petpet would be as perfect as can be.

5) Scoach

A Scoach is a comparatively small P3 which looks a little bit like a small lump of ember. It reminds one of the pet color Magma. Alas, Petpets can't be painted Magma yet. However, the Magmut will never need to be painted Magma – it already looks like it spent more than enough time in the Magma Pool and is therefore a wonderful match by appearance for the Scoach. The same goes for fire Petpets such as a Melton or fire-painted Petpets.

The magma-like appearance also tells us something about the habitat of this P3. A Scoach obviously likes warmer surroundings, and there is hardly a warmer place in Neopia than Techo Mountain, the volcano on Mystery Island, which makes an island Petpet a perfect habitat match for the Scoach.

But have you ever considered that a P3 such as a Scoach, with its ember-like appearance, is great for digging holes? Not only can a Scoach work diligently with quick, nimble feet; if the soil gets too tough for digging, it simply melts the material so that digging can continue. A Petpet such as the Symol would be highly appreciative of this, and would also make a great match.

6) Scriblet

The most distinctive feature of a Scriblet is its feather-like, spiked headdress. In this, it strongly resembles a Quetzal, which happens to be our preferred suggestion for the match by appearance. A Quetzal would have great fondness for the Scriblet because of this similarity. With that being said, other feathery or birdlike Petpet would be a great choice as well such as a Beekadoodle.

But there is more to a Scriblet than just its fancy feathers, of course. This P3 loves to scribble, and consequently, it will scribble on simply every surface. So unless you want to constantly repaint the walls of your Neohome to remove this P3's sketches and writings or even repaint your Petpet once the fur gets too spotty, it's best to match a Scriblet either with a Petpet where a few hasty lines can be easily washed away or a Petpet where a few scribbles will not be a bother. This is why our suggestions for the best habitat match are either a Rock (easily washable), or a Maractite-painted Petpet (a few scribbles here will surely add to the decor).

However, teach a Scriblet correct spelling and we are pretty sure the White Weewoo Editor Force at the Neopian Times would love to have this P3 as their companion to help them meet the deadline every Friday night.

7) Strale

A Strale is most likely to be the fluffiest P3 one can find. All white, all soft, and all cloudy. Naturally, a Petpet painted cloud is an obvious match by appearance, however, it's not the only match. All white, all soft and all fluffy are also attributes which describe a Babaa, so this is another great match by appearance for a Strale.

Have you ever thought that perhaps all those Faerie-coloured Neopets and Petpets miss their home of the cloud-based Faerieland? Fortunately for you, a Strale would be certain to bring back a tiny bit of this airy habitat.

On a more earthbound note, the Strale is a rather shy P3, so it's not meant for adventurous or boisterous Petpets, yet as cloudy and fluffy as it is, the Strale surely makes a most comfortable pillow for a Petpet that enjoys its daily naps, such as a Mauket.

8) Veespa

Perhaps one of the cutest and most loving of all P3s would be a Veespa. It has quite the trusting look and those adorable yellow and purple stripes... We are sure that, not only every yellow Petpet, but also every purple-colored Darigan Petpet would be happy to adorn itself with such a cute companion. It might be contradictory, but even Darigan residents need something like a Veespa around.

However, one should not forget that a Veespa also has the tendency to sting and cause nasty, itchy red blotches if they feel threatened. So, in this case, matching a Veespa with a sensitive Petpet is not so good, but perhaps a ghost or wraith-painted Petpet would be a much better choice, as these Petpets surely will not feel any itchy stings.

Robot Petpets don't care much about stings either. Furthermore, Robot Petpets are great whenever it comes to repairing different things at your Neohome, but they have only limited hooks or tendrils, and there will surely be a situation where they need to be handed a hammer or nail. Fortunately for them, a P3 as helpful as a Veespa is always willing to hand them the missing tool.

Equipped with this information, we are sure you'll find your perfect P3 in no time. So get your bug net and start hunting. Good luck!

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