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The Seven Savoriest

by seamonsterlake


Berries are a common course in most neopets' meals. Indeed, it is a rare to find a Neopian who has not had the sensation of a berry on the tongue, if it was the delightful flavor of an islandberry¬¬, the revolting taste of rotten berry on tongue, or the purely painful thorns of a spiked dariberry.

The variety of berries in Neopia is stupendous. Berries range from the economical yet palatable heart berry to the lavish berries of the aristocracy such as the flaming bomberry and many in between. They also vary in colors from the darker tones of the voidberry to the bright and cheerful tones of the Turihar Berry; with so much variety it is almost certain you will see a berry or two in a color based gallery.

However, this article concerns a different, and perhaps more obvious difference. The different tastes associated with berries could fill many volumes; however I have sorted most of them into two distinct categories: those you would find exquisite to the tongue and those who, kindly put, do not taste so charming. At the end, I came up with seven berries of the highest order with luscious and diverse flavors.

Number Seven Most Delectable: Tetraberry

The tetraberry is a tropical delight with another use than just eating. The berry is shaped like a die, and thus can be used for various games before you eat it. That is not the reason it makes this list. It's unique and exciting flavor has been used in many different foods, from tetraberry pie to tetraberry slushie; even the neocash mall stock an exclusive dish made from it: tetraberry smiley snack, which is rumored to be an instant perker-up for even the most dreary Neovian. Even without dishing out NC, this berry is certain to delight with its flavor. A curious blend of tropical and richness, the berry's center has delicate veins of tanginess while the rest has a taste like a cross between blueberries and an orange. With a price tag under ten thousand, this is a moderately pricey but reasonable concerning its flavor.

Number Six Most Delectable: Fresh Kreluberry

You may glance at the kreluberry and wonder if I have taken leave of my senses. All that is gold does not glitter, however, and the kreluberry, though not one of Neopia's most beautiful berries, more than makes up for it in the flavor department. One of the few Kreludan exports that does not taste like an old boot, the kreluberry has acquired a pleasurable though alien taste. The tough exterior vaguely reminds one of carnapepper while the soft interior is more reminiscent of a Thornberry with the slightest hint of lemon. Eaten together, it produces a succulent berry with a fantastic kick. At a mere half thousand neopoints, why rob yourself of the pleasure?

Number Five Most Delectable: Snowberries

Good things should come en masse. These snowberries do not only come in convenient clusters they also taste uncommonly good. Eternally chilled to perfection whether you are lost in a blizzard on Terror Mountain or roughing the sweltering heat, each one is a small slushie bomb in your mouth. Sweet, yet tangy, frosty without causing brain freeze, and slipping down your throat as you savor the flavor, leaving you desiring more, many more. Your luck might have run out, though; at over half a million each bushel, these are a rare treat that none but the neo-elite eat often.

Number Four Most Delectable: Spiraberry

For the second time, one of Neopia's most palatable scores depressingly in the beauty department. It is true that the spiraberry is neither luscious nor particularly appetizing in appearance and most mistake it for a shriveled up fruit (if they notice it at all) and no longer in the least bit scrumptious, a missed opportunity. And then they walk by, missing the opportunity to truly appreciate the Spiraberry's unique flavor. The core of the berry tastes distinctly like a loveberry, very moist and savory, while the slightly rumpled looking skin has a markedly honey-esque essence about it. Though most definitely a sweet berry, the spiraberry's sugariness is not overpowering and doesn't give one the impression the tooth faerie will make a visit soon. Costing less than 5k, it's definitely worth its price.

Number Three Most Delectable: Bludberry

Let this be a warning to you: the bludberry is nor for those fuzzy of heart. Indeed, the bludberry, if eaten by most neopets, would be labeled as disgusting, revolting and the taste or pure evil. You wonder then why I put it on a list of the most delectable, most scrumptious, a bucket list of berries. Those who are meant to eat the bludberry: the wraith, Halloween, mutant, MSSP, and some pets who merely of a malicious nature; have an unrivaled adoration of this berry. The mere fact that this berry has an avid, though underground, following warrants this berry a place on this list. Bludberry enthusiasts are more than willing to share their opinion of the bludberry, especially if it means eating one. Thus I was able to compile this data: the bludberry tastes distinctly like flamefruit with a strong undercurrent of "the vital nutrient". What this means, I shudder to consider. Unfortunately for those of gentler disposition, at a couple million neopoints, the evilly inclined do not partake of this berry often; leaving us to wonder what they are eating instead.

Number Two Most Delectable: Green Chyrsaberry

When picked at just the right time this berry can challenge the Munparaberry for the number one spot. Sadly, however, this berry is only perfectly delicious when picked at just the right time, when it has three pods. One hour too early and it can break your teeth. One hour too late, and it will make a lemon seem like a cupcake. Even if it only has a fourth bud, the berry has gone bad and is overly sour. But if picked at the correct time, this berry is a rare and exotic delicacy. The green skin has a delicately tart flavoring and an overlying pineapple like essence. The inner fruit has a warm although refreshing tropical mixing pot of flavor, it has been likened to a eating various fruits at once. Sadly most people will never get to taste it; at half a million, it is out of most price ranges.

Number One Most Delectable: Munparaberry

This berry could top numerous charts for numerous reasons. The berry is a combination of the exceedingly expensive transparaberry and the low priced munuberry smoothie merged in the Cooking Pot on Mystery Island makes this berry one of the most expensive and hardest to find. The fact that it is one of only two clear berries, the other being the transparaberry, and the only one that is created in the Cooking Pot. In spite of this, the munaparaberry earns its spot on this list for its taste. The juice is the delicately sweet juice of the transparaberry, the skin like that of the munaberry's tangy exterior. The seeds are one of a kind, though, an intricate blend of almost chocolate-esque coating and, strangely enough, a berry from moon also on this list. This unique berry is definitely worthy of its place at the top of the delectable berries list.

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