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Guide to be a Good Avatar Collector

by candyh13


1 – Focus on an avatar at a time

To begin, you have to choose the avatar that you want to get. It is not advisable to try several at the same time (except if they are random), because that way, you can get confused, and end up worsening the situation. Focus on an avatar at a time, especially if it is a game one. That way, you will have more chances of getting it faster, because it is your only focus of attention. Choose well before you start the training, because, believe me, you will play it for a while :)

2 – Pauses/Patience/Calm

One of the things that we Neopians do not have is patience! But when we are trying for an avatar, that needs to change. When we try for an avatar, that doesn't mean that we have to stay "arrested" to it! In other words, obviously, we can have pauses. When you are trying for an avatar, make a plan of the time that you intend to play, for example, play for about one hour followed, and then, do a pause for a quick lunch. (We do not want that any Neopian starves, right?).

Get ready as well, to be patient, because it really is necessary. The games can really put us out of sorts when we least expect. The typical situation of being so so close of getting the avatar, and then! BANG. Game over. This is going to happen lots of times, and we must have patience, and lots of calm!

Calm is needed when we are in critical phases of the game - in a higher level, or with more enemies. We also need it for games that are not too hard, but lengthy. (There are lots of different games!).

So, before you start the training, train your patience and calm.

3 -Be willing to waste neopoints and time (lots of it)

In this article, I talked a lot about game avatars. But they are not the only ones! There is also avatars that require another kind of effort... Neopoints!

We have, for example, the big three books of the Hidden Tower. The first book costs 100,000 NP, the second one costs 1,000,000 NP, and finally, the third one costs 10,000,000 NP. To have this amount of neopoints, you also need time! An avatar collector needs to let these two precious things go. =)

I have another example to give you. To get an avatar like the 'Illusen's Glade' or the 'Jhudora's Bluff', you also need time. You have to do the quests, until you reach a certain "level" and get the avatar.

There are some "farming" avatars. In other words, you can do the score you want. You can actually get a trophy! But let's focus only on the avatars for now. =)

When you are trying a farming avatar, that requires time (and lots of it).

4 – Gather information – Train – Train – Get it

This is probably one of the most important parts to being successful in getting one or more avatars.

First of all, gather all the kinds of information that you can get about the avatar that you are trying: how to play it (if you are starting to know the game, learn how to play it first), the best techniques, the resolution that you must use, and also some codes. You can find all this in a complete guide of the game.

If you by any chance cannot find a guide, do not give up! Look for a video, and watch it several times until you completely understand how it works.

After the game introduction arrives the colossal part: the training. Get ready to try lots of times, because getting avatars takes time. :)

Manage your own techniques if you prefer, but always inside the parameters of the game itself.

After a long time training, here is the best part: getting the avatar.

A reward after so much effort, it is always good :D

5 – Luck

(Un)fortunately not all avatars are obtained with our effort. Sometimes, we depend on Luck! Of course, this doesn't mean that it is impossible to get the avatars, but Luck helps a lot.

For example, if it is a random avatar, we do not need the effort and the training for nothing, because Luck reigns. ;)

I have some examples of luck games, like: Bilge Dice (there is two avatars for this game!), Dice-A-Roo, Snowager, Wheel of Misfortune, Aisha Scalawag, Brightvale, Mediocrity, Sssidney, Blumaroo Court Jester, Capara, Wheel of Excitement, Kiosk Wocky, Grundo – Discarded Plushie, Geraptiku – Deserted Tomb, Neomail Addict, Edna – Cackle!, Sloth!... And some more!

Summarizing: Every wheel, random, avatar, it is necessary to have luck on our side.

But in a normal game, if we have some luck to get bonus time (in Carnival of Terror for example), it is halfway to get the avatar.

When you are playing, if you see that something is wrong, and you had no luck, start over, and try again!

6 – Be active on the site

It is not in a couple of days that you get avatars. Much less those that are "lendable".

To guarantee a good improvement in games, in account progress and the trust that you transmit to the other users, it is always good to be active on the site.

Log in to your account every day (or at least try), see the news to be aware of the most important subjects, do your dailies and who knows if you can get a random avatar :)

If there is some event on the site in progress (plot, mini plot, etc) try not to fail one single day, and participate the maximum you can, because that will help you in your account improvement. If an avatar depends on the plot, and you are not active on the site, you will be injured.

And we are done! I really hope that I could help some Neopians out there, understanding what is the hard life of an avatar collector, and who knows, become a collector as well!

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