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Top 10 Best Chocolate Items

by cachorritalinda12


Don't you love chocolate? I certainly do. I don't understand chocolate-haters. No offence. If I see any kind of chocolate I just... have to eat it. Sound familiar? So in honor of the most delicious food that ever existed over the world of Neopia, I've gathered the top 10 chocolate items that will sure get your mouth watering, chocolate lover or not.

10. Chocolate Omelette

Famous omelettes. You can get yours free at the giant omelette or buy one cheap at any shop. But we can all agree that if you get a chocolate omelette either way it's you lucky day. Chocolate mixed in with the eggs and filled with chocolate. And as if that wasn't enough it is toppled with chocolate, too. This is perfect to make any dinner sweeter.


9. Chocolate Covered Carrots and Strawberries

Your mom always told you to eat all you fruits and vegetables so you would grow strong and healthy. You always complained that candy was better. Now, who says both of you can't have it your way! Eat all your fruits and veggies covered in chocolate. And the choices don't end in carrots and strawberries. Asparagus, baby cabbages, apples, pears and more are available in a chocolaty way. It may sound gross, but anything tastes good with chocolate. Just give it a try. You won't regret it, I promise.

8. Chocolate Chip Cookie

Ahh. The smell of freshly baked cookies makes you hungry. Chocolate chip cookies, just like your granny bakes every time you go to visit. They bring back childhood memories. The perfect balance between a crunchy cookie and chocolate. Just thinking of it makes me want to go get some. And they are perfect to throw at TNT if you are planning to send a question to the editorial. Don't you feel the same? Let's get going, shall we?

7. Silver Heart Box of Chocolates

Aww, what a magical thing is love. Almost as good as chocolate. Almost. Silver Heart Box of Chocolates is the best gift for that "special someone," especially on San Valentines. You can give it to your love and watch as their face fills with happiness and love. Or you could keep it to yourself and give your friend a bunch of flowers. If she doesn't know, it won't kill her. Just make sure she doesn't, because then you will be forced to share. *Greedy look* (Note: this item is only available from redeeming a Neocash Card.)

6. Creamy Chocolate Pie

Sweet chocolate pie, topped with delicious cream. And of top of that, sugary, pink sprinkles give the final touch to this work of art. Better than any cake, this is perfect for any occasion: birthday parties, San Valentines, Christmas, a rainy afternoon. This is a perfect dessert that, as a bonus, will give you a gourmet club point, for those interested. What else could you ask for?

5. Ornate Chocolate Fountain

To answer last question, this is what you could ask for. A little expensive, but worth it. Imagine taking any food, any food at all, and dip it in melted chocolate anytime you want. Hmmm... A dream come true! This is an excellent fountain, but the Silver Chocolate Fountain, the Gilded Flow Chocolate Fountain, or the Crystal Chocolate Fountain will do as (slighter) cheaper alternatives.


4. Caramel Hot Chocolate and Chocolate Milkshake

I know, I know. These are two items. I just decided they would be better together because they are both supper delicious chocolaty drinks and... I couldn't leave one of them out, now could I? So, anyways... The Caramel Hot Chocolate is perfect for any cold or snowy afternoon. Rich hot chocolate, lucky you! But then it's topped with wipped cream and caramel, even luckier you! But I cant expect you to go around drinking hot chocolate on a summer morning! For these sunny times, I recommend the equally delicious Chocolate Milkshake! Straight from the Kau Kau Farms, this milkshake is sure to make your day!

3. Chocolate Meepit

We've already stated that everybody loves chocolate. But there's something else everyone loves: Petpets. No matter your likes and dislikes, you are sure to find a petpet that suits you and will become your best friend. It is worth noticing that this *awesome* color is only available from the Petpet Lab Ray, and that it will probably make your little friend a lot sweeter, quite literally. Any petpet will do. I just chose Meepit because... *looks around nervously* Uhhh... I love Meepits. Yeah... That's it. *cough* The Meepits didn't force me to list them in this article or else. You must be crazy if you even thought such cute little creatures would do such a thing. *sighs, relieved that Meepits didn't come to drag her away* Let's go on...

2. Chocolate Bed

Chocolate Bed. Chocolate pillows. Chocolate covers. Chocolate dreams. Pure chocolate. The only disadvantage is that you are probably going to eat it in your sleep. But who cares? It is priced at about 1,500 NP, pretty cheap, and easy to get hold of. And it also looks awesome in any room, from a princess' room to a space room. With this incredible piece of furniture/dessert you are sure to have sweet dreams!

1. Bar of Chocolate

This is it. The one that started it all. The one and original.

How to use it:

Step 1: Bite down.

No, wait. Step 1: Unwrap it, THEN bite down.

Step 2: Chew it.

Step 3: Enjoy!

Notes: Be sure to taste and enjoy it while it lasts.

So, there it is, folks! Didn't it let you watering and wanting for more? Top ten best chocolate items in neopia! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. So, what are you waiting for? Get munching! And please excuse me while you do, I have a couple of things to do not about Meepits...

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