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Snowbeast Snackrifice: A Guide to Slinging Petpets

by xenophynx


Snowbeast Snackrifice is a very simple game, where you only need a mouse or touchpad to play. Two of your Techo friends will toss you petpets. The object of the game is to feed the snowbeast petpets by shooting them into his den. He will accept your offerings by grabbing them with his huge hands. You shoot from a distance as if you get too close, it is you who will be on the menu instead of the petpets. Several people in Terror Mountain don't like what you are doing and have assigned people from the PPL to try and stop you by saving the petpets. They will jump in front of the way, to try and stop your path, but you must do everything in your power to feed the snowbeast, or else he won't be appeased and will wreak chaos on your town.

You control the Kyrii whose task is to feed the snowbeast some petpets which include polarchucks, meepits, and snorkles. If you hold down your mouse button, the bar under you will start to light up. Yellow means that you are taking a weak shot, and red is the strongest you can possibly do. Always try and hit the red bar, and even the end of the red bar because points are awarded based upon how hard you shoot your petpet. If you take a weak shot, the petpet will not even reach the snowbeast's cave. Once you manage to feed the snowbeast three petpets at max power, you go berserk, meaning that the timer stops and you shoot the petpets at full power for about ten seconds. You will be awarded three points for each petpet that you get into his cave during this time. This game is very similar to Shootout Showdown, except you aim with your mouse, and instead of shooting a ball into a goal, you are shooting petpets. So, get on your soccer shoes, and let's go through the game!


Level One (Breakfast)

5 petpets required

It is early in the morning, so no members of the PPL are here yet. It is a good thing that the snowbeast is a light eater for breakfast. You have to feed the snowbeast 5 petpets for breakfast, which is a pretty simple task. Try and at least get berserk once, possibly with some extra full powered shots for the next level as they carry on and you can get berserk faster and easier on the next level. A good score would be around 80-100 points by the end of this level if you get berserk only once.

Level 2 (Snack)

10 petpets required

The snowbeast has woken up again and is demanding you bring him a light snack. One of the members of the PPL has heard its yells, so he is staying in front of the beast's cave, trying to prevent you from feeding him any more petpets. If you shoot a petpet and it hits the person from the PPL, the petpet, will bounce back, and not enter the cave. However, this will stun the PPL person for a few seconds, giving you time to aim around him. If you shoot at max power, the petpets will go through the grips of the PPL. Also when you are in berserk mode, the shots go straight through them as well. I can usually get into berserk mode 2-3 times this round. A score of 250 and above is great.

Level 3 (Lunch)

20 petpets required

The snowbeast requires more petpets for lunch as he is exhausted from digesting his snack. However, another member of the PPL has finished his lunch and is ready to make sure you don't feed the snowbeast any more petpets. Now, it will be even harder to get normal shots in, so you should just try to get max power on your shots and hit berserk mode as much as possible as the shots will go straight through them. You get even more time than before so you should go berserk at least 3-4 times. A good score would be about 530.

Level 4 (Dinner)

30 petpets required

It is time for the final course of the day, dinner. If you don't manage to feed the snowbeast, all of the townsfolk will be eaten. No pressure! It seems the members of the PPL care more about petpets than citizens of Neopian, so they have added another person to try and stop you from feeding the snowbeast some petpets. This is similar to level 3, so you just need to hit as many berserk shots as possible. You can probably get 4-6 berserk modes but only 2-3 will suffice if you are going for a bronze trophy on reset night. The requirement is pretty easy to get, but you should aim for around double- triple the required amount of petpets. A great score is anything above 900. After you win the game, you get a rewarding double thumbs up from your Techo friend... The snowbeast is satiated for now, but the sacrifices will be need to be made again, tomorrow.

Extra tips

Try and practice as much as you can in getting the berserk shot, whether it is going through the game over and over again, or just practicing at level one. The more you are able to hit the max bar, the more points you will get, enabling you to get higher scores. Try and hit the score caps that I have assigned for each level if you want to go for gold. Once you are in berserk mode, don't try and shoot for every single petpet. You can't always get all of them so it is better to leave the ones you can't get it, and use the time to shoot the ones you can get in. It is always better to get max power on a couple of petpets than trying to hit more of them in with normal shots. Just practice as much as you can and I'm sure that a trophy will be in within your reach.

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