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Volunteering at the Pound

by melina322


Brave_Against_It_All belongs to abovethesky.

I walked into the large, menacing building. I could see a pink Uni at the counter, writing furiously on something. I felt a little afraid as I approached her. She was really interested in whatever she was writing. I cleared my throat and she looked up and put down her pencil. "Yes, and who are you?"

      I twitched my tail nervously. "Prince. I'm the Red Kyrii sent to volunteer today."

      "Ah, yes, well come along, Price." She got up and led me to a room. "It's Prince," I corrected her under my breath, but she didn't hear me.

      She went in to talk to a grumpy-looking Techo, who stopped being so grumpy-looking when he found I wasn't being abandoned or anything. Then she emerged from the room and grabbed my paw and led me where she had been sitting.

      "Okay, so, here's what's going down," she began. "I will fill out the forms and you will escort each pet to where they are assigned. Transfer, Abandon, or Adopt." She pointed at each door in turn. The Transfer door seemed almost robotic. The Adopt was painted pink with flowers and the Abandon looked scary and covered in cobwebs. I gulped.

      The Uni pulled a chair over next to her and I sat, trying to remain calm.

      Anyway, I'm the youngest in the family. A little hard to accept, especially since one of my brothers is a baby Kougra. All my brothers are Kougras, so I seem to stand out. My owner wanted us all to do work. She sent one of my brothers to help at the Pizzaroo, which didn't seem that bad. All he would do is serve pizza and probably eat a few there. My other brother, the eldest of the family, went to Neopian Bank to help, and my Baby Kougra brother stayed home to help with the house.

      I'm always underestimated, so my owner sent me to the easiest job there could be available: Working at the Pound.

      Just then, I was snapped from my thoughts just as a girl walked in, a Yurble by her side. The Yurble was holding a suitcase, which I guess was a good sign.

      "Adopt, Transfer, or Abandon?" The Pink Uni said "Abandon" rather softly.

      The girl shrugged. "Transfer," she replied, and picked up a pen to sign the sheet. "See ya soon," she told the Yurble and I led him out.

      "Good luck," I said to him, holding the door open to Transfer. The Yurble sneered. "Oh, just be quiet," he snapped at me and I blinked. Then he disappeared into the doorway and I slammed the door, enraged.

      I plunked myself onto that blasted chair and the Uni looked at me. "It's a pretty slow day," she said, as if reading my mind. "If you want, you can sweep."

      Two minutes later, I was absently sweeping the floor. It wasn't entirely dingy. The room was a bright yellow color, with black and white tiles. A row of chairs was pushed to the wall and a table with books was in the middle. I sighed as I swept, wishing I hadn't been signed up for this job.

      The door opened to reveal a boy and a very energetic Wocky. The Wocky was jumping up and down and squealing about something.

      "I came to adopt," the boy explained to the Uni. Finally! I grabbed the Wocky's hand and led her through the Adopt door.

      She looked rather pretty and blushed when I held her hand to lead her through. She seemed about my age. "Sorry about the yelling... I've never had a sibling before," she explained shyly.

      I shrugged modestly. "That's all right. Let's find you a good brother or sister." I showed her around and she looked in at a Ixi who was probably younger.

      "I want her," the Wocky said and the Ixi seemed overjoyed. I unlocked her cage and the two new sisters were hitting it off, talking about their names, their past, their favorite color, everything.

      I emerged from the room feeling quite happy. The boy nodded and the new family left.

      For the rest of the day, it was usually a bunch of transfers and two other adopting families.

      "Well, we're gonna close for the day," the Uni soon said.

      I snapped awake from where I was sitting. I was sprawled on my chair, a book in my lap. "You guys close?" I asked wearily.

      "For a little while. Then we open really early," the Uni explained. "You never know when to get a new sibling." She chuckled.

      Or lose one, I thought.

      Suddenly, the door opened to reveal a grumpy looking boy holding a Xweetok's hand. The Blue Xweetok seemed scared and she twitched her furry, silky tail.

      "I'm abandoning this menace," the boy explained and the Xweetok began to cry.

      "Oh... okay. Just fill out this paper..." The Uni seemed saddened. "Prince, go show the Xweetok into the Abandon room."

      I nodded and led her into the room. The Abandon room had rows upon rows of cages that were going to be sent to the Adopt room. The Xweetok began to cry.

      "So..." She sniffled. "What did the Uni say your name was? Lince?"

      I shook my head. "No... it's... it's Prince. It's not my full name, though," I explained shyly.

      "I'm... Brave_Against_It_All," Brave explained, sighing. "I know, I don't seem so brave right now."

      I shook my head in sympathy. "Nonsense. I don't really think there is a pet alive that isn't scared of the Pound." Brave gave a smile.

      Then an idea hit me. "Hey, I know a way where you don't have to live here," I said, a smile beginning to form on my face.

      Brave looked hopeful. "Really? And what is that?"

      I grinned. "My owner knows a friend who wanted a Xweetok."

      I could see Brave's eyes light up with joy. She was really beaming now. "Oh, thank you, Prince!" She suddenly bolted forward and hugged me and I could smell perfume or something on her. Gosh, I didn't want to go down this path.

      "Yeah... I... er... uh-huh," I stammered stupidly.

      Now I went out and introduced her to my owner. She was pretty shy at meeting her.

      "I want to find her a good home," I explained, trying not to sound nervous.

      But my owner didn't even blink at Brave. "Yeah, I know a friend of mine who wanted a Xweetok," she said, shrugging her shoulders. Brave was happier than any Neopet I knew.

      She slept with us for three days, while my owner talked with her friend.

      Then I escorted her into the Transfer room. "Thank you, Prince," she shyly said.

      I shook my head. "It was nothing."

      "No, it was a lot."

      I watched her retreating back and grabbed the broom to try to get my mind off. Instead, I ended up sweeping over a bunch of people's feet and I had to stop. I wasn't going to admit I actually MISSED Brave... but I hoped she was living well and happy with her new owner.

      And from this day on, she lives with two sisters and a brother. She's painted Cloud now and has a good reputation.

      All because I volunteered at the Pound.

The End

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