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Diving in the Dump

by xenophynx


Just outside of Meri Acres farm is a big pile of rubbish - it's where people go to get rid of stuff that has started to smell SO bad they don't want to be near it anymore. Have a look through, you may find some exciting stuff!

To some, the Rubbish Dump is just a medieval aspect of the site, and is a backwater place in Meridell that isn't even worth going to. However, those that go there know that there are some treasures to be found. Leftovers of King Skarl's feast can be found here, mostly food, and trash, but some other high end items can be accidentally swept into here, some even donated by generous benefactors.

Years ago I ventured into the games board and found a link to the Rubbish Dump. Apparently a group of people would join up together to refresh to try to see what they could get. We had fun refreshing and many items seemed to show up. However, the 251st editorial in the Neopian Times stated that the amount of people refreshing at the Rubbish Dump didn't influence the number of items or rarity of the items. We found out that this was partially true. If there are 20 people in the Rubbish Dump and they only refresh once, or very slowly, not many items are going to stock. But if there are 5 people that hold f5 for a couple of seconds, they are getting more done, and more items will stock.

The key to the Rubbish Dump is just refreshing quickly. If you do it fast, more items will stock, and sometimes your name will show up under an item saying that you donated it, but you haven't really. You just have to click on an item, without haggling or any pop up to get it. When you refresh, it increases your chances of getting random items in your inventory or even faerie quests. Unlike Neopian shops, you can refresh at the Rubbish Dump as long as you want without getting banned. However, if you are too greedy and try to grab over 10 items, it will appear as if someone else took the item, but in reality, the item is still there.

The Donators

My thanks go out to the generous benefactors to the Rubbish dump which make all of this possible: Somebody mysterious, Somebody smelly, Passing Meercas, Passing faeries, Farmer Ted, and Farmer Boggins, Farmer Sid, Farmer Joe, Rowdy peasants, The Stablehand, Meridell castle cleaners, King Skarl, You, and the Dung Faerie. (Yes, she is real!)



(1-100 NP)

Pile of dung, Bit of barbed wire, Packet of gravel, Soggy old box, Strange green seeds, Zeenana peel, Squished tomato, Meridell gravy, Old croutons, Healing potions, Chewing dung, and UFFH.

These items are generally not worth getting unless you are looking for extra items for your rubbish or pack rat avatar. They are the most common items that appear in the dump which tend to stay there the longest, and if you grab too many of these, you will pass the 10 item limit very quickly. The items are extremely cheap to find on the shop wizard, so you would be better off leaving these items for those that are more rare. For the most part, if you would open up the Rubbish Dump, these would be the typical items that you would find there.


(900-11,000 NP)

Broken spoon, Dung pizza, All codestones, Baby haystack, Dung slushie, and Healing potion XIX.

Good luck getting these items as they are apt to go to the quickest person. Even though these items aren't that much individually, if you get ten of them a day, you can make a hefty profit. Because they are rare, hundreds of items could go by with none of the rarer items stocking. Baby haystack is now wearable and the codestones are always useful as they are easy to sell or you can train your pet with them at the Mystery Island training school. The Dung slushie is an item that can give your pet gourmet points if they can muster up the strength to eat it.

Extremely rare

(35,000- 4,000,000 NP)

Compost dung right, How its dung, Muddy bone, Apple core, Old paper and Turmac.

If you get one of these items, the time you spend in the Rubbish Dump will be well worth it. There are two books that are exclusive to the Rubbish Dump that you can read to your pet. Out of this list, the books were the only two extremely rare items that I have seen and been able to get. The 440th issue of the Neopian times editorial stated that there is also a small chance that a Turmac will show up. (Don't you go telling the Turmaculus that its kid has run off again while it was sleeping). The apple core, and old paper are extremely rare as well, with none to be found on the shop wizard or trading post, and only a few are in galleries.


The Rubbish Dump doesn't have as much competition as Neopian shops because people don't believe you can make a profit from it. Another difference is that it can hold up to 20 items, instead of 24 like a normal shop. It functions in the same way as the money tree and the second hand shoppe, because you only have to click on the item you want, without any haggling to get it. However, unlike regular shops, you can control the frequency of the Rubbish Dump stocking items just by increasing the amount you refresh by, which is great for random events and faerie quests. I would recommend going to the Rubbish Dump after you have done your main neopoint earning activities such as key quest, restocking, or world challenges. Well, it was fun, but it looks like it is time to dive out of the dump, but you can always come back tomorrow. Remember to not stay too long at the dump, else you'll smell like Somebody smelly.

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