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Top 5 Versatile, Vivacious And Wow-Inspiring Wigs

by fireairshadow


The introduction of wearable wigs has long been hailed by the unwillingly bald pets of Neopia as the greatest event since Balthazar's faerie giveaway. No longer do Neopets need to be saddled with the angst of not being able to express their personality through hair – now members of every species alike can sport the golden locks of a princess, the long, fluid tresses of a Maraquan maiden, or the short, greased spikes of the latest music sensation to hail from the Tyrannian Concert Hall.

But with the literally hundreds of wig choices available, what wigs are the best for the thrifty yet fashion-conscious owner? Which wigs are likely to please all members of your family, no matter the species, and no matter the outfit or season? Here's a few of my top suggestions for the most wonderful, versatile and wow-inspiring wigs that are just itching to go on a-head.

5. Curly White Wig with Bow

This elegant white wig was a gold prize from the JubJub Power Bounce Game during winter/Valentine 2011. It was popular from its release, trading up to almost 10 caps in value, before being re-released in JJPB suitcases in spring 2012, when its value has fallen to a more pleasingly affordable 5 caps.

The curly wig has a low crown and beautiful, old-fashioned white curls that curl delicately around a pet's face, and is finished with a pleasing violet bow on one side. It is one of the few short but feminine wigs, and its curls end just above a pet's shoulders. Its colour and shape make it versatile – ideal for a formal, but not too gaudy, look.

It is beautifully worn paler base colours such as white and grey, but is also versatile enough for deep, solid colours such as pink, purple, faerie or desert. Some ideal items to wear with this wig include elegant feather dress, wonderland gloves, and delicate ultra white shrug.

Perhaps the only criticism of this wig is that its crown can sometimes sit too low on a pet, giving the wearer's head an almost "flat" look. And as its description suggests, it may look a bit "old-fashioned" and formal. That said, it is a popular, versatile and affordable item, and earns a deserving fifth-place in this list.

4. Isca Wig

This soft, glowing pale aqua wig has a long, straight and fluid shape that immediately reminds one of a Peophin's mane as it swims majestically through the ocean. It is aptly named, and is obtainable (at the time of writing) by activating an Isca Key Quest Token. It has been popular and commonly sought, placing its value at an expensive (but obtainable) 20 caps.

The Isca Wig has a central, straight hairline that helps give a heart-shaped appearance to a pet's face. The long and flowing hair that flows down from this centre sits well and in proportion with a pet's head, giving an overall pleasing look.

Its colour and shape are not overly feminine, and it is this, and its wonderful underwater quality that has given it wide acclaim among customisers. It works best with light, aqua colours such as water, white and ice. Avoid it with earthy or strong, bold colours such as brown, desert, pink or gold. Popular items worn with this wig include Iscas Dress, Isca Handheld Plushie, and to underline the water theme, a background such as Pretty Tropical Lagoon Background or Gulp... Underwater Reef Background.

It is unique as one of the few water-themed wigs that look truly wonderful on pets of all species, especially Draiks and Kacheeks; however, its popularity has made it a tad unaffordable, and as such it wins a deserving fourth place in this list.

3. Silk Wig with Flowers

This bright, floral wig was created from a Crafting Faerie Quest – crafted from Silk Flowers and Spools of Silk Thread. This quest is now retired (no longer obtainable) and the wig trades for around 4 caps, which is a very affordable price considering its versatility.

The silk wig with flowers flows delicately down around a pet's head, and its loose, natural shape is highlighted by the delicate pink and purple flowers that are intertwined in its body. Its dark, rich purple colour means that it works perfectly with many of the darker, more solid base colours – for example, purple, pink, eventide and even Darigan (although your Darigan may not appreciate all the silk flowers intertwined in her locks!). Avoid it with colours on the other end of the colour wheel, such as desert, green or zombie.

It is a very floral, flowing and feminine wig, and as such it is best paired with spring or garden outfit designs. It works especially well with items such as Fyora Collectors Dress and Butterfly Dress. The pleasing shape and affordable price of this floral wig makes it a deserving bronze medal recipient.

2. Altadorian Wig with Gold Ribbon

This stunningly elegant wig was the prize for completing the Altador Cup V NC Challenge on June 25, 2010. Since then its value has skyrocketed to a (at the time of writing) stunning 70 caps! Wow! But just try this wig on your pet's head, and you will realise why it is so popular, and hence why it is so expensive and difficult to find.

The Altadorian wig with gold ribbon, commonly abbreviated to "AC wig", sits simply perfectly on a pet's head. The crown of the wig is not too high nor poofy, the fringe of the wig does not hang too low, the flow of the wig is simply beautiful, resembling soft, luscious natural hair, and the resplendent gold ribbon throughout is perfectly set off against the warn brown hair colour. It works well with literally every species of Neopet, and it has the surreal ability to turn even the most homely farmer girl from Meridell into a right proper Altadorian noblewoman.

The AC wig works best with base colours that match its gold and brown – gold, brown, desert, chocolate and island will be able to pull it off nicely. Despite its aesthetic shape, it is best to avoid strong, solid base colours that clash with its colour scheme – pink, purple or maractite for example. Its limited versatility and high price tag is this wig's main downfall. That said, I don't know of a single fashion-conscious owner or pet who would pass the opportunity to have this wig in their closet!

1. Tower Princess Wig

This lovely, angelic and feminine wig was first introduced to the NC mall in July 2009 and really is the most versatile buyable wig out there, in that it looks lovely on literally every species and with almost every outfit conceivable. It is truly the best wig to buy if you have some neocash left over and don't want to go through the hassle of trading for other wigs (that might not even look as good!). Of course, the downside is that it is extremely feminine – this wig is released as part of the Tower Princess Superpack, and its name is a reference to that famous fairytale princess.

The wig features long, beautiful golden locks with flower highlights at the side of the crown and down throughout the braid. It will sit plumply on a pet's head, with its fringe flowing down beyond most species' brows, thereby highlighting their eyes.

This wig has won the gold prize in this list because of its versatility – it works well with all base colours, a feat that is very difficult to achieve. It can be, and is, worn with almost every feminine outfit, its golden colour and aesthetic shape often providing the highlight that caps off the whole outfit. It is a very girly wig however, so you might want to consider your pet's character before putting it on your proudly Darigan pet. Versatile, beautiful, and affordable – there's not much else that a customiser could want!

So there you have it! This wig-lover and customiser's pick of the 5 most versatile wigs for your pet to wear. There are, of course, many hundreds of wigs out there, and your opinion may differ from mine. The important thing is to find the style that you and your pets love, to let your personality shine through, and to never stop discovering the wide range of wearables that are introduced every day. There has never been a better time to be (or become) a wig-lover and customiser!

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