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Five Rules of Neoboard Etiquette

by forestandoaken


In the midst of the cleverly written guild boards and the crazy topics of the newbies board, we've all seen it: The annoying and cringe worthy topic that makes you wince just looking at it.

Just the other day, I saw one declaring "ERRGH GUILDLESS RAAAAAARWRAAA". Another gave me the insightful wisdom that "I HAZ PROBLMS!!!1!!!" Others give a deceiving appearance of normality, until you look down the board to find the same topic posted multiple times. It leaves me scratching my head and wondering, "What in the name of Fyora do these people think they are doing?"

And then it hit me. They just don't understand that what they are doing is terrible Neoboard etiquette. Someone needs to inform them of this or else they may continue to commit such an atrocity. I've been on the boards for years, so why shouldn't I impart some wisdom on my fellow Neopians, both new and old. Now listen carefully and heed my advice. You may be quite surprised at how much of this could apply to you.

1. Don't spam on any of the boards.

This is a big no in the rulebook. If you make a board, nicely bump it every so often if nobody posts on it to keep it on the first page. However, please don't make a new topic for it every two minutes or else the Lawyerbot may come after you. And you really don't want that happening, now do you? You should also avoid posting the same message multiple times in a row on the same board. Our favorite Red Petri likes to remind us, the boards are meant to chat. They are NOT meant for spamming or trying to find loopholes in TNT rules.

2. Pay attention to which board you are in and what you are posting on it.

Recently, I saw a topic for a shop ad posted. This would have been perfectly acceptable... that is, if I had not been on the guilds board. Remember to keep your topic as relative to the board as you possibly can. If you aren't sure where to put something, keep in mind that questions about Neopets go in the Help section, questions about an idea for a new pet go in the Ideas/Suggestions, and if you are ever in doubt about whether the topic fits the board, it probably does not. If you want to chat about something completely random, try the Newbies board or even the Jelly Wor—I mean, that board doesn't exist! That place isn't real, what are you talking about? *gets dragged away by Meepits* Oh, not again!

3. Don't beg people for anything.

When I say this I'm not just referring to items, which are against TNT rules to beg for anyways. There are tons of things on Neopets that you may want to ask people to contribute to. You could want people to consider voting on something or maybe you are trying to make a graphic or art request. It's fine to ask people if they could make you a graphic if they state that they are interested in it, but do it politely. If the person has a statement on their user lookup, siggy, or site asking that you don't make any requests or not to send them information or friend requests, listen to what they write. Nothing is more frustrating than when somebody demands for you to make them something or begs you to join their guild. Keep in mind that everybody here is a Neopian just like you and treat everyone nicely. As long as you are polite and they have open requests, most people would be happy to help you out!

4. Be careful of HOW you say something.

I understand that not everyone enjoys Language Flash Cards nearly as much as my Usul does. However, if I can't understand what you're writing, it's pretty difficult to answer or chat with you. Don't be the Snowager and speak in all caps. And talking "lyke dis" may scare people away from reading what you have to say. If you are advertising anything, from a guild to a shop, make sure your ad has all of the information and if you claim to be literate or semi-literate, speak as such. Also, avoid speaking in all caps because when you do, that little voice in everybody's head READS IT IN AN ANGRY VOICE. Wait... you don't have a little voice in your head? Err... Awkward Meepit.

5. Watch your emotions when posting on the boards.

I'm a huge fan of smilies, I think they make everything seem more fun. What I'm not a fan of is the angry ranting topic or frustrated upset one using sad and angry faces. If you don't like something someone did, talk to them directly through neomail. As opposed to, you know, broadcasting to everyone how upset you are only to find out you made a mistake or came to the wrong conclusion on something. Keep in mind everyone is entitled to having a different opinion than you and don't storm off when somebody disagrees with what you say. Neopets is a happy place! Also keep in mind that when you are upset over something, it may not be in your account's best interest for you to go on the boards at all. Sometimes, just take a break to play some games or even treat your Neopets to a treat *insert corny audience laughter*. Taking your mind off of those negative emotions will help you out in the long run.

Occasionally, I might sound a bit harsh in this. But Dr. Sloth always taught me that when in doubt, rule with an iron fist. As long as you follow these five simple rules to the Neoboards, Neopians everywhere will revel in amazement at your elegant etiquette in any given situation on the boards. After that, it's just one short step to ruling the world. MWAHAHA! Wait, you heard that last bit? What I meant to say was... err... enjoying any conversation you come across. Now then, have fun on the Neoboards!

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