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The Effects of the Forgotten Shore

by rowdy420


What is the Forgotten Shore? Well, it's a beach along the coast of Krawk Island with treacherous reefs surrounding the area. Once you've discovered the shore, you can pop in once a day to see if some old cargo has washed up on the shore! Sometimes you can come across piles of Neopoints, and if you're lucky, you might even find some treasure. ;) Erm… Uhm… Well, this is awkward but it seems as though I've forgotten some very important information relating to the shore… Well, it turns out you'll actually need nine separate Map Pieces before you can even find the shore! I know, crazy, right? Well, the good part is if you're lucky enough to obtain such pieces (like I said before), you will only have to complete the map once and you should be able to find your way back easily. :) And like I said before, you will be able to drop back in on a daily basis.

Lately I've been noticing some shifts in the way our pets are valued. Mainly Draiks, Krawks, and pirate painted Neopets. Now-a-days, pirate Neopets aren't rare, the price of Draik Eggs has dropped drastically, and you can morph your pet into a Krawk for just over 1 million Neopoints. The Forgotten Shore is changing some things around Neopia, and I'll explain to you four different effects it is having (in no specific order).

1. The Pirate Paint Brush

Do you remember when a Pirate Paint Brush was around ten million Neopoints? I do. I remember seven years ago I wanted my first Neopet Derels to be a cute little sailor pirate. But ten million Neopoints? No, never. Way too much. Out of the question. It seemed impossible. The only way I could ever have hoped to get one was if Jacko the Phantom Painter happened to drop in and hand me one. But then they released the Paint Brush as a prize for participating in the fifth year of the Altador Cup. So naturally the price dropped a little. It lowered to probably around seven million Neopoints. Still, it was too expensive to even think about. And all of a sudden, the price drops, and drops, and drops. Why? Because after the Krawk Island Disappearance, the newly rediscovered Forgotten Shore started giving them out. Some people complain, but I thank TNT for what they've done. They've made it possible for people paint their pet a cute little pirate just as I've always wanted. It was no longer just a dream.

2. Pirate Morphing Potions

The majority of these fantastic morphing potions are just under a million Neopoints now. We all know Kauvara is doing her best to brew as many morphing potions as she can, but she can only do so many a time. So this is obviously the work of the Forgotten Shore. Upon visiting the shore, you might be lucky enough (as I once was) to come across a "Discovered Treasure Chest". With this, you can chose the option "Play with your neopet." And once you do, the possibilities are vast with almost sixty different items to be obtained! Sixteen of which are Pirate Morphing Potions. I, however, wasn't so lucky. When Siezu played with that treasure chest worth 30k on the Shop Wizard, I ended up with a Tuskaninny Treasure book, worth about, oh, I don't know... about three Neopoints. :( But at least Siezu gained an intelligence point that day. And to be honest, I'd open another treasure chest in the hopes of being one of the lucky Neopians who come across a Pirate Morphing Potion. Once again, the shore has made it possible for people to obtain pirate pets--oh wait! It's not just ordinary Neopets anymore… Now it includes LE Neopets and… our two beloved--SACRED--Neopets: the Krawk and Draik.

3. The Krawk

Well, guys, our alligator-like friends have been hit the hardest by the Forgotten Shore. For some reason, even though the shore only gives out the Pirate Krawk Morphing Potion (and the shore gives out both the Pirate Draik Egg and the Pirate Morphing Potion), only the Krawk has become easily obtainable. As I said in the opening, the Krawk is now achievable with just above one million Neopoints, maybe less if you're a natural-born haggler. ;) Some say the Krawk isn't as special anymore, but not me. I think it just means that there are more Krawks to play with each other and do Krawk-like things. In my eyes, the Krawk is a treasure now reachable by even the mediocre Neopetters. And who knows, maybe the Krawk won't be holding the Wooden Spoon Award for very long!

4.) The Draik

Oh, those cute dragons that are the most sought after converted Neopet in Neopia (this varies depending on who you ask). Draiks are still the hardest Neopet to achieve, and now they're just a little bit easier. What's to blame? The Forgotten Shore, of course! The shore has once again made it easier to obtain a restricted Neopet. It's a peasant's dream and a lord's nightmare. The ten million Neopoint Draik is no more. You can now obtain a Draik for… wait for it… 3.5 MILLION NEOPOINTS. Yes, you read that right, 3.5 million Neopoints. Hm…. That's about 65% off! Wow, that's definitely a steal. Congratulations to the people who've had their Draik for some time-and who have now over paid. Well, it just makes it that much easier for the rest of us, eh?

Well, I think I better wrap this up before the Pirates find out I've been shedding some light on the current situation. Thank you for reading my article and I wish you the best of luck when visiting the shore!

*On a side note, getting a Pirate Paint Brush, a Pirate Draik Egg or any Morphing Potions is a very rare and unlikely occurrence, so remember not to get your hopes up too much when visiting the Forgotten Shore. Very few Neopians walk away with items worth millions. Just be happy if you do walk away with anything…

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