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A Need for Flea Collars?

by youkos_lil_fox


NEOPIA CENTRAL- This has to be stopped before it spreads even further. Neopia has been invaded…by fleas. Fleas and various other parasites. Those poor petpets…having to deal with an itchy rash all the time because the tiny creature causing it is too cute. But hey, I like them too! I think most of us do in fact…like petpetpets that is.

Remember that little bug in the Trading Post? That was a petpetpet. One of many petpetpets. And since there are so many, you may not know of all of them. Neither do I, but I found as many as I could, and I’m here to tell you about them now. Most of us want one of them, so decide here which one! And some of them are very expensive, I took care to mention which ones for you. =) So let’s get down to naming the little critters!

The Mootix: The rarity of all petpetpets is Super Rare 99, I’m only saying that once! The mootix is certainly the most expensive of the numerous little critters, but for a reason: it unlocks a secret avatar. If you’re an avatar hunter, this is the petpetpet for you. As long as you have the neopoints to spend. And on top of all that it’s very cute. So “Ewwww! Your Petpet has fleas!” should be changed to “Look! What an adorable flea your Petpet has!”

The Breebly: This little guy is also a flea, though you don’t get an avatar from him. That means he’s more affordable to those of us who consider ourselves the “Soup Faerie Regulars.” Ha, ha. Most other petpetpets are around the same price range. This petpetpet would look fine with any blue petpet, as that is the color of a breebly. Or maybe white or pink. A contrasting color. Its description? “You need to get your Petpet a flea collar!” But it doesn’t say where to get one…

The Moach: The moach is my personal favorite of all the petpetpets. I think it has something to do with the fact that he looks like a praying mantis. In that respect, why not have him attached to a Ruki’s petpet? I think they match… And the moach is affordable too, even more so if you get lucky and find one. I wonder, could you find one if you didn’t have a petpet? Hmmm…”Ewww, is that a moach walking up your Petpet's leg?”

The Cooty: Well, the moach may be my personal favorite, but a cooty isn’t far behind. Those of us old enough to remember grade school all remember the saying “Circle, circle. Dot, dot. Now you got your cooty shot.” So why haven’t they developed one of those for our petpets? Maybe we should all ask Kauvara… The cooty, like the breebly, is blue so it would match the same colors (blues, whites) or contrasting colors (reds, pinks). But the cooty comes with a “warning label”: “It’s not such a cutie when your Petpet starts getting a rash all over its body!”

The Vernax: This petpetpet reminds me most of guys. Don’t ask me why, it just does. I think it’s the large jaws on it, they just look creepy. *Shudder* “If your Petpet has itchy feet, there is most probably a vernax to blame.” So petpets don’t get athlete’s foot…it’s a Vernax. You learn something new everyday.

The Veespa: A petpetpet that reminds me of a bee, maybe because it looks like one! So maybe this tiny terror would go along with…a snicklebeast! Haha, bad humor on my part…tiny terror and a tiny terror? Don’t get it? Then don’t worry…I’m not funny, but anyway. A Buzzer that belongs to a Buzz may be a more obvious match. The veespa does a very interesting thing to petpets…”Ewwwwwww! Why is your Petpet covered with red lumps?” A whole bunch of red lumps from one little bug. Can’t beat all that for the price, now can you?

The Zytch: “Zytchs love to suck your Petpets blood!” Sounds like a leech to me…but a bit cuter I think. And a funny name. Not many things in Neopia seem to start with a “Z”, so why not pair a zytch with a zafara? It’s just a thought… Then feed them a zeenana… A zytch and a zafara eating a zeenana? There must be something wrong with that picture…

The Larnikin: A ladybug-like petpetpet. Seems kinda girly to me, so make sure your pet is female. Unless it’s an appreciative male. No killing the bugs in the name of science. “Their short fat bodies can actually stretch to quite remarkable lengths.” Does that mean they could explode too? And if you wanted to know, the last few petpetpets are somewhat cheap, if you’re keeping a price check. I get sidetracked thinking about the bugs and what they get away with at our petpets’ expense…

The Lady Blurg: Even more like a ladybug than the larnikin. And maybe they stretch too, because “Eating is what lady blurgs do best and boy do they enjoy doing it.” I’d hope they stretch. Wouldn’t it be sad to find itty bitty bits of petpetpet guts on your petpet? Who would want to touch that petpet… And it wouldn’t be fair if the larnikin could stretch and the lady blurg couldn’t, now would it?

The Mozito: Who in their right mind would want their petpet to be attacked by a mosquito constantly? Hey, is that the reason kadoaties cry all the time? I wonder… Maybe it isn’t the lights, just the mozitos! I mean, you can’t find one of these small critters in the dark, and the kadoaties can’t find the itchy spot in the dark. Thus they cry. Ingenious. “If your Petpet seems to have an itch, maybe this little guy is to blame…” Yep, now I’m convinced.

The Glack: “So named for the glack-like noise it makes when its antenna rub together.” Does anyone know what a glack-like noise sounds like? They make me think of crickets when they say that. My recommendation is to give it to a petpet who belongs to a quiggle. I love irony, it’s so ironic. Haha, there I go again with my bad jokes. You don’t deserve this, so I’ll just move right along.

The Skritch: This one must be a tight rope walker in some cases, “If you find your Petpet itching, it could be a skritch walking along its back…” A skritch circus? They have flea circuses, so I don’t see why not! Oh, and since I forget to mention, he’s rather cheap as well. Cheaper than the cricket glack. Yep. Just get a few skritches for all your petpets and let me know what time they will be performing. I’d love to watch the circus perform!

The Flankin: Another petpetpet with a warning label! It’s amazing, there should be warning labels for everything. This one says “Careful, this little mite burns!” Mite. The flankin is a mite. Is a mite a flankin then? Or is mite an insult? Not very nice, none of the other petpetpets get insulted, and the poor little flankin does…

The Moffit: Little Miss Moffit, sat on her tuffet, eating her curds and whey; when along came a spyder, and sat down beside her, and frightened Miss Moffit away. Huh? Oh, my bad, it’s Miss Muffit who did all of that… Heh, but I thought…never mind. A perfect match for your spyder petpet, then? I suppose. But if you’re going to make a circus, add one of these guys: “Its incredibly long legs means it can jump great distances with ease.” A trapeze artist?

The Skidget: Unfortunately, this is the last petpetpet I have to tell you about. *Sniff, sniff* I’ll get right to it: “A slow moving bug that just longs to jump on your Petpet.” Makes it sound like a moffit wanna-be. Can they actually jump is my question. All petpetpets were certainly not created equal, and by the sounds of it the skidget got the shortest stick of them all.

Yes, I know, I’m missing a few petpetpets. Can you honestly think that I should have to track down all of them so my hard work could be your easy read? Nope. So go find the other petpetpets. I know there’s one that looks like a spyder, so why not attach it to one? And the last thing I feel the need to say, sorry for my bad jokes. Just a bit of dry humor to make sure you kept reading. Unless you skipped through my article… But that would never happen! I already said my last thing, so I’ll ask my last question, haha. Should we ask TNT when and where we can buy flea collars?

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