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Must Haves For the Neopet that Loves to Cook

by pinkcrown123


Does your Neopet love to cook? However, though, sometimes your Neopet makes a mess of your kitchen and, well, sometimes, the food they make is, well, just, bleh. I mean, the food they make sort of tastes like something Alien Aishas would make. You want to encourage them to cook, but you don't want to find the Pinchits from your Habitarium in your meal. You tried a bunch of cookbooks but it doesn't help. Thankfully, in this article, I will show you some amazing items that are sure to improve your Neopet's cooking. Soon, they'll be making food like delicious salads, soups, and other outstanding delights. So now, I present you with some awesome items in no apparent order that will turn your Neopet's strange, wobbly thing that looks like jelly but smells like socks turn into a tasty Beef and Veggie Soup!

I Heart Soup Apron

Ugh, don't you hate it when your Neopet gets a bunch of unknown sauces on their fur (or scales or feathers or skin...) that takes like, only forever to clean off? Yeah, that happened to my Uni all the time, until... I got this super duper really cool apron! Its soft, durable fabric feels very comfortable and is not scratchy or itchy at all. Almost any stains from it is easily washed away with plain old water. Easy as pie! And really, do you expect to be a cook without an apron? And don't worry, the I Heart Soup Apron is really cheap, only 500 neopoints! So what are you waiting for? Hurry to the Shop Wizard and ask!

Fancy Kitchen Background

To be a chef, you must look like one. Of course, I have just mentioned the apron above, but how can your Neopet be a chef if you don't have a kitchen (or at least a background that looks like you have a kitchen)? Ah... look at all of those spices and things in the background... so fancy... wow... Oh, where was I? Ah yes.. So with this, it will look like your Neopet is a personal chef for Queen Fyora! However, this is a little more pricey than the apron at 20k, but trust me, it's so, so worth it. Good things don't always come cheap, you know.

Gourmet Cooking For Your Pet

You might heard of this item if you're an avid avatar collector, as it can be used to get the Chef Bonju avatar, but you do realize that it can be used for more than just throwing in the Cooking Pot, right? It's a wonderful introduction to cooking with a couple of wondrous recipes, duh. It has easy to follow directions and it has many safety tips so you don't have to worry about getting your pet's paw chopped of either. Right now the book costs 35k-ish, but beware; the prices will rise even higher when the Month of Hiding arrives. But first, here are a few recipes from the book so you can get an example of what amazing foods there are. The recipes from the book have hardness ratings, so your Neopets can start off by making things like sandwiches instead of cakes.

Hot and Sour Soup:

  • One third of a cup of cut Red Scorchipeppers
  • One Cup of Water
  • One third of a cup of cut Sourmelon
  • Two tablespoons of Chilli Chia Hot Sauce
  • Cut Celery

First, start off by boiling the Cup of Water (remember to ask your owner to help you) and as it starts boiling, add slowly stir in the two tablespoons of Chilli Chia Hot Sauce. After you add the sauce, quickly add in the peppers and Sourmelon. Wait two minutes, stirring occasionally, and add the celery. You may also add other vegetables and spices at this time. Wait about five minutes, also stirring occasionally, and turn the fire off. Let the soup cool down for ten minutes to serve. Makes one cup of soup.

Dewy Apple Sandwich:

  • Two slices of bread
  • Three Dewy Apples

Peel the apples and put them between the slices of bread. Cut the sandwich into triangles. Makes two sandwiches.

Neopian Berry Smoothie:

  • 2 cups of ice (add more if needed)
  • Any non-poisonous berries

Dump all of your ingredients into a blender and blend on medium speed for one minute. Done.

See all the easy to make foods? This is a must have for your kitchen!

Chefs Kit:

I know I already mentioned the Soup Apron, but this set has everything a chef would need to make gourmet delights. Remember to supervise your Neopet if they're going to use the knife, though. I recommend the Soup Apron over the one included in this kit, though. Anyways, this also has a small little starter cookbook that includes things like salads and soups. Lots of other things are included in this package, but I don't want to ruin the surprise of buying this package and seeing all the things inside. You can get this for 500 neopoints now, so hurry up!

Fyora Homemade Ice Cream Maker

Mmm... on hot summer days, there is nothing like ice cream. This ice cream maker is very pretty and is easy to use. Just dump some cream, flavoring, and ice in it and turn it on! This homemade ice cream is much more delicious than the ones at Terror Mountain and you can make sundaes, ice cream cones, or anything! I think the appearance of the maker is very charming. Despite its looks, it is a very durable product and can withstand being dropped a couple of times without making a dent. 12k is nothing for this fine product.

Lil Miss Grarrl

Does your Baby Neopet want to cook too? Are you worried they'll probably burn themselves if they use the oven? Well, Lil Miss Grarrl is a super fun toy where you're Baby Neopet can pretend they are cooking tiny little crumpets and selling them. The little cookies, tarts, and crumpets in this set are actually edible, so you don't have to worry about your babies choking on them or anything. You can even buy more cookies and things in case your Baby Neopet eats them all also. Actually, to tell the truth, I admit that I have played with this before when my Baby Neopet wasn't looking. You can find this at the Shop Wiz for 2k. Fun and educational!

Okay, I hope you enjoyed my guide, and your Neopets are making foods that taste like they were bought. Thanks for reading, and I have wonderful day.

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