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Neopian Business Review: Success of Cheeseroller

by raining_iilesfor


There are some names that are well-known in the world of Neopia: such as Princess Fernypoo, King Roo and the stars of the Altador Cup. There are even some nameless figures that we just recognize upon first glance: no doubt you'd recognize the unruly white hair and swirling red eyes of the Lab Ray Scientist from a mile away. Unfortunately, there are some beings in Neopia who just don't receive the attention they deserve and the Cheeseroller Techo is one of those characters.

My name is Guylesfor and I am a professional and experienced business advisor with a business degree from the National Neopian Business School of Finance and Management (did you know the Skeith who owns the National Neopia also graduated from there?). The world of Neopia may be fun and games sometimes but the minds behind those fun and games are those of sharp and innovative entrepreneurs. Aside from the obvious business-oriented games such as the 'Stock Market' and 'Plushie Tycoon', the figures behind other games can also be called trade geniuses. In this issue, I will focus on the success of the Meridellian game many of us have come to love: Cheeseroller.

The sharp tang of cheddar in the air and the sight of round rolls of brain cheese being chased by neopets down hills are commonalities in the land of Meridell. Today, I bring you insight on the underappreciated owner and founder of the Cheeseroller business concept and hugely popular and fun game. His business success is undeniable but very few people seem to notice it. The Cheeseroller Techo agreed to a short interview where we were able to ask him about Cheeseroller as well as a bit about himself.


Q: How did you think of the idea for 'Cheeseroller'?

A: Well, when I was on holiday, I saw something similar happening in a sort of festival-fashion. It was incredibly amusing to watch and at that moment I saw a huge business opportunity. Finding high-quality fresh cheese was easy in Meridell so I decided to open shop there and the game took off hugely, much to my surprise.

Q: How many types of cheese are available?

A: Around 29 different types, all at different prices to appeal to all markets and wealth of users in the Neopian world. Sometimes I get large spenders, sometimes small spenders, but Cheeseroller is a game for everyone so I've got to stock all kinds of cheese.

Q: So, do you really like cheese?

A: Not particularly.

Q: Does the smell ever bother you?

A: Ha ha! After years of being with this cheese not only do you stop noticing the stench, but you begin to smell like it too! I've been told multiple times by Sinsi at Shapeshifter that I smell!

Q: Why did you choose to keep your name hidden from the Neopian archives and public?

A: I want to remain a neutral, mysterious and private character. Publicizing your name opens your personal details to everyone and I want to protect myself as well as the ones close to me.

Q: Why did you not make Cheeseroller a public corporation and release Cheesroller stocks? Surely many people would be interested in investing in Cheeseroller. Many companies such as Dice-a-Roo have chosen to go public by putting their stocks on the stock market.

A: It's a family owned company. I want to keep information about it private so that the business and my descendants can be protected.

Q: I see. I'm sure you've seen millions of neopets run down that hill, so I'm also sure you know many secrets about the game. I don't know if you'll answer this or not, but which type of cheese is the best to use?

A: I'm sorry, but you'll just have to find out that for yourself. Come play Cheeseroller!

Q: What do you think has been the key to Cheeseroller's continued success?

A: In the end if the product is good people will continue to buy it. The cheese and the simple concept of the game are what keep bringing people back.

Q: What famous people have come to play Cheeseroller in the past?

A: My proudest moment is when King Skarl came. He was known for being a grumpy chap but by the time he was done rolling cheese, he was smiling more than anyone had ever seen before! All his guards were wide eyed and stunned as they led him away!

Q: Wow, even royalty has played Cheeseroll; you must be very proud. What do you enjoy most about running Cheeseroller?

A: Just seeing neopets and owners having fun, of course! Giving avatars and cheese out is the best part of my job. It makes me happy to see neopets and owners overjoyed at having reached the bottom of the hill in less than a minute. Cheeseroller constantly presents challenges to neopets and owners. Avatars are also great free advertisement!

Q: Always business minded, I see. That concludes our interview, thank you very much for your time, Cheeseroller Techo. I wish you large and continued successes in the future.

A: No problem, come back anytime. No doubt Cheeseroller will continue to be successful in the future!


Appealing to different statuses and wealth, providing a huge variety of cheese allowing the luxury of choice, a simple and easy business plan and concept so the consumer can understand it and clever advertisement are only a few of the many aspects of Cheeseroller that have brought it success in the past ten years since Meridell's discovery. Aside from the avatar and various types of cheese unique to Cheeseroller, Techo Cheesroller Tunics and Hats have also been released onto the Neopian market and are extremely popular among techo owners.

However, despite the Cheeseroller Techo's words final words in the interview, I think 'Cheeseroller' as a business has some things it should be concerned about in the near future if it wants to continue flourishing. For one, many businesses and games are laying emphasis and are shifting their focus to appearances and graphics in order to attract new customers as well as maintain the attentions of their current markets. Cheeseroller has a retro and old feel to it which may indicate that Cheeseroller may need to change their image in the future in order to keep up with the changing market of Meridell and Neopia.

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