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Blue Eyes in a Frame of Brown Fur

by sara_midnight_24


Foxitta was the first Neopet I ever got. She was born at Neo-Farm Adoption Center. I was walking around looking for a probable place to find a Neopet. I glanced from side to side. Then something caught my eye. There was a little empty looking store to my right and in the stock window were many small fox-like animals. They seemed to be Neopets so I went in to learn more.

     "Ah yes," the storekeeper said, walking over to the glass container. "We just got a shipment of Xweetoks last week. They are up for adoption for only 300 NP each." He stopped as the Xweetoks tried to smell me through the glass. "You can go in if you like," he continued, holding up a pair of keys.

     The next thing I knew I was being surrounded by Xweetoks. They were all trying to smell me and reach my face. They were all so friendly. And adorable. I carefully crossed the room to a chair and sat. I instantly had to jump right up. The reason; someone was already in it. In the chair was a little blue Xweetok. She had been taking a nap before I had sat on her. Now she was staring at me with a look that clearly said, "What's the idea?"

     "Sorry," I said, squatting down so we were eye-level. "I didn't see you."

     She yawned, then leaped off the chair with pride. Soon she was lost in the sea of Xweetoks.

     I smiled. Then made up my mind. I would get a Xweetok. They were not too much to pay for and sure were cute. And that little blue one was so confident looking. I tapped on the glass to get the storekeeper's attention. He looked up briefly, then held up a sign that said, 'Want one? If you do, pick one out before I open the door, because they like to run around when I do.'

     I nodded to show that I wanted one and began to search for the blue one. I picked through the whole band but the blue one was gone. I sighed.

     "Funny," said the Store-keeper when I came out. "We have a lot of colors to choose from but I didn't notice that we got an Invisible one." He stared pointedly at my empty arms.

     "I liked this little blue one but I couldn't find her," I told him glumly.

     "Ah well. Maybe if you come again she will be back," the keeper suggested, closing the doors of the container.

     "That sounds like decent advice," I remarked, reaching into my pockets. "Here is 300 in advance in case you see her before I come back."

     "I will keep my eyes peeled," he promised, putting the NP in the cash-register.

     I walked out and made my way back to my Neohome. I just didn't get it. I had looked through the whole container for the blue one and discovered nothing. How could she have evaded my seeing her in that crowded pen?

     Later I was still pondering it as I got ready for bed. Oh well... I thought to myself as I grabbed my favorite book from the shelf and settled under the covers. I'll look again tomorrow.

     I flipped silently through the book, not really seeing the words. Then I ran out of book to flip through. So I turned it around. The cover had a blue Eyrie in a submarine on it and words that said, 'Adventures on the Foxitta.' Then I realized I was bored so I turned off the lights and settled further into the bed.

     As I lay there I continued to think about the blue Xweetok. She had pretty blue eyes, a beautiful mane with a long flowing tail to match, and her little paws were so nimble and quick looking. She was the prettiest one there. I sighed, then turned over and went to sleep.

     The next morning I woke up to the sound of petpets outside my window. I rolled over in bed with my eyes closed enjoying the feeling of sun on my face. As I rolled over I heard a squeak. I opened my eyes and sat up. The room was empty and the screen was intact, so I knew there were no petpets in here. I bounced slightly on the bed to see if it was the frame I had heard. It wasn't. Then while I was sitting there, thinking, I felt a rustle of sheets.

     I tossed the sheets to the foot of the bed and there, snoring slightly, was the little blue Xweetok. I grinned, then gently poked her. She yawned and opened her eyes. I smiled even bigger, then picked her up. She must have crawled into my purse while I was looking at the others. Clever little cutie. She smiled shyly. I gently squeezed her.

     "Your name is Foxitta," I told her.


      The day Foxitta and I first met was a happy one. First we had breakfast in bed. At least Foxitta did. I had to get up and make breakfast while she relaxed.

     Both of us shared a big breakfast of faerie pancakes spread with butter fish and smothered with maple syrup, which we both tucked into with gusto. Then we both got up and prepared for the day.

      I dressed myself in blue jeans and a T-shirt. Foxitta basically burrowed into my dresser, helped herself to my chap-stick, then got tangled up in my dental floss. I rescued her and we both set out for the adventure of the day.

     First stop was the Hospital. The Dr. there was very nice and gentle with Foxitta. He gave her a full check-up, then just because it was her first day there, gave her a cherry shoyru sweet even though she hadn't needed a shot.

     Next stop was the food shop for lunch. We each got their specialty of fried shrimp, butterscotch milkshakes, and a side order of fruity usul acorns. Then we went to sit in the shade of the Money Tree. While we ate our lunch we watched the people and neopets stand in line waiting for their turn at the Money Tree's roots.

     "People donate stuff to the Money Tree," I explained to Foxitta, as I sipped my ice cold shake, "then the Money tree puts the stuff at it's roots so people that don't have much money can come and find stuff they need."

     Foxitta nodded and smiled to show she understood. I lay down on the warm grass. Then sat up quickly and asked, "How do you feel about going on a trip?"

     The next day we were flying to Tyrannia bright and early. As it was a two hour trip, I had plenty of time to explain the place to Foxitta.

     "Tyrannia is a very nifty place," I explained as we took off. "You can go to the concert hall, visit the village, explore the jungle, and even visit the Garrl nursery for a game of Keno."

      Foxitta nodded absently as she explored our seats and peered out the window.

     After we landed, we went to the Tyrannia food shop to get a bite to eat.

     Our first meal in Tyrannia was not a big hit for owner or pet. For one thing we couldn't understand anything the shop-keeper was saying, and for another all the food looked strangely alive. We finally decided on Buzzer honey, some fried trilobite and a Nerkin leg. We ate, or at least tried to eat, our food by the ocean.

     After a less than pleasant lunch we trekked through the forest to the path up the mountain. We went to the Concert Hall and took a nap through most of it. After having been thrown out by the manager we went to the Lair of the Beast.

     It was dark, cold and wet. So wet that I picked up Foxitta for fear of her being drowned. I walked carefully in. As we pressed on we passed torches that illuminated very little. It got even colder. Now we could feel a cold wind that made the torches flicker. We could hear a ragged hissing up ahead. My spine tingled. Foxitta clung to my arm. I stopped. There was no more tunnel to walk along. Hanging from above us was an old rope. I looked down at Foxitta.

     "Well, Foxitta, we have reached the time to make a choice. We can turn back and wonder about this for all eternity, or go on into the unknown," I said, gesturing with my free hand towards both choices. Foxitta smiled confidently and said her first word:


     I smiled, then repeated to her, "Brave," before helping her get into my backpack and climbing up the rope. The air was getting thicker and rather smelly. I plugged my nose and moved on.

     Suddenly there was deafening roar. I screamed my head off and ran for it. Foxitta joined in the screaming as I flew down the rope. I screamed right back. Even though we weren't being chased we still screamed. We were still screaming as we ran out of the cave and past amused Neopets.

     That was about the time we decided to go back to Neopia Central where it was safe. Our day continued as follows; two hours of flight, three minutes of walking and fourteen hours of sleep.

The End... for now.

Author's Note: This is the first story I have ever gotten into the Neopian Times. I hope that it will be the first of a long line of my stories. I wasn't writing them so that I could get my name in the NT though. I wrote this so I could better grasp my Neopet's personalities. The sending to the Neopian Times came later.

      I hope that my stories are liked by all.

     Special Thanks to:

     The Neopian Times for giving me a chance to share my work with others.

     And my Mom who helped me spell-check and polish up my story.

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