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A Neopians Guide to Poogles

by bencat52


Poogles are one of Neopia's favourite pets, partially because of their Limited Edition status, and partially because of how cute they are. But most Neopians know nothing about them!

Poogles are Pets!

The first thing every Neopian should know about Poogles (and other limited edition / restricted pets) is that they are pets, not trophies! Many Neopians want Poogles simply for their status symbol, and keep them on their user lookups to gather dust. One Poogle notorious for this is the Mavolent Sentient Poogle Plushie (MSPP), which can only be obtained through lab ray. Both times I tried to use the lab on my precious Poogles, they ended up turning into other species.

But Poogles can't just be used to obtain a certain status. They're wonderful pets that deserve your love and attention, just like any other pet! If you own a Poogle, consider whether you like it because it's your pet, or if it's a trophy.

Poogles are Vicious!

One thing many Neopians are ignorant of is that Poogles aren't just cute and chubby little pets. But it's very obvious if you have four little Poogles like me - they know how to fight! Take Maybleigh, my baby Poogle, for example. She's a sweetheart, and her blue bow makes her look like a stuffed animal! But if you rub her the wrong way, she'll give you a nasty Poogle Bite with her sharp teeth (something Poogles are secretly known for!)

Of course, Poogles' personalities differ. Lucazade, my Halloween Poogle, has gone through his whole life with people thinking he's brutal, just because he's a Snowbeast! He's probably the sweetest Poogle I know!

Poogles Love Attention!

As many Poogle owners know, Poogles LOVE attention! If you're not playing with them every day, they'll never forgive you! Make sure to buy them lots of toys, books, and food. And, of course, if you're a poor Neopian, simply giving them all of your love is enough!

You may have noticed, but if you visit some Poogles' pages, they give you the saddest smiles in Neopia! That's because their owners left them on abandoned accounts! If you're ever going to leave Neopets for more than a few weeks, then make sure you find your Poogles new homes, or put them in the NeoLodge!

Poogles Aren't Items!

If you visit the Pound Chat, you'll see lots of Neopians trading their Poogles for other pets, which is perfectly acceptable. I'm sure Poogles will be happier where they're wanted!

But if you delve deeper into Neopia, you'll find nasty Neopians who trade Poogles for neopoints! Not only is this against the rules, but it's incredibly mean and nasty! How dare you!

Poogles Like Friends!

Of course, it's perfectly alright to have just one pet on your account. Sometimes that's all one can afford. But when you're not around, Poogles love companionship, especially from other Poogles! Three of my Poogles are settled on my main account, and love to play together and have a grand time! Poogles... understand eachother!

Unfortunately for my fourth Poogle, Tuleeya, she is alone on one of my sides. Well, not quite alone! She's found great friendship somewhere she never expected - in a grey Eyrie! Although they're very, VERY different, they get along very well! You know what they say, opposites attract!

Poogles HATE Poogle Races!

Sure, going to Faerieland to bet on Poogle Races may be fun, but be sensitive of the little one you're bringing along! Some Poogles, like my Snowbeast Lucazade, don't like the Poogle Races!

I fix this problem by making sure my active neopet, the one you bring around with you, isn't a Poogle! Most of the time, to avoid boochifying and invisibility, I keep my lab rat as my active, which is NEVER a Poogle! Which brings me to my next point...

Poogles Fear the Lab Ray!

Of course, not all Poogles. Some Poogles beg to be taken to the ray to try and become MSP, jelly, or even robot. But for the most part, Poogles don't like the lab!

Why? Because they might become some OTHER species! Poogles are proud creatures, and dislike the thought of ever become a Skeith or a Chomby! If you ever take your Poogle to the lab, make sure you have a Poogle Morpher on hand!

Poogles Don't like Sharing!

Keep this in mind while buying your precious Poogles toys; they HATE to share! Unless your Poogle is best friends with another, they will certainly dislike sharing their toys. So make sure you buy each of your Poogles something of their own, even if it's just a little plushie!

Poogles are Snuggly!

If you can't tell by looking at them, Poogles are especially soft and squishy. This means they're very good to hug! But be careful! Unless you know a Poogle very well, you shouldn't try to hug them! Poogles prefer to keep their distance from strangers, and only give hugs to close friends and family.

Poogles are Kacheeks?

You've all heard the rumours that Kacheeks are just bipedal Poogles (which means they walk on two legs). But this is certainly not true! While Kacheeks and Poogles make great friends, they are certainly not the same species! I mean, look at their tails! If they were the same, then why are Kacheeks' tails long and fluffy, where Poogles' are short and stubby?

All Poogles are Different!

This guide is general, meaning that many Poogles will fall into these descriptions. But not all do! Where most faerie Poogles are very vain, Mahganda is very sweet and thoughtful. Snowbeasts are normally mean, but Lucazade is as softhearted as any Kacheek! And Maybleigh LOVES to share!

So before you adopt a Poogle, get to know them! If you're unsure about whether a Poogle is right for you, go ahead and adopt one! If you treat them with kindness and respect, they will do the same. And remember that even if your Poogle isn't painted with an expensive colour, or if their Battledome Stats are low, they're still a pet, and all they want is a good hom!

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