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Willow the Unwanted Weeble

by jessicanoel062094


Willow the weeble sat alone in her cage at Petpet Pound for Unwanted Petpets. She'd spent almost three weeks in the place, pacing her little cage back and forth until she knew every nook and cranny of it. In the beginning, whenever someone walked in, she would get excited and wag her little tail, trying to get their attention, but it always ended the same. They would glance her way, sometimes they might even say that she was cute, but they would just turn away to a cuter angelpuss or some other petpet. It didn't take very long for Willow to realize that her owners probably got rid of her for a reason. No one wants a Weeble anymore these days. They came with the newbie packs, did that mean she was just a newbie? People liked dung balls more than they liked NEWBIES! Would Willow ever find a home?

     After the first week, she quit trying to get anyone's attention and would even curl in a ball to hide from them. She was ashamed of what she was, and she didn't even want them to know that she was a weeble. The look of disappointment she would always see in their eyes when they looked at her was just too sad. It had become painfully obvious to her that NO ONE wanted a weeble. Not even a cute red one, like her.

     So, with that in her mind, it wasn't a different story to her when she heard the door opened. She quickly went to crawl into the back of her cage and shielded her eyes from the light. It wasn't until she heard what the woman said that she even looked over.

     "I'm looking for the petpets that no one buys," the woman said.

     'I'm the petpet no one buys!' Willow thought, leaning up a little. She could see it was a green Ixi, looking into all the cages carefully. "I want to help the ones that want a home." the Ixi continued and the closer she got to Willow's cage, the more excited Willow got, and when her tail began to wag, it wasn't even an act. She already had the lady's attention, she was just genuinely happy!

     The green Ixi smiled at Willow and nodded. "Yup, this is the one, definitely. Can I have this one mom?"

     Her mother must have nodded, but the Ixi squealed happily and opened Willow's cage, slipping her out easily. Before she knew it, she was paid for. The price of 1 np didn't even bother her, because who cares if she was only 1 np, she still got out there before all those other petpets did! The car ride was exciting as well, and the green Ixi told her stories the whole way to her new home about how many other unwanted petpets lived in her house. And she hadn't been lying. When they went inside of the large neohome, there were Liobits and all kind of other neglected petpets running around and playing with each other; It was like paradise! Until the Ixi put her down on the floor and all the petpets turned and looked at the new comer.

     "Who is she?" she heard one ask, and she sat down, shifting nervously from one side to the other.

     "My name's Willow. I just got picked up."

     "Picked up from where?" another one asked.

     "The petpet pound," Willow answered, embarrassed, though she didn't know why. Isn't that where all the others were from? When the petpets burst into laughter, she realized she must have assumed wrong. Where else did petpets come from?

     "The POUND? Did you get your shots yet?" an Angelpuss asked her. All the petpets burst into laughter and Willow felt herself getting embarrassed.

     "I did, I have all my shots. Why wouldn't I?" she asked.

     "Because, Weeble, you're from the POUND. We came from our previous owner's shops. We were taken care of before we were sold. You were dumped at a pound because no wanted to even take the time to try and sell you in their dinky shop."

     Weeble sighed, remembering when her owner before the Ixi had done exactly what the Angelpuss had just described, and she couldn't even argue with them. Even out of the pound, she would still be seen as a pound petpet.

     The petpets started to walk away, moving to do their own thing and she looked around for someone to play with, but everyone seemed very occupied all of a sudden, and whenever she walked up to someone, they would grab their toys and run away from her. Was she really that awful? She was a Weeble AND she was from the petpet pound.

     'I guess no one will ever want me...' she thought, moving over to the corner of the room, and curled into ball, shielding herself once more. This felt like the pound all over again. Getting excited and hopeful, only to be told and to slowly realize that no one wants you because of where you came from. She almost missed the pound, though at least there the caged were seperated so she couldn't talk to any of the other petpets that were in there with her, so no one even had the chance to be mean to her. She felt more on the spot light sitting in this huge room full of petpets, than in a tiny cage all by herself.

     It only took a few minutes for the green Ixi to notice the little weeble all alone in the corner of the room. Usually, when she brought new pets home, the pets got along great. The only thing that she could think of is that maybe she was still sad that she had come from the pound. What her petpets didn't know was, the Ixi had been from the pound herself. Her owner had adopted her almost two weeks after her creater dropped her off, saying that she wanted a Xweetok instead. She thought she had taught her pets a little better than to be judgmental about where someone came from, but they had to be taught that to understand. Sighing and crossing her arms, she walked over, scooped her up off the floor and into her arms. "What's wrong, Willow?" she asked. Willow looked up at the Ixi and knew that the Neopet wouldn't understand her if she spoke, so she just laid in her arms, tucking her face into her neck.

     "You know, little Weeble, being from the pound is really special," she heard the Ixi say, and she pulled away to give her a confused look. How could being from such a horrible place be special?

     "For all these other petpets, I went to people's shops to buy them. Which means I was limited to the ones I could choose. I went to the petpet pound with thousands of other petpets and I chose you," she said. "I looked at you and realized that I wanted you to come home with me. And that's pretty special if you ask me."

     Slowly, Willow thought about it, and realized that her new owner was right. She had been chosen, unlike all the others, and this was her new home. The xi had wanted HER, and that was good enough for her. Who knew that there really was a place for everyone? Even for Willow the Unwanted Weeble.

The End

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