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Caring for your Magma Pet

by jocelyn_joy


You've done it now! While vacationing in Moltara, you decide to take your pets to see the Magma Pool. Once there, you realize the security guard has gone off somewhere, probably on his break. Instead of doing what a responsible pet owner would do and telling your precious pets that you'll come back later, when the guard is in, you don't say anything. Before you know it, all of your pets are clustered around the pool. And, after a short bit of rough-housing on their part, suddenly they're pulling one of your pets out before you can even register that your pet has fallen in. Now what? How do you adapt to living with this newly red-hot version of your beloved pet? Here's a handy guide to help you out!

1.) You may have to relocate. Yup, you heard me right: new owners of Magma pets, proud, ashamed, fearful or otherwise, are looking at a series of pretty severe pet care changes, and moving is just the first. Magma pets *must* keep their internal temperature way, way up, you see. This means that neohomes in Happy Valley and Terror Mountain, surrounded by the idyllic hills and the soft, fluffy snow, are simply no good for Magma pets. In fact, living in such a cold climate is likely to make your Magma pet pretty intolerable most of the time. Kreludor, with its wonky atmosphere poses a similar problem, as does Faerieland. While Farieland might not feel cooler to the average Neopian, I assure you that it is just slightly cooler than Neopia Central. It has to do with the altitude. And, even though it's just a few degrees cooler, on average, your Magma pet is sure to feel it. Shenkuu is out for the same reason. Maraqua? Forget it! I wouldn't even recommend Kiko Lake: that lake is a huge hazard to your pet! So, where can you relocate to? Moltara is the obvious answer: the temperature is regulated, and your pet can easily re-dip themselves in the Magma pool if something should go terribly wrong. If you can't relocate to Moltara, perhaps because your Royal pet simply won't have it, or your Maraqan pet would be far too sad to be away from water, don't sweat it! The Lost Desert and Tyrannia are hot enough year round, while some of Neopia's islands can provide an excellent climate for Magma pets, as long as you get away during the rainy season.

What if you can't make the move at all? Maybe your other pets have just started neoschool, or you've only recently moved. Or, maybe you're new to Neopia, and simply haven't accumulated enough neopoints to afford a big move. If you must stay put for a period of time, you can always purchase many, many fireplaces, and can create a Magma-pet friendly room in your neohome. Please keep in mind that this is not a permanent solution, especially if you live in Happy Valley: eventually, the low temperatures will get to your Magma pet, and you will have one hard-to-handle grump to deal with!

2.) Whew! You've just relocated with all of your pets, and you're tired! You're about to tuck all of your sweet little friends into their beds when you smell smoke... your Magma pet's Dried Bamboo Bed has been reduced to a pile of steaming ash! Yup, even if you don't have to move, you will certainly have to re-decorate. Your Magma pet will need a place to sleep. Avoid anything made from jelly, bamboo, wood, or, well, pretty much avoid anything that isn't fire-proof. Tryannian furniture stores will probably have a Stone Bed in stock- this is as safe place for your Magma pet to sleep. (If they don't have a Stone Bed in stock DO NOT, whatever you do, allow anyone to talk you into purchasing a Dung Bed. Trust me, the smell is terrible!) Keep in mind that your Magma pet will still want to be able to move about in your neohome. Consider purchasing a set of fireproof furniture that you can scatter about the house so that your Magma pet always has a safe place to rest.

3.) Dinner time! All right, pets, for dinner we've got Snow Pizza with Pure Ice Tea to drink, and Snow Cake for dessert! Oh! If you haven't already guessed, cold foods are hazardous to your Magma pet. This problem is easily solved, however! Neopia is home to many kinds of hot soup, including Hot and Spicy Soup, Split Pea Lupe Soup, Minestrone Soup, and many, many others. Keep your cupboard stocked with various delicious soups, and your Magma pet will never go hungry! It's also a good idea to always have a selection of hot drinks on hand, just in case your pet get caught in the rain, or feels under the weather. House Blend Coffee is a delicious dark roast that is affordable and easy to find. Breakfast Tea is also delicious and inexpensive, and great for pets that don't like coffee! If you've got a picky pet, or a Magma pet with a sweet tooth, try any number of Neopia's hot chocolates- they're sure to please even the fussiest pets!

4.) Clothing is a challenge that Magma pets owners Neopia-round are still struggling with. Your Magma pet wants to keep up with the latest fashions, but keeps burning their favourites to cinders every time they get the slightest bit angry or upset. What to do? You might try buying some of Neopia's more flame-resistant clothes, such as the full armour sets that are pet-specific. These are almost sure to be expensive, and might not even suit your Magma pet's taste. The last thing you want to hear when getting your pet ready for school is "but Mooo-oom! The armour is heeee-aavy. And I want to wear my tutu!!!" So, what to do? Several Magma pet owners are currently experimenting with anger-management courses for their pets. Magma pets, thus far, have been very understanding about it: they want to wear nice clothes, and their owners can't afford new ones every week. These groups are still experimental. If there is a Magma pet support group in your area, they will be able to let you know if there are any such courses going on in your neigbourhood.

5.) Okay, princess, just sit still while I brush your... oh dear. Before you groom your Magma pet, please remember: DON'T!!! Their skin is... erm, sensitive. Brushes of all kinds can be dangerous, and shampoos and other bath products, well, you get the picture. I am confident that Neopian shops will one day carry a Magma pet safe grooming line, but until then, well, let's just say that you should be glad that Magma pets don't sweat. And also, keep them far, far away from dung.

That's all for now, friends! Be sure to join a Magma pet support group if there's one near you: together, we can make Neopia a safer place for Magma pets!

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