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10 Most Delicious Jellies

by vadercat1997


After seeing the article on the most disgusting jellies a few weeks ago, by emilyralphy (great article, you should check it out!), I decided to put together a list of what I think are the ten most delicious jellies out there—or, what my Neopets tell me are, anyway.

10. Cornupepper Jelly

Personally, I don't see the appeal in this jelly—I thought desserts were supposed to be sweet—but for some reason, all of my pets adore Cornupepper Jelly. Here's what one of my pets, Maplefrost_232, says about it.

Maplefrost_232: Cornupepper Jelly is one of the most desirable jellies because of its unique kick. It captures the essence of spicy and sweet at the same time, but somehow makes it work. It's a bit of an acquired taste, however, and I've noticed most Baby pets don't enjoy it, so beware, fellow Neopians.

Hmm. I've never "acquired" the taste. But, whatever. Moving on!

9. Peanut Butter Jelly

My pets are rather neutral on this handy gelatin delight, but I love it. *CoughIDon'tHaveToMakeTheSandwichCough* I mean, it's very unique and... good for pets painted Elderly. Because they can't enjoy Peanut Butter sandwiches with their teeth, why not give them the next best thing? Yes... that's why I love it. Because, uh, I own an Elderly pet. *shiftyeyes*

8. Lemon Trifle

My pet Siggy7 loves this jelly. Rather than have me "blather on about it" (His own words! If he loves books so much, he should really read When Gelerts Go Bad. Hmph.), he's here to tell you why he likes it so much.

Siggy7: The most sophisticated of the Jellies, Lemon Trifle jelly offers three different layers, all with the same underlying lemony taste but somehow different—perhaps it's the texture. I am so intrigued by this little jewel that I'm writing a book on it—The Anatomy of a Lemon Trifle—which will soon be available at bookstores everywhe—

Sorry about that. *Glares at Siggy7* He really needs to remember to not advertise when I'm trying to interview him.

7. Purplum Jelly

*Sigh* I don't recommend this. I really don't. But since my pets threatened to destroy my beloved picture of Gruslens playing Krawps love it so much, I had to put it on here.

They say it's the sweetest Jelly of all, and I understand why—Purplums are "filled with a liquid sugar and will make anyone who eats it jump for joy."

Now, tell me, do you really want your pets eating that? Think of the cavities! The stomachaches! The having to tie your pets down to the bed sleeping troubles due to too much sugar! I do not recommend this jelly in the slightest, and advise you stay far, far away from it. You've been warned.

6. Raspberry Jelly

This jelly truly "...looks almost as great as it tastes," and it sure looks delicious, doesn't it? I've never seen a pet who didn't like Raspberry jelly—in fact, I've heard stories of Grey pets that have eaten it and smiled. Now, who wouldn't want to feed their pets something that delicious? It's also fairly healthy, as Raspberries are already as sweet as a dessert, so they don't have to add any sugar to make it. A definite must!

5. Tigersquash Jelly

A rather funny looking specimen, Tigersquash jelly as a very strange taste, but still pleasant enough. It is a favorite of Chomper_10001, my Grarrl, presumably because Tigersquashes "are the only fruit in all of Neopia that give you the ability to roar as loud as a Tiger." Here's what he has to say about it:

Chomper_10001: I love Tigersquash Jelly! It's like tasty and stuff. And it makes me roar! My Nuranna likes it too! It's super yummy and rumbly and looks awesome and—

*Chomper then sees "something shiny" in the distance and swims off*

Yeah... I'm surprised I could get him to stay that long.

4. Blueberry Jelly

This sweet jelly is bursting with flavor, to the point where all your pets will be fighting over the last bite. It's also very nutritious, packed with vitamins, and good for your pet's skin and coat. I recommend making it a part of all your pets' diets, as it is both sweet and desserty while staying healthy.

3. Mint Jelly

This green, leaf shaped jelly is probably the prettiest of the jellies. It's refreshing, cool, and good for classier pets who don't like things that are too sweet. It also freshens your pets' breath, making conversation much more bearable, and is relatively easy to obtain. All in all, a good, light snack for any pet.

2. Thornberry Jelly

I know what you're thinking—it looks rather painful to eat, doesn't it? But don't worry; the thorns aren't real. I think they're only there to make the distinction between Strawberry Jelly and Thornberry Jelly.

Made from the ripest Thornberries from Mystery Island, Thornberry Jelly is a sweet treat. Here's what my pet Bolt_1273 has to say about it.

Bolt_1273: Thornberry Jelly is one of my favorites. It's very sweet and relaxing-tasting, and eating it brings back memories of lying on the beach in Mystery Island, eating Tropical Fruit and making sandcastles with my friends. This Jelly is a great way to pretend to be there when you can't be there for real.

I get it. You want to go back to Mystery Island. Sheesh. You could have just said something, you know, instead of embarrassing me in front of all these people.

1. Chocolate Jelly

Everybody loves chocolate. Everybody loves jelly. Mix them together and... THE MOST MAGICAL THING EVER I mean, mix them together and you've got one tasty jelly. As the description says, this is exactly what it looks like; chocolate jelly, with chocolate on top. I recommend eating this jelly warm; the chocolate gets all gooey and melty and... Sorry. Anyway, this is definitely a MUST-HAVE jelly. Only Meepits don't like this jelly. It's magically delicious.

So there you have it! The ten most delicious jellies of all. I hope I've enhanced your pets' mealtimes and maybe added to your Bank Account, as well.

One more thing; you might be wondering, where do I get these jellies? The Giant Jelly, of Jelly Wor—

*Is knocked unconscious by a gormball, thrown at her head by meepits.*

*Siggy7 carefully steps over his owner's unconscious body.*

Siggy7: Er, what Vadercat1997 meant to say was, you can find all these jellies on the Shop Wizard, at very cheap prices. They all are under 100 NP, making you happy and your pets satisfied and full.

*Siggy then reads off of card a meepit hands him*

Siggy 7: Ahem. "The origin of these delicious treats is UNKNOWN, but probably just came from some shop in Terror Mountain or somewhere. They definitely are not from a mystical land."

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