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In Celebration: Ten Items Representative of Neopia

by nephtyhz


Neopians are famously nostalgic. However, I've made an effort to showcase items that are of universal importance to the vast majority of our diverse host of Neopians, as the publication of this very special issue is celebrated and held dear by everyone. :)

Neopia Central Scene Stamp

As its name entails, Neopia Central is the primary hub of Neopia. It is a location that unites everyone, whether they be a newbie hoping to get lucky at the Money Tree, or a polished veteran restocker ready to greet Kauvara at the Magic Shop. Countless numbers of excited users have dashed to the beautiful Rainbow Pool, faces aglow, after several months of steady saving and hard work with the hopes of finally painting their beloved pet. Many more, still, stop by Neopia Central on a daily basis as they go about their morning shopping, check in on their pets' luxurious experience at the Neolodge, or peruse the pretty poetry present in the Art Gallery.

As this stunning stamp pictures Neopia Central before the majority of its reconstruction (looking good, might I add!), there are many of those among us today who are able to fondly remember the past through the shops shown within the eye-catching aqua border. Everyone can't wait to make new memories here!

Lutari Paint Brush

The Lutari Paint Brush represents the new wave of wonderful and much loved features that have recently come to Neopia. Lutari Island, like our resident Mystery Island, is very much a tropical place, but it is also quite mysterious. The Island can never be found in the same place twice, but if you are lucky enough to stumble onto its shores, you will definitely treasure your time there as well as the friends you made. To this day, the Lutari craze remains, leaving an excited Pound Chat in a flurry on Lutari Day to adopt one of their very own to spoil with cute clothes and a lovely family. The aesthetic of this paint brush brings together the outlook of brighter things yet to come as well as the prospect of even more unique experiences. That is quite true to the spirit of Neopia, isn't it?

Dramatic Meepit Eye Shadow

The Meepits, despite their ongoing facade that they make perfectly feasible petpets, should be seen as dangerous and should never, under any circumstances, be allowed to run loose in your Neohome. Outside of this freaky make-up kit, you wouldn't think so, but they seem to be very docile and adorable in almost every other case. Do not be fooled, avid players of Meepit Juice Break! Hostile or not, they are regarded as a part of Neopia (albeit one of its creepier parts...), and I think that I would be very much in trouble if I were to exclude them from this collection. (Something about world domination.) What this item also represents is the terrifying sense of humour the staff possesses!

Midnight Jelly World Stamp

Honestly, I can't say why Jelly World is pictured here in this rather exclusive stamp. I'm not sure how it happened, either: how can it possibly be midnight in a place that doesn't even exist, anyway? Such nonsense! Well, there are some rather strange Neopians who may argue that there is, in fact, a Jelly World, but we all know the real truth, don't we? Such a place never has nor ever will exist, and free food only comes from the omelette in Tyrannia. Regardless of the somewhat tiring hilarity of the whole ordeal, the 'Midnight Jelly World Stamp' (a name which stings at my sense of logic) signifies the existence of this ridiculous debate, at least, which seems to carry on even after TNT has gone through great lengths to disprove the notion that there is no such thing as a world made entirely of jelly. (It would have been eaten after all of this time!)

Grinning Sloth Stamp

Ah, what's this? Another stamp? Well, aren't stamps made to commemorate things? Besides, it's far... safer than having Sloth appear in person, wouldn't you say?

Thanks to an assortment of nefarious deeds, Sloth, along with Lord Darigan and others, sits at the pinnacle of all things evil in Neopia, especially in the minds of those who participated in his plot a few years back. His schemes, dastardly as though they may be, are still met with some level of anticipation by many Neopians. (After all, for a proponent of evil, he does have a considerable fanbase...) Furthermore, Sloth was the mastermind behind the adorable, drooling species called the Grundo, and it was his exploits that first led us into outer space! It seems that Moehogs are the most keen on dressing up as Dr. Sloth for Halloween, but his image has also been used in numerous games and items. Could this all just be a part of the plan?...

Illusen Day Elixir

An item this darling could only be intended for the kind faerie Illusen. Most would be able to tell as much simply by seeing such a charming prevalence of the colour green, which is widely celebrated as being her favourite due to its humble naturality. Being such a sweet, generous faerie who is so gracious to those good-hearted Neopians who cross her path, it is indeed difficult to refuse Illusen when she desires a helping hand. For the part of her role in the history of Neopia, she is inarguably a figure who brings up some memories in the majority of the community. There are few who haven't done a single one of her quests, which yield an avatar as well as items that can be as valuable as they are powerful; even so, her Glade is renowned as a must-see in Meridell for the pure of heart, and there are fewer still who have not wandered into the pretty forest on at least one occasion.

Jhudora the Dark Faerie Doll

Jhudora―who isn't exactly known for being Queen Fyora's favourite person―is, for all her unpleasantness, quite the popular faerie. Her quests, like the far gentler Illusen's, are capable of leaving you with rewards beyond compare... if you are able to complete them to the last, that is. Purple and a malevolent shade of green are the signature colours of this undeniably stylish dark faerie; as evil as she may be, she has been quite the fashion inspiration for those who admire her (and probably play with this doll on a daily basis!). But is Jhudora really such a noxious woman as she is portrayed to be? Although we have known of her for quite some time, only Illusen knows for sure...

Blue Draik Egg

Draiks have always been considered very special to the Neopian community. Even as the years have come and gone, to own your very own Draik continues to be a great aspiration for many. Among their numerous other positive aspects, Draiks are very pleasing to the eye, especially to those who are fond of dragons in general. This has owed to much interest in their design, as opposed to their sole 'value'. After all, isn't every pet valuable and irreplaceable? Given how treasured this exclusive species is, it is indeed quite rare to browse the Pound Chat and to come upon a Draik up for adoption, but who knows? You may get very lucky one day! If your luck should increase hundredfold, you may even be able to create one on Draik Day, which falls on September 9th. Less than twenty-one thousand Draiks have been created to date.

Those who are very sharp on their Neopian history may have sensed another reason why I have used a Blue Draik Egg in representing the item as important to Neopia. Once upon a time, Blue Draik Eggs were actually on the menu at the Kadoatery (and remain a gourmet food item, if you were interested in a little trivia), although it has been a very long while since the hungry Kadoaties have wanted one. As the old Kadoatery is a source of much reverence here in Neopia, I thought that it, too, deserved a mention in this article.


While Draiks come from the variously coloured Draik Eggs, the origin of a Krawk is from a Krawk petpet, such as the one pictured above. If you take one of these little guys to the Fungus Caves, it will become a real Krawk! Quite the transformation, right? It seems that Neopia does have a penchant for scaly creatures. Draiks are reminiscent of dragons, but Krawks, as their name suggests, are similar to crocodiles. Krawks are also a highly celebrated species because there aren't very many around―this is due to the fact that they are considered limited edition, and it is a rare thing indeed for them to be able to be created. Krawk Day is April 16th.

Neopian Times White Weewoo Plushie

And where would we be without our very own Neopian Times and its adorable mascot, the White Weewoo? Doubtlessly, our treasured newspaper has inspired countless Neopians to pursue writing and other creative activities, which is quite an admirable feat. It also hosts the very popular Editorial section, which patiently answers the many inquiries of curious Neopians who are in search of a little insight on a weekly basis. It is also a viaduct for those to cultivate and work to improve their skills in art, having hosted innumerable panels of clever and entertaining comics over the many years it has been in circulation. The Neopian Times serves as proof that anyone from anywhere can become an artist or a writer and express themselves to a large community who will admire their work and subsequently strive to submit products of their own imagination.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff for their enduring patience and hard work in keeping The Neopian Times going for a WHOPPING 550 ISSUES!!!

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