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How to Take Care of an Elderly Pet

by rock_star_megs


Last month saw the release of Neopia's newest paint brush, Get Off My Lawn, and newest colour – Elderly! Now you can finally own an Elderly Boy or an Elderly Girl. With Elderly Pets comes a lot of responsibility – after all, you don't want them to become like Dr. Grumps of Gourmet Bowls (that is, grumpy). So here are some essential items for every Elderly Pet owner to have that will guarantee a happy Elderly Boy and Elderly Girl.

A Comfortable Background

To start off with, you'll want a comfortable and cozy background for your Elderly Pets. Someplace they can relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of busy Neopian life. Being indoors is key, so that they don't catch cold. Affordable NP backgrounds that might suit your pet are the House in Neopia Central Background and the Holiday Home Background (not just usable for the holiday season!). If you're an NC trader, consider using the Quilted Zippers Background or the Neovian Sitting Room Background or the Holiday Fireplace Background (the latter two with blazing fireplaces!).

Of course, for those days when your Elderly Pet is looking to get some fresh air, why not have them sit and scope out the neighbourhood on a porch? The Front Porch Background (NC) or the MiniMME9-S2: Rainy Spring Porch Background (NC) are ideal for this purpose. Another outdoor oasis close to home would be the Outdoor Canopy Background (NC). Fret not for those with active Elderly Pets! I would suggest trying to get your hands on the newly released Gourmet Club Bowls Background (NP), a great new hobby for your pet!

Quality Hearing Aids

True, Elderly Pets don't always have the greatest hearing (you may find yourself yelling loudly so that they can hear you properly), but for those days when they don't want to be disturbed at all, make sure you have Don't Bother Me Earmuffs that you can have them wear. These earmuffs have a 100% guarantee of cancelling out even the slightest noise. Stormy weather might pass by and your Elderly Pet will never know! Perfect for days when they want some peace and quiet.

A Good Pair of Dentures

I hate to point it out, but old age sometimes brings bad teeth. And what happens with bad teeth? They have to be removed. And what do you get in place of your lost teeth? Why, dentures of course! And with that, you'll definitely want to buy the Grarrl New Year Dentures (NP, but sadly not wearable). They're essential for your Elderly Pets to eat tougher food. And speaking of food...

Easy to Eat Food

Your Elderly Pet may have issues eating tougher/chewy food (especially if they need dentures!). So I would suggest investing in some easy to eat foods to feed them. The most obvious foods to feed them are Musho Mushy Peas, Organic Mushy Peas, and Bowl of Mushy Peas. And when they get bored of peas (and I'm sure they will), I would recommend feeding them Baby Food. I know, it's mainly for babies, but Baby Food is easy to eat for any age – and tasty too! And it comes in so many flavours: Avocado, Beef and Veg, Blueberry, Chokato, Forest Fruit, Lemon Meringue, Pea and Ham, Pumpkin, and Strawberries and Cream. To satisfy a sweet tooth, you can also try Sundaes, Milkshakes and Yogurts.

Helpful Reading Glasses

Another downside of an Elderly Pet is poor eye sight. But never fear, just give them a pair of reading glasses and they'll be back in reading form in no time! Luckily Elderly Pets seem to come with glasses (at least the Ogrins do), but if you want other pairs I would suggest looking to see if your pet's species has a pair of glasses (like Charming Lupe Glasses, Fashionable Aisha Glasses, Lenny/Pteri/Yurble Librarian Glasses, etc.). It never hurts to have extra pairs lying around either! (You never know if you might lose one.) Some non–species specific glasses are the Black Square Glasses (NP), Novelty Glasses (NP; for days when your pet wants to have some fun), Smart School Girl Eye Glasses (NC; boys can wear them too!), and Spotted Print Glasses (NC). If your Elderly Pet still has trouble reading even with a pair of glasses, then I would say buy them a pair of magnifying glasses – that should really do the trick. There's the Tour of Mystery Island Magnifying Glass (NP) and the Magnifying Eye Glasses (NC). For extreme cases, try the Handy Dandy Magnifying Glass (NP; three magnifying glasses in one!) or the MME10-S5c: Extra Strong Prescription Spectacles (NC).

Warm Clothing

It's quite easy for Elderly Pets to catch a chill, so keep them warm whenever possible! An Elderly Pet necessity is the Sleepy Neopet Blanket (NP) – it envelopes your Pet completely, keeping them warm 24/7. If your Pet doesn't want to be quite so snuggled up, then try the Fancy Plush Robe (NC). (And the Cybunny Carrot Robe (NP), Krawk Blue Bath Robe (NP), and Mynci Spa Robe (NP) for when those species can be painted Elderly.) Additionally, if your Pet wants to be more casual, I would recommend getting cardigans. Unfortunately, all of the ones currently available are NC. Still, I'm sure your Pet would look great in a Warm Yellow Cardigan, Rainbow Cardigan, or the Pretty Holiday Cardigan.

Warm footwear for your Pet are slippers, and they're easy to put on and off too! And why not have a huge stash of them to fit your Elderly Pet's mood? There are some comfy pet-specific slippers (Fuzzy Pink Ruki Slippers, Pink Ogrin Slippers, Lupe Grandma Slippers, etc.), and some great ones to fit any pet, like Kreludan Grundo Slippers (NP), Squid Slippers (NP), Taelia Racer Slippers (NP), Pointy Claw Slippers (NC), and Slorg Slippers (NC).

Walking Aids

For those days when your Elderly Pet has a hard time moving around, you'll probably want to invest in some walking aids, like canes or sticks. You can try the Carved Walking Stick (NP) or the Caroler Cane (NC). Of course, the ultimate walking aid is the MME10-S5b: Walking Frame, with a comfortable handgrip and tennis balls on the bottom for increased move-ability. An Elderly Pet must-have!

Fun Things to Do

To keep your Elderly Pet happy and entertained, invest in some fun and easy activities and games for them to do. If your Pet is creative, give them the Woollen Gloves Knitting Set (NP), Woollen Jumper Knitting Set (NP), Woollen Scarf Knitting Set (NP), and the Woollen Socks Knitting Set (NP). If your Elderly Pet really loves to sew, then customize them with the Sewing Room Background (NC) and Giant Sewing Project Foreground (NC). Though you can always read them Neopian Knitting Patterns or Easy Knitting Projects for Any Occasion and see what they come up with! If your Pet is brainy, give them Chess on a Table and read them a crossword puzzle book (Faerie Crossword Book, Giant Book of Crosswords, Kreludan Crosswords, Lenny Crosswords, and Zafara Crossword Puzzles). Some easy games for them to play with are Neocheckers Board Game, Deck of Cards, and Yellow and Red Croquet Set.

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